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Gay Defenders Are Wrong This Time


Gay Vigilantes
Vigilantism is wrong. It doesn't matter what the cause or stand they are acting upon, the commission of any activity driven by revenge or hate cannot be tolerated.

Usually we hear stories of retribution or mob thinking and it's sadly over a cause or belief that means something to us. A group of bullies or toughs take on a weaker opponent. It's most often racially charged, religiously motivated, politically infused, hate driven mob mentality that launches these actions. This story is the same, but a bit different. It's coming from an angle that you usually don't hear about. It's defenders of an underdog. They took it on themselves to become aggressors, and justly, they have to be called out on it.

Sticking up for someone's rights is admirable but only when it doesn't cross the line into lawlessness. The details come from Raw Story.

Four underage teens — three boys and one girl — in Portland, Oregon were arrested on kidnapping and assault charges after they allegedly lured a bully into a shed and tortured him for calling a classmate “gay.”

According to the arrest report, the ring-leader was a 14-year-old boy who was upset that the victim had called another student “gay” on Facebook. The other attackers were similarly perturbed, and believed that their actions would be “an act of revenge.”

KATU TV, in Oregon, has this story and the gruesome details:

Sadly, had these assailants acted in a rational sense, reporting it to authorities, there probably wouldn't have been any action taken. It would most likely have been dismissed as kids just goofing on other kids. But we'll never know. These four attackers committed horrific crimes. No matter their intentions nor the motivations, this was wrong.

Too often the shoe is on the other foot -- just look at Russia and their anti-gay stance. Under the guise of Russian law, civil rights and human rights are being trampled. LGBT citizens are being beaten, humiliated and worse, even killed. But as evil and wrong as that is, so is the flip side of this argument. As a pro LGBT supporter, it's isolated incidents like this that can give ammunition to the very large, anti-gay movement. I hope this isn't a flash point in Oregon, or anywhere else, that ignites into something much bigger and more hateful.


Paging Lorraine Bracco - Dr. Bracco...



Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:

 The proper savoring of our annually grrrreat January tee vee viewing trifecta -- the Grammy's, SOTU and Superbowl mania --  has been brutally interrupted by two tri-state GOP Macho Macho Men.

Chris 'I Know Naw'thing' Christie has new muck being raked as we speak. Details of a Democratic mayor who DID get ample and speedy Sandy Funds for kissing up and following through on their gubernatorial quid commitments are the latest brick in the Fed built wall o' Humpty Dumpty. Keep the name Belleville in mind ... it may be renamed Waterloo.

No surprise that Christie is now reported by the New York Times as being genuine Joisey and WAY communiqué paranoid (in all candor he is hard to miss visually and the bulk of bullies have a sniveling inner coward constantly dodging fear).  It may his Nixon move, as we will soon have text messages to comb over a stem of nice dry Italian red.

What is a tough guy supposed to do when apologies and evasion fail? Let Hollywood come to the rescue. Lorraine Bracco, that magnificent dame, can get out one of those tailored skirts, grab a notepad and fly in to help Boy Wonder Christopher's career out of meltdown.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi.

In the Fifth response from his tribe, Staten Island [perfect, right?!] Republican Marine and pretend GOP Congressman from  Grimm threatened to hurl  local reporter Michael Scotto (a former msnbc man) off the effing dome balcony  either before after he broke him in half "like a boy" following SOTU.  Media Whiplash MoMo. This cat needs also some Anger Management help from L.A., dude has some serious High-T.


Conservatives must be all manhood-threatened,  gay couples were married legally for ten minutes in Utah for Gawd's sake.


Photo credit HBO dot com.


Bullying - Learned In School, Practiced In The Adult World - It Must Stop



We've all been exposed in real life to bullying -- either as an innocent bystander, perhaps even as a swept-up in the moment participant or sadly as a victim. Let's be real with ourselves, even if we can't be with others. We're more likely to have contributed at some point than to have rushed to someone's defense. That doesn't make us bad. It means we're all human and we're all vulnerable. Nobody wants to be on the outside looking in. There are pressures many times to join in or be ostracized ourselves. So we take the weak or cowardly way out. The course of least resistance.

