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Prison Guard Beats Inmate And Illinois Must Pay


prison violence

The headline in HuffPo reads:

James Degorski, Man Who Killed 7 At Brown's Chicken Restaurant, Awarded $451,000 In Civil Suit

So I was interested to see how a convicted killer was awarded money. Could it be related to his murdering 7 innocent people? I didn't think so but I had to read on.

CHICAGO (AP) — A former handyman serving life in prison for the 1993 murder of seven people at a suburban Chicago restaurant has been awarded nearly a half-million dollars in a civil lawsuit in which he alleged a jail guard punched him in the face.

Degorski, now 41, accused a Cook County Jail guard of punching him and breaking his cheekbone and eye socket in 2002.

As it turns out, this was really not about the inmate's crime, but about the inmate's treatment. His abuse. His being deprived of his civil rights.  Degorski's attorney put it this way:

"I think it's a beautiful day for civil rights when a jury can put aside emotions and say we are all entitled to our civil rights," she said. "It's about protecting the constitutional rights of the least among us."

Well, I'm not so sure that it's a beautiful day, but I do feel strongly that we have constitutional rights which, contrary to popular opinion, are not relinquished when someone's sentenced to prison.

Why should we care, or more importantly why should a jury care to the tune of nearly half a million bucks?

Simple. We have the eighth amendment which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. The jury heard the facts, the details of this brutal attack on a brutal man who was in his care. Yet a prison sentence doesn't give the guards the right to dispatch their own kind of justice. Guards are there to serve the justice system, not create their own. And this guard evidently thought he could. Now the state must pay, which means the people of Illinois have to cough up half a mil for this crime.

If it seems like I'm taking the side of a killer, you're wrong. I'm taking the side of justice. We can't allow people behind bars to become animals, pets, treated unkindly by brutal guards. If we do, there's no chance at rehabilitation. I don't think prison should become a vacation spot, but basic human rights shouldn't be denied, either.

This prisoner who was beaten could just as easily been incarcerated for fixing the books at a financial institution or possession of a controlled substance. His crime got him put there for just punishment, not to become a guard's punching bag. But this guard took justice into his own hands, abused it and a jury found him guilty. Hopefully he will lose his job for this. But most certainly, the good and innocent people of Illinois will be covering the tab. Perhaps that's the real injustice in this case.


God Unleashes Disasters, Dementia, and Autism. Why? LGBT Rights.



Yes, friends, read the headline again. It's not a joke. It's for real. And that's what cuckoo-bird-crazy U.S. Congressional candidate Susanne Atanus had to say to the the editorial board of the Chicago Daily Herald in her interview for their endorsement. This Republican candidate is running against incumbent Jan Schakowsky (D-IL).

According to TPM Livewire:

If you're afflicted with autism or dementia, or if you've lost your worldly possessions due to a tornado, Susanne Atanus thinks you should blame the LGBT community.

"We are provoking Him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions,” she said. “Same-sex activity is going to increase AIDS. If it’s in our military, it will weaken our military. We need to respect God.”

Okay now, you LGBT folks, Stop it! Stop it right now! No more hurricanes or polar vortexes, and don't you go putting the dementia hex on any of us! And while you're at it, how about removing the autism you caused. I don't know how you did it, but if you women-hating,  minority loathing, gay-bashing Republicans say you LGBT people did this, you must have. The Tea Party doesn't lie.

A moment of reality here. Yesterday I wrote about a crazy man in the Tea Party, a candidate for Florida state's legislation, Joshua Black, who tweeted and Facebooked that Obama should be hung for treason. If you missed it, it's here, with video: FLORIDA REPUBLICAN PROPOSES OBAMA LYNCHING. Now we get this in Illinois. What state is going to be next?

Are the Republicans really this extreme? I think in many cases, yes. There are some who border on sanity, but they're becoming harder and harder to find. Hopefully this is a wake-up call to both parties. We've got to pay more attention to who our candidates are and what they represent. Could anyone really support a candidate like Sussane Atanus? You bet your ass. She's currently an outlier, but she and her ilk are starting to become the rule. This is scary. And we need to rally our votes before these nutsos are making the rules for the rest of us.


