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Overnight: Africa: Overland from Nairobi to Cape Town


Africa Overland

I've been in Africa several times, North Africa and in Kenya and Tanganyika.  I loved it.  

I'm not sure how it would be now. To Michael Crichton who taught school in Malawi as a Peace Corps volunteer and later at a university in Uganda as he details in Dark Star Safari, it had changed dramatically upon his return.  I'd love to travel through it overland for a longer period. I have alternated between taking a group overland trip, such as you'll see in this video, and outfitting a Land Rover or a Unimog to travel on my own.  The former is much less expensive - very reasonable - and has the advantage that the drivers know the routes and the borders and you're always among friends.  Taking your own vehicle is far more complicated and expensive, but you can travel on your own schedule.  

Incidentally, Africa's size is misrepresented on most maps: in reality, it is enormous.  


VIDEO: David Shuster Attacks Fox News Over President Obama's Buses


Thank you, David Shuster. People need to know about this, and it was refreshing to get the whole story:

Via HuffPo:

Filling in for Keith Olbermann on Tuesday's "Countdown," Shuster defended the Secret Service's purchase of new $1.1 million buses. He reported that the buses -- which are armored and equipped with classified technology -- would save taxpayers' money and eventually pay for itself, in lieu of having to lease and retrofitting buses every four years.


PhotOh! Rick Perry's insta-bus + Bonus VIDEO: Perry tries to get out of a speeding ticket!


Let's see, George W. Perry announced his run for the presidency only last night, and poof! Just like that, insta-bus!

For someone who wasn't sure if he would run or not, Bush-Perry sure managed to get his shiny new toy decorated and tour-ready in a hurry.

Maybe he prayed it into insta-existence.

By the by, for a nice, concise, eye-opening, hard look at just who James Richard Perry is, please read Mr. Perry Goes to Washington, Parts One and Deux. They're quick easy reads that inform. (H/t: @ShellyWymer)

For example:

[This] video of Perry getting pulled over for speeding in 2000 ... Seeing him tell that State Trooper lady to “let us get on down the road” is the finest gubernatorial equivalent to “I’m a grown-ass man and I do what I want” rants that a DPS dash-cam can provide.  I think he was more annoyed by the fact that she didn’t recognize him than anything else.


Dem Rep. asks Park Service if Sarah Palin received special -- and expensive -- treatment


Entire letter here

First Margaret Thatcher flat out rebuffs Former Half Gov RingBells McBusTour, and now a Congress member has questions about her "family vacation" and whether she enjoyed the Statute of Liberty and Paul Revere's teenage "hang outs" on the government's dime.

Yeah, right, she'll run for president, that would end well.  Via OregonLive:

Suggesting that Sarah Palin's recent tour of historic sites was anything but a low-cost family get-away, Rep. Earl Blumenauer on Tuesday asked the National Park Service if it extended extra services to a private citizen.

He also demanded that Palin should reimburse the government any additional cost caused by her high-profile visits to Gettysburg, Independence Hall, Fort McHenry and other iconic sites on a swing along the Northeast last week.

A Park Service spokesman said that Palin "assured us it was a family trip."

He went on to ask:

"What exactly was this bus tour supposed to be? If it was a political campaign event, then it is inappropriate for any federal resources to be used. If it was just a family vacation, then she shouldn’t be entitled to any special treatment beyond what the average American family would receive."

Maybe Palin considered it to be an extension of that crazy ride of Paul Revere's she claims to know so much about. Clearly, she and her entourage were simply firin' warning shots and ringin' bells to alert all Republicans along her route to hang onto their guns before President Obama started snatchin' them away! She was performing a public service, nothing more. She's an American hero.

One if by sham, two if by spree.

H/t: @Dusty_17


VIDEO: CNN Anchor’s Deadpan Reaction To Sarah Palin’s Version Of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride


I have no words... none:

H/t: @Dusty_17

Note from Paddy-

I do believe Ms Palin and Ms Bachmann were the test subjects for Rev Huckabee's "Dave Barton's History of Yesterday" videos. They done learned well.


VIDEO: Did Sarah Palin really let daughter Piper physically shield her from reporter?


Raw Video: Sarah Palin In Philly:

How dare those reporters intrude on the privacy of a fake candidate?

Hey, the Palins just wanted a nice, quiet vacation! I mean, come on, what close-knit clan doesn't go on their outings in a huge tour bus emblazoned with enormous U.S. Constitution and Liberty Bell graphics, enticing the press to hunt them down like a pack of dogs?

And it's not as if Former Half-Gov Exploita McLovesPress is vying for attention these days, right?  Clearly, she was simply including her daughter in an exciting, wholesome, fun-for-the-whole-family activity: Body guarding!

What part of Family Values don't you guys get? Besides, who says the mother is the one who is supposed to shield the daughter, anyway? Palin's just bein' mavericky, there, also, too.

We all know it was that damn "lamestream media's" fault! What's a prop well-trained child to do? Or was Sarah just... oblivious?

H/t: @KatieAnnieOakly, @Dusty_17


CNN's Misleading Title-O'-The-Day


See that screen grab up there, the one of the CNN website?  I put up a shot of the entire piece to show you how they devoted ample space to a story with a catchy title. But that title was based on only one statement from one woman who made one overture to Sarah Palin.

And to CNN's knowledge, she was never answered.

Yet CNN decided to call the post "Palin pressed on Medicare during bus tour stop"... because someone said nine words to Sarah Palin, and it was unclear if she even got a response.

The rest of the article goes on to describe everything about the day except what was emphasized in the title.

I clicked over to the CNN piece thinking there was a real story there. Instead what I got was one more report catering to the I Need More Attention Than Anyone In the Whole Wide World So Let's See How Much Money We Can Spend On Bus Fuel, BumpIts, Helmets, and Make-Up Tour.

Here is the relevant excerpt:

A middle-aged woman who said she worked in the health care industry approached Palin while she was signing autographs and posing for pictures with tourists at Mount Vernon, the second stop on Palin's closely watched "One Nation" bus tour.

"I work in health care," the woman announced. "Please protect our Medicare."

Reporters covering Palin's Mount Vernon visit were positioned too far away to hear the remark, but a CNN microphone picked up the audio.

It was not clear if Palin responded. She was swarmed by starstruck tourists and drawn in multiple directions, so it is possible she did not hear the comment.