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Gang Of 8 Now Down To 7


crossword puzzle

What's a two word phrase, both words five letters, that means GOP hypocrite? Try M-A-R-C-O  R-U-B-I-O. Yep, Marco Rubio. The junior senator from Florida.

When Rubio got elected, many in the GOP thought they had found their savior. He was the bright shining beacon that would cause the South to rise up again. The damaged Phoenix would take flight on his back. Atlas would lift up the Republican world. Oh, happy day.

It didn't take the heralded right wing Tea Party savior long to make a name for himself. One of his first tasks in putting an inviting face on his aging white, old man's, party was to deliver the official response to Obama's state of the union speech. You all remember Marco's Gulp-gate speech. I think it was cotton-mouth's finest moment.

But after that fiasco, the Tea Party wasn't going to jettison him. So he took his shot of confidence and embarrassment and was determined to carry the banner. Waiting in the wings, in case he failed was another freshman, Rafael Cruz, and though only partially Latino and foreign born, Raffy was ready to pounce. He was just waiting for his moment.

And it came. With POTUS eyes, Rubio calculated a risk -- he and the GOP need Latino votes. With his seemingly Italian surname he knew he wasn't guaranteed to bring in the desired Latin demographic, so he joined seven other senators and wrote a bill that became known as the Rubio Immigration Bill. He gave it that name, until he started to get backlash from his own conservative followers. What the hell was he doing giving undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship?

Oops. He hadn't calculated that. But what was he to do. Turn his back on his Latino heritage or turn his back on the old white men of his party? The one's who had the money. Here he was with the Rubio Immigration bill. He was stuck.

Or was he? He immediately went to the press and hammered over and over again that this was the Senate immigration bill, not his. And for a while, he pulled the wool over the eyes of the voracious Fox News talkers and Rush Limbaugh-type radio jawboners. He convinced them that his name shouldn't be associated with this bill. It was the Gang of Eight's bill or even better, the Senate bill. And soon people forgot in who's name the bill was really branded. Rubio.

Now, seeing a little daylight and a chance to pounce, Cruz who's name sounds more Latino but in reality he's only half, jumped in and took on even more right wing Tea Party issues -- shutting down the government. That left Marco battered and bruised. Though he's tried to hold onto Rafael's coattails, he's falling farther and farther behind. Now, most in the party have pretty much given up on him. He's too liberal.

Leave it to Chris Hayes to put it all in perspective. Marco, you can hide, but here's a hint-- you're hiding in plain sight.

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Nothing Like A Violent Shooting To Bring Out The GOP Crazies


Sen Jim Rubens

Even in a small, quite benign state like New Hampshire, you can't be shielded from the whack-atude of the GOP right. On the heels of the horrific tragedy at the Washington DC Navy Yard a Republican candidate for Jeanne Shaheen's (D-NH) Senate seat  has reinforced his earlier statements how violence in the workplace is the fault of -- WOMEN!

Yup, that's the conclusion of former state Sen. Jim Rubens (R-NH) came to when he wrote in a 2009 post, as reported by BUZZFEED

"Because status success is more vital to the male psychology, males are falling over the edge in increasing numbers."


The fact that the economy has changed, Rubens also argued, has had a dangerous effect on men, causing a small portion of them to commit more acts of violence.

TPM, also covering this announcement for Rubens' senatorial run, had this quote, an update of his 2009 comments and stated after the Navy Yard tragedy:

"It's a tiny fraction of males that become stressed for whatever reason and engage in acts of extreme violence," Rubens said. "If you look through individual psychology of mass shooters over the past 10-20 years, you can see that in the profile. Often it's a person who has been subjected to extreme stress in the form of social rejection, job loss and associated mental health issues."

Now a sane conclusion to these delusional remarks by the new candidate is that women are the root of these workplace shootings. Get rid of them and you get rid of the cause.

So, all of you working women out there, on behalf of working men all over the globe, please pack your things. You've got to go. Our safety is at risk with you in the workplace.

I'm sure that message will win him a lot of support. You go, GOP! Go far away -- off the edge of the flat earth.


Cory Booker, On Our Radar, Don't Have Gaydar, And Why Should I Caredar?


Cory Booker superhero

For the past few years I'd heard the name, Cory Booker, but being based in LA I wasn't exposed to very much coverage of the man. What I had heard about him, his mayoral position in New Jersey and the talk of his exceptional acts and feats of heroism sure made him sound like a refugee from a Horatio Alger novel.

The guy is either a real hero or he has the best public relations machinery in the world working for him. Here's a sampling of his "fabled" actions compiled by Time Magazine Online back in January of this year:

Cory Booker is the Chuck Norrisof U.S. mayors, and his list of real-life acts of heroism keeps growing. The latest feat of the 43-year-old Newark, N.J., mayor: rescuing a freezing pooch from the cold on Thursday after concerned locals tipped him off on Twitter.

Well, looks like the good mayor likes dogs, or at least he likes Twitter and isn't afraid to react to things he reads about current issues in his city.

