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I'm not crazy

How crazy is New Jersey? Well, when they re-elect Chris Christie to stay as boss as they are poised to do shortly, we may be scratching our heads and asking that question.

So, let's look at our habitually dyspeptic occupant of the state house in the Garden State. He's irritable, barks orders at and demeans people around him, lies, cheats, steals even uses government transportation for personal pleasure (remember his state helicopter rides to see his son play little league?).

With that said, he has a sometimes affable side -- he's even made fun of himself from time to time -- not hard to do when the rest of the country looks at you as the loudmouth bully from Trenton.

But then disaster struck. Hurricane Sandy. Suddenly he showed some mettle. He jumped into action and we saw signs of unbiased, unpolitical and very caring machinations in his moves. He not only welcomed President Obama to his state, he opened his arms and his state's coffers to accept federal aid. He even went so far as to applaud the President's efforts and give him his due respect.

Now we flip to a few months later. The New Jersey poster boy is now badmouthing the Black man. He's flexing his power and biting the hand who bailed out his fanny. Now, suddenly Obama, whose ring was being kissed when he was needed, is suddenly the target of Chritie's wrath. Rema Rahman quotes you:

"We look at Washington, D.C., and we shake our heads in wonder at a president who can't figure out how to lead, at a Congress that only 11 percent of the people in the last poll I saw approve of the job they're doing," he said.

Referring further to those low approval ratings, Christie said "that's what happens when you don't have a leader at the top. That's what happens when you have someone in the executive office who is more concerned about being right than he's concerned about getting things done, and I'm not going to be that kind of leader of New Jersey."

Hmm.  Let's see.  You don't want to be a leader who gets things done?  You don't want to be right?  You only want to make popular choices?  That's some reelection platform you're running on.  I get it.  If you want someone who doesn't care, strives to do the unpopular, is only self-serving, makes wrong choices and can be counted on to not complete the job, vote for Chris Christie!

With that platform, Christie must be hoping to garner votes from the whackjob right who think Obama caused Hurricane Sandy just to get re-elected.  Those and the people who claim Obama caused the twisters in Oklahoma and the current heat waves in the west to punish those who didn't vote for him.

He dismissed criticism he received for the praise he gave Obama for the government's response to Sandy.

"And when the storm hits the state and the president of the United States calls you and says, 'I want to come and see it and I want to help,' and he actually follows through on the promises that he made, then you have to say that on that part of it he did a good job," Christie said. "That doesn't mean I like Obamacare, that doesn't mean I like what he's doing on taxes or spending or anything else."

His spending was for your state, and it saved your derriere.  Obamacare is to bail out the uninsured in your state and guarantee them a chance at a healthy existence (lowering your state's costs) -- and not at a penny's cost to you.  So maybe you should listen to what you are really saying.  Take a look at what you're really doing.  Consider this, where else in the world can an lying, cheating, dishonest person hold get reelected to run a state of good people after squatting and taking a dump on them?

New Jersey deserves better, but they're going to give you another chance.  They gave Nucky Thompson a number of chances in Boardwalk Empire.  They gave Tony Soprano all of their love on the Sopranos.  They evidently love taking a feces bath in New Jersey and you're just the guy who's going to give it to them.


VIDEO: Here's your GOP "family values"


family values my ass

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Ahh yes, Mark Sanford– cheater, hypocrite, trespasser, poster boy for an online extramarital affairs dating service, somehow won an election and believes that his fantasy god forgave him, so everything is now hunky dory!

Ed Schultz:

In his campaign, marred by violations of his divorce agreement, Mark Sanford has reemerged newly engaged to the Argentinian mistress, and he believes "absolved." But if Mark Sanford thinks that he's a "family man," he can keep pretending-- and the Republican Party can keep pretending-- they're all about "family values."

gop family values


Mark Sanford "proved to the world that you can have your cake and eat it too with his undeserved victory."


mark sanford, fiancee

Today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Mark Sanford is back in the game," May 8

South Carolina proved that it is possible to talk a dog off of a meat wagon with its election of disgraced former Gov. Mark Sanford to his old House seat in Congress.

The Republican candidate proved to the world that you can have your cake and eat it too with his undeserved victory. Bill Clinton has nothing on him. And now the party of family values has a new standard-bearer in South Carolina for ethics, integrity, duty, responsibility and family loyalty.

His campaign should be examined and written about in leadership circles as examples of how to betray everyone except yourself and then record a margin of victory so comfortable that you made it look easy. He gives public service a bad name.

Kimberlyn Hearns

San Bernardino


Awkwa-ard: Sanford win could spell trouble for House GOP leadership


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We've already seen that Mark Sanford– cheater, hypocrite, trespasser– has no wisdom to impart. And yet he won an election, mainly because Republicans in South Carolina have the kind of wisdom and judgment skills that are surpassed only by Sanford's credibility and sense of ethics.

This despite the National Republicans pulling the plug on Sanford’s congressional campaign. What could all this mean to the Congressional GOP?

The Hill:

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) is heading back to Congress — and that may not be good news for House GOP leadership.

Sanford owes party leaders nothing, as they refused to spend money on his campaign in the closing weeks and held him at arm's length for much of the race. 

He's also a vocal — and stubborn — fiscal conservative, and will be sworn into the House at a time when GOP leaders are battling to control an unruly conference.

The first potentially awkward moment will come when Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) swears Sanford in, likely in the next few days.

The Boehner couldn't even bring himself to mention Sanford by name when he was asked if he’d be welcomed back. To make matters worse, Sanford is due in court on Thursday to face his ex-wife’s accusations of trespassing. That could push his swearing-in ceremony back until next week.

While it’s likely Sanford and House GOP leaders won’t have a warm and fuzzy relationship, it’s unclear whether he’ll be accepted by House conservatives either.


But you know where he will be very welcome? Fox.