Nine Year Old Gives Beatdown To ChiTown Mayor Emanuel, Saves His School


Asean Johnson

For years preceding Obama's presidential first term, the man who was the power behind Barack Obama, the guy who wielded the big stick was Rahm Emanuel.  If there was a tough or dirty job that had to be done, you called on Rahm. He'd fall on his sword if need be to protect the once and future president. It was no surprise that when PBO was sworn in, his chief of staff, the man once again with the power, was the same Rahm Emanuel.

After a successful launch of the presidency (as successful as could be expected under the circumstances), Emanuel took his bat and ball and went home to stake out a larger personal power base -- the mayor's seat in his hometown Chicago. He wasn't a carpetbagger like Scott Brown moving from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. No, in this case, Rahm is a real Chicagoan.  And he had enough of Washington. He yearned to go back home to Chitown and toss his hat into the political arena there. As a native son, he knew the problems of the city and politics. He also knew where many of the bodies were buried -- even those that were still warm. He waltzed to a very large victory.

So it's no surprise that at the midway point of his first term, the Mayor would be feeling some heat. Even the best intentioned politician in the country's third largest city can't please all the people all the time. But who would have predicted his biggest, loudest and most outspoken opposition would come from a nine year old black boy from the ghetto? The issue that could bring down the mayor was going to be the closing of schools. Republicans take note. Here's a Democrat who wants to tamper with education and might very well lose his job. If the GOP insists on education cuts, this could happen to you.

The Grio:

With just hours until the fate of school closings is known in the third-largest district in the nation, students have joined their parents and teachers in protest and raised their voices in opposition to the mass shutter.

Heralded as the future mayor of Chicago in the year 2025, 9-year-old Asean Johnson, has spoken at school board meetings and hearings, and fired up a crowd of hundreds in a protest against school closings Monday that concluded three days of marches on the city’s South and West sides.

“I wanted to be there to support my school and for the other schools that are closing, because really, I think that no school should be closing,” he told the Grio.

If this kid, Asean Johnson is any indication of both the potential of students in this school district and the need to keep the Chicago schools open, it's never been more evident. Emanuel not only has a financial problem on his hands, he has a budding opposition candidate (Asean Johnson) for his political office when he becomes of legal age.

The largest criteria for closing the targeted schools is test performance. And Asean's school rates lower than the average. Yet look at the product of that test result driven policy. Because this boy's school doesn't make the test driven grade, students like him are going to be forced from their neighborhood and crowded into already burgeoning schools, risking safety and their home life.

Not surprisingly, after this public speech, his school has been spared. But there's still a major problem everywhere else that uses test scores as the main basis for keeping schools open. Maybe it's time to look at the way kids are taught and provide the proper funding to raise education levels. The answers are not is closing schools or raising test scores. It's in finding out how to motivate, cultivate and produce more Asean Johnson's in all of our neighborhoods.

Asean Johnson certainly put it succinctly to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

“We are not toys. We are not going down without a fight.”


Video- The Daily Show: Strife of Pie


Video Overnight Thread- Amazing moment baby dolphin is born at Chicago zoo


That was just indescribable. Via.

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Vacation Time - Where To Go This Year



Every year our family likes to go somewhere for vacation as a unit. It's our family time -- and for that I'm always thankful. When I get the tab, Dad's always seem to be the one who do the paying, I sometimes grimace. But being together as a family is the highlight of our year.

Schedules being what they are we have to plan long in advance. And there's a lot to take into consideration, once we pick a time. Is it going to be too cold, too hot, a monsoon or hurricane season. So timing enters into it. But we do like exotic so there's a few more considerations along with will there be anything fun to do there once we arrive.

