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Minnesota Republican Seeks Office So His Daughter Won’t Have To Learn Evolution


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Minnesota Republican Seeks Office So His Daughter Won’t Have To Learn Evolution (via Liberaland)

Aaron Miller is seeking to replace Democratic Rep. Tim Walz. That way, he can single-handedly stop science from being taught to his kid. Miller first mentioned his daughter’s evolution lesson at the Blue Earth County convention in March, according…

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Committing Rape Qualifies You For Disability In Catholic Church


Catholic Church rapeReverend Gil Gustafson

One thing you can't fault with the Catholic Church, they take care of their own -- even their own pedophiles. Don't believe me? Look at these clips from an article in The Raw Story:

According to an article in the Star Tribune, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis continued to pay the salary and health insurance premiums — as well as provide living expenses — for a pedophile priest who was convicted on child sex abuse charges over 30 years ago.

Join me in a head scratch over this one. Maybe with a little more factual information, I'll grasp this situation better.

Brian HerrityBrian Herrity

In 1983, the Reverend Gil Gustafson admitted to a Ramsey County District Court that he molested Brian Herrity for five years, beginning when the boy was 10 years old. He was fined $40 and sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years on probation. The vicar general in charge of clergy abuse cases, Rev. Kevin McDonough, believes that Gustafson abused between four and fifteen victims, including Herrity.

Wow. A self-confessed child sex offender who molested a child for five years, starting when the boy was 10 years old, is given a $40 dollar fine and half a year in jail. "Houston, we have a problem -- and it's in Minneapolis."

With such a light sentence, the message seems to be loud and clear -- to the courts in Minnesota and the Roman Catholic church -- pedophilia isn't a serious crime. Think I'm being smart-alecky? Remember I said the Rev was given a six month sentence?

After four-and-a-half months in jail, he was released into the care of the Church, and the archbishop at the time, John Roach, lobbied to have Gustafson reinstated.

“I want him back in a parish,” [arch-bishop] Roach wrote in 1990. “He has received and complied with far more treatment than anyone else, and it seems to me he has done it well.”

The Arch Bishop wants this criminal back? Why? Was he procuring boys for the prelate? Imagine, four months treatment and this predator was cured. That must be some great program they have there for sex offenders.

Well, that's the past and we must think of the present. We're taught to forgive and sometimes its hard, but okay. Maybe Reverend Gustafson's made his penance. Then again, maybe not. It seems no church wanted the disgraced clergyman, so get this:

According to the Star Tribune, in addition to the salary, insurance and living expenses given to him by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Gustafson also receives disability.

Salary, insurance, living expenses AND disability? This is astounding. It almost pays -- no, it does pay -- to become a priest and molest a child. You'll be taken care of for life.

The father of the boy rape victim put it perfectly:

Brian Herrity asked the paper, “since when is a crime a disability? If that’s the case, everyone in prison should be disabled.”

And that, fellow readers, is the state of the Catholic Church in Minnesota today. Proud?


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Texas Man Pulls Gun on News Reporter


This is a cross post from FreakOutNation thanks to our wonderful friend Anomaly.

Texas man pulls gun on news reporter

A Texas man from the Houston area who has been charged with child sex abuse has additionally been charged for allegedly pulling a gun on a television journalist reporting on the allegations. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office on Monday said 73-year-old Larry Ricketts of Huffman is charged with aggravated assault after KTRK captured the gun incident on camera.

The new charge comes just two days after Ricketts posted a bond following his arrest on sex abuse charges involving a 5-year-old girl.

man pulls gun on news reporter

Image: Harris County Sheriff's Office

KTRX reporter Demond Fernandez and videographer Gerzain Garcia went to Ricketts’ house on February 13 seeking his on-camera comment about the sexual assault allegation.

Fernandez knocked on the door and spoke with Ricketts, which is when he grabbed a handgun and pointed it at the news team, which was all caught on videotape.

Ricketts is now being held without bail on the newer charge.


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Photo: Beth Wald

Photo: Beth Wald

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Was This Stop And Frisk Or Stop And Shoot?


andy lopez

It's a tragedy no matter who was responsible. A 13 year old boy is dead, victim of a police shooting in Santa Rosa California. Ordinarily something like this tends not to make national news, but in this case it has. And part of the reason has to do with the fact that the FBI has been called into what normally is a local police investigation.

A few things to keep in mind when you watch the news report below is the "official" timeline of events. Obviously many questions are still unanswered. The longer they remain, the longer the stink of this horrible murder will fester.


A timeline released Thursday by the Santa Rosa police shows that only 10 seconds passed from the moment that the sheriff's deputy and his partner called dispatch to report a suspicious person to the moment they called back to say shots had been fired.

Just think about this -- all of these things in 10 seconds: The two police officers call in to report a suspicious person. They have to get out of their squad car, pull their weapons, call out to the boy, they have to assess the danger, they have to give him time to respond/react to their demands and then they have to shoot him (seven times) and finally get back into their squad car and call back into dispatch. Ten seconds to do all that?

Now to be fair, here's what one of the deputies told a reporter from the Miami Herald

Santa Rosa police Lt. Paul Henry told the newspaper the deputy who opened fire later told investigators he believed his life as well his partner's was in jeopardy. The deputy said the teen didn't comply with commands to drop the gun and was turning toward the deputies while raising the barrel.

According to the police as reported in the video above, the boy had his back to them when they called toward him. He turned. That would mean the pellet gun would have moved with him. So to say the boy raised his gun toward them is a very loose interpretation of what might have gone on.  And again, keep in mind, the 10 second time frame for all of this to go on.

Certainly if you're a cop and you see a gun being raised toward you this would be a justifiable shooting. But wait. There's more. The shooting deputy had a partner. How does he figure into all of the. He was there as well.

Assistant Sheriff Lorenzo Duenas told the Press Democrat that the deputy who shot the teen is a 24-year veteran and his partner, who did not fire his weapon, is a new hire.

So the newbie deputy, the shooter's partner, didn't fire. Why's that? Why did one officer shoot 7 times while the other didn't shoot once? Was one patrolman trigger happy and the other remotely sane. Was the non-shooting deputy too scared and frozen by the threat? Or by his partners itchy trigger finger?

Perhaps time will tell. But this is certainly a situation where there's some common sense that needs to go along with the deputy's explanations and follow-up interviews. It will be interesting to see what the initial reason for the policemen thinking this 13 year old boy, who witnesses say was just playing, drew the cops attention (and ultimately guns) to the point they felt they needed to stop and shoot. That question has yet to be answered by either officer.