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Morning Joe Guilty of Quasi Spousal Abuse Syndrome



The Morning Joe crew has problems with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. They alleged today that she lied Saturday on MSNBC to Steve Kornacki  that Christie's lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno, and one of Christie's cabinet members tried to pressured her into fast-tracking a proposed redevelopment project in her city in order to receive Sandy aid. To Mika and Joe, timing is everything.

First, here's what Mayor Zimmer said, and how she explains her hesitation to come forward earlier.

Now here's what Joe Scarborough had to say about this according to Talking Points Memo:

"If she's willing to go public and vouch for something that is corrupt, an administration that is corrupt, what does that say about her character?" Scarborough asked, referring to tweets Zimmer sent in praise of Christie. "She can't have it both ways."

How interesting that Joe, who's been accused of some shade during his tenure in the House and who's going through a very messy divorce right now (the details of which he's trying to tamp down and rightfully should) would take this tact. Because this harassed mayor didn't go public or to the Attorney General of New Jersey (whom Christie had appointed and might just be in his pocket) she suddenly doesn't have credibility? Hasn't he ever heard of people fearing coming forward? Hasn't he ever heard of spousal abuse? Women sometimes are beaten within an inch of their lives, but refuse to press charges or admit it. Or if they do come forward, it's long after the attack.

Why? Because of fear. Fear of what? Bullies. Bullies like Joe Scarborough. He, like his hero, Chris Christie, accepta corruption as a way of life. And feel it's okay. Business as usual. Their defense is an offense -- slandering the Hoboken Mayor by accusing her of lying by not coming forward earlier. Does that mean the woman or man who delays accusations of being abused by a spouse is lying? Does that mean the facts don't exist? And think about the military sexual assaults where the victim has to go to their commanding officer who is best friends with the accused. Is that an easy thing to do? Well that's the situation with the New Jersey attorney general -- a Chris Christie appointee.

MSNBC, you should be ashamed of Morning Joe. And Mika, we allow for your limited abilities as you've never been able to stand up to bully pulpit Joe. But Joe, you're the wrong one here. And you should absolutely take back your accusations until the sworn testimony by Mayor Zimmer is presented. Then, if there are inconsistencies or inaccuracies, go ahead and rip her a  new one. But your personal relationship and bromance with the Governor of New Jersey should not be tolerated. Just because you accepted and maybe even participated in corruption when you were a congressman doesn't make it right.

Report news, don't create it to protect a friend. Even Steve Kornacki, who worked for David Wildstein, came out and revealed his personal relationship prior to reporting the news. Maybe you should confess your sins in office and relationship with Christie before you take to defending him -- or worse, "Hey, corruption is business as usual." You should be helping, not contributing to the crimes.


Bet you didn't hear about this good US economic recovery news in the "liberal media"


good news bad news paper game

Day in and day out we watch, listen, or read about the latest news stories, and they usually boil down to a few basic themes: criticism of the Obama administration; competing political commentary by the same old competing political talking heads; inordinate amounts of speculation; redundant beating of that poor dead horse, the (apparently) One and Only Very Important Headline of the Day; and trivial fluff.

I have the Tee Vee Machine running all day, so I manage to (over)expose myself to frustrating daytime cable coverage, and not once has there been a mention of today's Los Angeles Times above-the-fold, front page story, "Solid Growth for U.S. Likely in 2014."

That's right, there is such a thing as "economic recovery," yet economic news gets an overwhelming amount of negative attention and analysis, but nary a whisper about the recovery and growth that's being revealed in the Times:

The overall economic outlook for the U.S. has improved sharply in recent weeks amid a string of surprisingly robust economic data: Businesses have stepped up hiring, new factory orders from abroad are at a two-year high and consumers have been flocking to car lots and restaurants.

State and local governments that not long ago were in massive retrenchment are spending more too.

"We could see the unemployment rate down to 6% this time next year," said Robert Kleinhenz, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. That would be a full percentage point below the current rate and, in some analysts' views, close to full employment.

"Close to full employment." "Close to full employment." I'msorrywhat?

Anyone hear about this anywhere, any time, from anyone today? I sure didn't.


An acceleration to 3% would probably push up U.S. job growth to 250,000 a month on average, from a monthly average of 190,000 over the last 12 months, Kleinhenz said.

At that pace, the nation would recover all the jobs lost in the recession by the end of 2014. And it would push down the jobless rate closer to the 5.5% to 6% range that some now see as the potential long-term unemployment rate.

Maybe our so-called "liberal media" doesn't want to rock the "we're all sunk" (no pun) boat. After all, the more they can stir up even more speculation, anger, confusion, uncertainty, conflict, and controversy, the more opinionated commentators snap at each other, the more drama and rubbernecking they can generate, the stronger their readership, listenership, and viewership become.

And we all know by now that a big dose of what we can all agree is good news just doesn't bring in ratings.

bias liberal media my ass smaller


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"Fiscal cliff" traffic report


Today’s guest post by the one, the only, Will Durst:


“So, expect showers and gale force winds over the next couple of days and don’t forget that high surf advisory is in effect throughout the weekend. We may even see some downed power lines and scattered looting. That’s the weather here on Capitol Hill, now let’s go to Brandon with your Congressional traffic report.”

“Thanks Brandon. Well, its gotten pretty ugly out there, people. My best advice is, stay in your homes. As expected, following the holiday recess, we’re seeing a lot of bluster and bombast building up on the Beltway, and the obstructionist blather has managed to stall headway on nearly every budget deal ramp to a virtual crawl.

Three or four jack knifed 18- wheelers jam packed with Election Day rancor have overturned and as you might imagine, rubber necking has resulted in hundreds of not so tender fender benders in both directions. It’s gotten so bad that major media outlet trucks are stuck on the shoulder filming each other, filming each other.

It’s not just the Beltway that’s backed up. Main Street and Wall Street and the Path to Prosperity all report major slowdowns due to a multitude of partisan pile- ups. Some drivers seem to be purposefully ramming fellow travelers right off the road while others speed across median strips to dive into oncoming traffic seemingly with no thought to life or limb. Casualties continue to mount and officials worry about running out of tarps.

Sky Nine over the Bridge to the Future reports that progress remains hopelessly clogged with all visible movement being of the backwards variety and from their vantage all the right lanes look to be blocked as far as the eye can see. Left lanes: not much better. Center lanes: you don’t want to know.

Many reasons have been offered up for Carmageddon spreading nationwide. Pure native stubbornness, leading to refusals to merge. Infrastructure deterioration. Widespread smoke screens creating low visibility. A plethora of misread signs due to intentionally misinterpreted polls. Death wishes. Insanity. Mad Cow.

Part of the problem can be attributed to the numerous turnarounds closed by committee chairmen to restrict desertion from party line movement and reports continue to stream in that a crazy person by the name of Grover Norquist, has been single- handedly impeding traffic by standing in the ditch and flagging motorists off the road straight into various freeway abutments. Although it must be said, some cars do now seem to be aiming right for him chasing the anti- cheerleader back to the safety of various rest stop bathroom stalls.

Due to the slick situation, eternal congestion and some inexplicable glitch that has turned all the surface street stop lights to red, further delays are expected to spread across the nation as the country experiences a massive impasse on all roads leading to the cutoff meant to avert the dreaded Fiscal Cliff.

Veteran observers claim this activity is expected due to the mostly poor driving skills possessed by the residents of our nation’s capital. But the upshot is, we’re back to stalls and jams and near total gridlock far into the foreseeable future. So remember to keep that dial here, where we bring you weather and traffic together on the eights, although to be perfectly honest, not much is expected to change any time soon. Back to you Brandon."

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