Like sucking our thumbs or picking our noses, we generally outgrow these dirty habits. Some of them are learned naturally, others in school. They generally start when we're young and vulnerable. That's where they're most likely going to be corrected. Yet for many, the bad habits continue on to later in life when the damage can be even worse.

If we don't find ourselves early enough, if we don't develop the strength to stand up for justice, fairness and tolerance for others not as well off or popular, the future isn't pretty. Below is a video that's worth looking at.

Bullying - Catch it early or it'll catch us: The translation at the end says,

"A day of work doesn't have to be like this. Nor a day at school. Bullying is learned!"


Parents & Courts Condone and Encourage Child Bullying And Harassment


Levi Null

So this is what society has  come down to. Encourage bullying and terror.

Say you're blessed enough to become a parent. Sadly, your child is born different -- with a disability. Perhaps autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Tourettes or one of many other afflictions.  Wish, will and pray as you might, you hope that by the time they reach school age, they'll be well enough to attend. To be as much like one of the other kids as possible.

You get to the point that you believe this will be a solution. Perhaps integration into a social environment of school peers will be the panacea. At least, you figure your child will be protected, be kept safe.

But what happens when you realize your prayer isn't answer and hope is not a viable option? You find yourself up sh**s creek without a paddle. You've been deserted. And not just by the kids (who we know can be cruel) but by the teachers and the school officials as well.

How do you stand by when you report your child's abuse to the school and they side with the bullies? How about when they even blame your abused child as bringing it on himself?

Then you, as the heartbroken parent find you're faced with public ostracism over Facebook, blaming you for your child's behavior. Does this seem fair? Just? Right? How do you think you feel when you find the bully kids posting videos on the Internet of  their abuse which also shows teachers in the background witnessing this harassment and just turning their backs?

The cherry on this disgusting sundae comes when the parents of the bullies defend their kid's offensive actions on TV news, and they get hundreds of responses, applauding their support of their bullying kids.

Watch this story of 13 year old Levi Null, from the Melcher-Dallas school district in Texas.

The message here is that sadly, ignorance and inhumanity is passed down from generation to generation. What we do as parents matters. As the parent of both a boy and a girl, I know how hard it was to reprimand them, and I did it sparingly but judiciously. I did it to make them better children. But not doing anything or worse, condoning such bad behavior leads to a total deterioration of society.

Just over a month ago I reported on a 12 year old girl, Rebecca Sedwick in a post on how cyber bullying led her to climb up a grain silo and jump to her death.

HERE'S AN UPDATE on this related story. The two kids who drove Sedwick to her suicide were suspended from school but just yesterday, the court made their determination on any charges, reported by the New York Daily News:

Charges against two Florida girls accused of bullying a 12-year-old former classmate to her eventual suicide will be dropped, local authorities announced Wednesday.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd confirmed Wednesday evening that two of Rebecca Sedwick's accused cyberbullies, 14-year-old Guadalupe Shaw and a 13-year-old girl, will have their charges of aggravated stalking dropped.

Is this the fair signal to send in addressing an epidemic of harassment and bullying?

Parents condone it. Courts refuse to condemn it? Buckle your seat belts. We're in for the proverbial bumpy ride.


Rep.Tom Brower Replaces Charles Bronson In New Death Wish Project


Charles BronsonCharles Bronson - Death Wish

Okay, talk me down.

Seems like Congressmen all over the place are on a law breaking spree. A few days ago it was Florida Congressman Trey Radel. Now it's Hawaii's Paul Kersey. And if he isn't apprehended soon, we may need to call McGarrett and hear him say, "Book 'em, Dano, murder one."

A U.S. House of Representative member of Hawaii has become Charles Bronson's vigilante character Paul Kersey, from Death Wish. His name is Tom Brower and there should be an APB put out on him. He needs to be stopped, apprehended and arrested for criminal assault, stalking and destruction of private property. He's armed himself with a lethal weapon, a sledgehammer and he's targeting the homeless. This is not a joke. He's armed and dangerous.