We usually determine our final selection by a system of elimination.  When you remove places you've already been to or don't wish to go to, you easily pare down your choices. As Sherlock Holmes used to say, eliminate everything that can't be, and you're left with is what is. (that's a paraphrase). So thankfully, there's a new list out to help us chose where to go, or in this case, where not to visit and why.  It's the annual Most Dangerous Countries on Earth list which has just been released.  So if you find yourself looking for your next vacation spot, consult this list first. You may be surprised:


#1 Johannesburg, South Africa - Our family actually has friends who live there.  But here's why we're crossing that off of our list: This country has been described as the ‘rape capital of the world’, with 118.3 rapes per 100,000 people. Not only is the high incidence of rape bad news for visitors, but there's also an incredibly high murder rate. This country consistently has one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

Rio de Janeiro

#2 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Wow, I'd always heard of the Carnaval and the beaches, partying.  Sounded like a contender until I read: Street crime is rampant in parts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, and it is common for tourists to have their lives threatened for their valuables. I can live with having my watch boosted, but not my life threatened.


#3 Cartegena, Columbia.  We actually went there, and I did get attacked when an anti-American rally broke out. Not because I was there'; just because...Colombia is truly a lawless state. It's the world capital for kidnappings. There were 12,338 in 2011. Of these 1,138 were killed by their kidnappers. Fourth in the world for murder rates with 69.98 per 100,000 people in 2011, many of those killed were local mayors, dozens being killed every year. In the states we vote officials out of office. In Cartegena, they carry them out, in body bags. Oh, and let's not forget Colombia supplies 75% of the worlds supply of cocaine.


Well, I guess we'll have to do some more looking around, maybe pick a nice safe spot in the States. One thing's for sure, it won't be Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, St.Louis, Baltimore, Birmingham, Newark, Oakland, Cleveland or Memphis. Those are Americas ten deadliest cities.

You know, maybe we'll just stay home this year, have a big barbecue.  I mean, what can go wrong in L.A.?

Murder scene


Dog Day Afternoon for Dogs


Is it an epidemic?  Who knows?  But in the last two days, police under no real threat, have shot dogs.

CASE ONE: Hawthorn California.  Four police cars roll into this residential neighborhood. The reason? Unknown. The result of this invasion is.

A curious bi-stander questions two white police officers who don't seem particularly involved in the action that brought them to this predominantly Black neighborhood why there are eight white officers and no blacks or Hispanics. That question, or in the minds of these two wildly uncontrollable officers is considered a taunt. For that they handcuff him to arrest him. Charge? They'll make something up on the way to the station. The arrested man's dog approaches, barking. But when he gets to the cops, he sniffs, then turns away. The trigger happy cop, in no apparent danger, shoots the dog three times. Writhing in pain until he bleeds out, the cops just watch and one actually appears to be laughing while the dog's owner is led away.

No human captured. One dog, thanks to provoking of the police, dead. If you care for animals, you will be quite distressed by the accompanying video. It will break your heart.


CASE TWO: (Perhaps more egregious when you read the details.)

shot dog

Just outside Chicago, two South Holland police officers arrived while plaintiff Randy Green and his family were asleep inside of their home.Their dog, Grady, was sitting on the front porch.

Both South Holland officers were equipped with dog-catching poles in the trunks of their vehicles, but neither attempted to use the dog-catching poles to capture the purported dog at large. Instead, South Holland officer Chad Barden stood, with his gun drawn, near the Green family home while the dog Grady sat peacefully on the front porch.

The dog Grady walked past both officers on more than one occasion without incident, thereafter lazily returning to the front porch of the Green residence. At no time did the dog Grady make physical contact with either officer.The South Holland police officers stood outside the Green family home for approximately twenty minutes.

At this time, the dog Grady approached Officer Barden again as he was standing near the Green family home. Shortly thereafter, Officer Barden shot the dog Grady three times for no reason.

Grady, wounded, ran into the back yard and his owner rushed outside to help him and take him to a vet.

Citing an Expert Report, Green claims that "video surveillance footage from the Green family residence revealed the absence of any charging, lunging or showing of teeth by the dog Grady and instead showed the dog Grady seeking greater distance between the officer and himself, displaying 'calming [body] signals by looking away from the officers and showing his [Grady's] flank, and moving in a trot."