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Photos- Buzzfeeds 69 Politicians As They Were In High School: Some Comments


I just can't let these go without a comment or two about how they look to me, seeing thru an high school outcast's eyes. (May be influenced by knowing their personalities now. Maybe.)

Whoosh, where to start. Well, the hair speaks for itself (and may have it's own haircare line) but the whole Neanderthal open mouth and kinda "DER" face would make me avoid him in the halls.

Just. Those. Pants. I'd be thinking he harbors an urge to kill Grandma.

Kick that knee over a bit and you're giving a glam pose Hil. She probably would have been kind, but not eaten lunch anywhere near me.

Just looks pervy, from his stance to the way his smile is angled. I'd def not want to be in the hall alone with him.

Wound way too tight, I'd never know she existed. Too busy with Youth for Christ and Young Homemakers Club.

He'd be sitting next to me at lunch, and we'd probably (grossly) made out at least once.

Oh yeah, I remember this guy. Worked out like he was in prison, didn't do sports, leered and was gross towards girls and everyone expected him to be a serial rapist when he graduated. Not within 20 feet.

Oh man. Junior year LOOOOVE. Grainy, granola, patchouli smelling Senior, moments away from escaping into the great big world. Peace Corps talkin', Grateful Dead listin', Orange Tab dropping crush of the century. GREAT kisser.

Finally, Princess Pelosi. I'm sure she would have been nice when she noticed me, but that would not have been very often. I was the child of people who worked for her people, and very generously got to live in the confines of their largess. My father once answered the phone when one of these princesses called, and when I got on she wanted to know why the gardener answered. I was ashamed, but quickly got over it. I'd have lunch with Nanc, or any of these peeps in a heartbeat. (Maybe not Brown, he still kinda does me)

Go enjoy all the pics at Buzzfeed, it's fun!!!