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Elizabeth Warren: "And We Will Fight For It!"



Just give Elizabeth Warren 3 1/2 minutes and you'll see why America needs her leadership. What she lays out in her plan for the U.S. is exactly the blueprint Democrats MUST use as they run in 2014. She's precise, clear and distinct. Hillary, are you listening?

If Democrats get people to the polls this fall, they will not only retain the senate, they can retake the House. Hard to believe? Watch this:


Oops! Looks like Mitt Romney has no influence over Florida Gov. Rick Scott


Team Romney had asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to downplay his state's job gains, but oops! No dice!

Poor Willard. He may have corps. but he has no core. In fact, he has no sway. Even his fellow Republicans won't heed his advice. Ricky Scott did just the opposite and pretty much threw Willard's demands in his face.

There's your leader, GOP: Willard the Ignored. The guy whose only ability to influence is through confining and strapping to the roof of a car.


If Rick Scott got an order from Mitt Romney to temper his cheery talk about the Florida economy, it clearly didn’t take. The Republican governor proudly boasted that his state was booming in a speech in front of Latino officials just hours before President Obama was scheduled to speak at the same event.

Our state is doing extremely well,” Scott told the NALEO conference, which was held in Florida. “We still have 800,000 people out of work, but we’re changing it. Tourism is way up, jobs are up, housing prices are staying stable. If you want to buy a house, now is the time. “

Talk to the hand, Mitt.


Quickie- Romney Campaign Asks Gov Scott to Downplay Florida Job Gains


Yep, give them their talking points, damn the reality!!!

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to tone down his statements heralding improvements in the state’s economy because they clash with the presumptive Republican nominee’s message that the nation is suffering under President Barack Obama, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Scott, a Republican, was asked to say that the state’s jobless rate could improve faster under a Romney presidency, according to the people, who asked not to be named.

What’s unfolding in Florida highlights a dilemma for the Romney campaign: how to allow Republican governors to take credit for economic improvements in their states while faulting Obama’s stewardship of the national economy. Republican governors in Ohio, Virginia, Michigan and Wisconsin also have highlighted improving economies.