Last April, when a neighbor’s home caught fire, Booker saved a woman from the blaze without hesitation.

When Hurricane Sandy struck this past fall, knocking out power for many New Jersey residents, Booker opened up his home to let folks hang out, watch DVDs and charge their devices. He even had lunch delivered.

During the winter blizzard of 2010:

When one man tweeted that his sister couldn’t make it through the snow to buy diapers, Booker showed up at her house with diapers. When locals were stuck in their cars (or, in one case, on a bus), Booker and his team helped dig them out the old-fashioned way: with shovels.

And in an effort to "walk a mile in my shoes,"

Booker took part in the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) challenge and vowed to spend $33 on food for a week.


Those efforts aside, Mayor Booker is now taking hits for not coming forward and taking credit for another story, circulated by his opponent for New Jersey senator. The "Macho Man" he's running against is perennial wackadoodle,  Steve Lonegan and he's circulating thinly veiled accusations that Booker is gay. Gee, imagine that. The man who says that if you get cancer, that's your problem, not his. The man who said New Jersey should forgo federal aid after hurricane Sandy feels the mayor's sexuality, whatever it may be, should be a campaign issue? Giving an answer to this question would be easy. But that's not the route Booker's chosen. He's staying above the name-calling fray and taking the higher road. It doesn't matter. He's not running for the straight or gay senate. He's running for the US senate, and your sexual orientation has nothing to do with your qualifications.

According to Mayor Booker, on All In With Chris Hayes, (MSNBC)

“The question really should not be am I gay or straight," he responded. "The question should be, why the heck are you asking the question in the first place? It doesn’t make a whit of difference what kind of senator I’m going to be or not."

“We need to stop in America talking about anybody in a public realm, besides what is important–the content of their character, the quality of their ideas, the courage within their hearts to serve others. That’s what’s important,” Booker added.

By refusing to discuss it, Booker has shown he's a man of courage. Some will take his denial to address this as a confession. It may bite him a little, because there are bigots and ignorant people everywhere. But I laud the mayor for asking why it matters? Certainly he handled his sidestepping act with grace and charm and has done his best to keep non-issues out of the campaign. That's certainly what the people of New Jersey deserve and the rest of us need in our national senate chamber.


GOP Operation Clinton Take-Down



Well, fear is an interesting state of mind. To the Republican party -- or what's left of it -- the smell of fear is already causing shudders. The 2016 presidential race has begun, even if the GOP doesn't have it's nominee. There isn't a Republican party hopeful or organization executive who isn't girding for the opposition: a Hillary Clinton run. And lick their chops as they may, they're scared.

Rumors and innuendo have always been a GOP mainstay, and to show fairness, I'll say that the Democrats are no stranger to the same tactics.

Until there's a real front runner on the GOP side, the Republican'ts are going to try to stop the masses from getting comfortable with the Democratic favorite, Ms. C.

2016 GOP presidential candidates

The attacks have begun, but unlike on the opposite side of the aisle, she's already been tested. If they had something on her, they would have used it already. But the GOP hopefuls are "new" old blood. They're going to face off between one another and it's not going to be pretty. It's already begun with Christie and Ru Paul, er, Rush Paul, I mean Rand Paul. And then you've got Senator Ted Cruz who's citizenship is already being called into question, being Canadian born. Oh, and how about those two Floridians, Marco Rubio who can't decide if women should be given the right to decide about their own bodies and everybody's "favorite" Bush brother, Jeb? His contradictory stance on immigration and his bloodline surely put a huge target on his back.

Will there be an outside run by Bobby Jindal? Not likely after calling his party "Stupid." What about Mike Lee? Hmm. He'd have a better chance if he changed his first name to Bruce -- no, that wouldn't work, either. People might stereotype him as "gay," or worse, Asian.

The Refusenik party is left with only one thing to do. They must become the "Anybody But Hillary" Party. As so begins the long slog toward the 2016 presidential election.

Let's see, what do the clever adversaries to a Clinton coronation have to work with. Here's a few the ABH'ers are floating:

1. Hillary's a woman and we know they can can be very moody and unstable a few days every month.

2. She's in bed with Anthony Weiner and that tells us about her character.

3. Benghazi. Yes, she actually planned and coordinated the attack.

4. Her husband will really be running the country and we can't have a third Bill Clinton term.

5. She's a minority sympathizer and will put even more "unqualified" judges and appointees into office.

Rumor Mill

I guess when you have nothing to work with on your own side, nothing to stand for, you try to run down the opposition. They've tried that before in running McCain and Romney. That didn't turn out too well for them. So look for future attacks to come on things like Hillary's still dating women while Bill's nailing interns; or Hillary is a socialist who destroyed our foreign policy, weakening us because everyone knows Arab countries won't deal with a woman; and how long will it be before they roll out Hillary's "Black" baby?

I think Democrats overall will be happy with Hillary C. I'm not sure how the fractured GOP will be with their candidate. Only time will tell, but if the Refusican Party keeps going the way they are, this could be quite a fun campaign.