He must be arrested immediately before he commits murder. You know those awful viral cellphone videos that some wilding teens make on their cellphones t hen post on the Internet? Those horrific attacks where they randomly attack, kick and beat some homeless person until they're unconscious? Well guess which member of Congress has been doing this? And he's been caught on tape! (See Below)

His mission is to attack homeless victims by threatening them wielding his deadly weapon. If they elude him, he destroys their possessions and  the privately owned shopping carts that homeless use to transport their personal belongings. He's taking the law into his own hands. These shopping carts he's destroying are not his. They're privately owned or leased by individual stores. He has no right to do that. This deranged man justifies it as getting back at the homeless.

Getting back at them? For what?

This armed lunatic is causing innocent, homeless people to fear for their life as he stalks them and their belongings, leaving a wake of destruction of private property. These people may be homeless but they're not without rights. This congressman is taking justice into his own hands, the consummate definition of a vigilante. He's a criminal and he's picking on the weak and vulnerable. Does he think these people chose to be homeless? This isn't just a matter that this guy shouldn't be re-elected. It's a matter of the police doing their jobs and taking a dangerous criminal off the streets.

Disgust you enough? Watch him at work:


When violence becomes ordinary, we "become numb and apathetic"


no violence

Today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "A rapid-fire surge in PG-13 violence," Nov. 12

In the entertainment media today, guns and gun-related violence, along with high body counts, proliferate without meaning or grieving. We've become numb and apathetic.

This is not acceptable.

Early on in NASA's rocket programs, there was plenty of awe, excitement and attention. Once launches into space became more common, the interest and attention died down.

Violence becomes ordinary by a similar process of increased exposure. We have come to accept the shootings and random deaths as commonplace and fail to realize the serious damage to our society as a whole. We have become what is promoted: death and destruction.

Guns kill, and whether it's real or just playacting, this violence is working its way into our psyche as a normal part of life. This is wrong. We need to enact tighter regulations to cease this random and gratuitous violence.

Enough is enough.

Beverly Franco

Monterey Park


Re "The NFL's bully boys," Opinion, Nov. 12

When considered in the context of an NFL team's locker room, bullying can arguably be considered as part of the bravado and machismo that accompany the pro football game. Unfortunately, this bullying is merely a reflection of a more subtle but far more serious machismo in government and elsewhere.

Who can forget George W. Bush's infamous "bring 'em on" taunt to insurgents in Iraq? Today, everyone in our military is regarded as a warrior, bestowing on him or her a degree of invincibility.

We try to impose some sanity into our antiquated gun laws, only to be shouted down by those who would rather fight than compromise. In some areas of the nation, individuals delight in walking into restaurants with their guns, as a display of aggression and manliness.

We all love our football and consider the accompanying machismo just part of the game. Beyond football, however, these qualities have graver consequences.

Bob Constantine



Losing Your Head Over Facebook


facebook icon

Facebook. It's quite a phenomena. It's really the "face" of the internet. There's hardly a person, a product or a show that isn't somehow linked to the huge social network. And now the pool of users is about to increase.

Internet magazine, MASHABLE.COM:

Facebook Lowers Age Rule to Allow Teens to Post Publicly

Facebook is giving its teenage users a public voice on the platform. For the first time, beginning Wednesday, users between the ages of 13 and 17 will be able to post publicly and obtain followers of their profiles.

Previously, teens using Facebook were only able to share content with friends, friends of friends and custom groups like "family." Now, they can choose to share posts to anyone on Facebook, just like users 18 and older.

Facebook is making this change despite numerous stories of cyber bullying by people using the social network  hub as it's forum. Last week I posted about the two girls in Florida, 12 and 14 years old who used Facebook to online bully another girl, 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, into taking her own life.

Hey, wait a minute, aren't they under 18? So now their activities in bullying will expand to everyone, not just qualified friends and family. It also means that they will be exposed to more "strangers" than before. Perhaps even predators. Is this sounding a little odd -- especially the timing of this reducing the restrictions when a young girl took her life because of activities allowed on Facebook. Are young kids really capable of handling this site? I don't know. Ask the late Rebecca Sedwick or her two harassers. If they couldn't have accessed or posted on FB, would Rebecca still be around?

While pondering that, consider the even more shocking news from Facebook this week. According to the terms of service (TOS), that thing you never read but clicked that you agreed to anyway, has made some changes.

Are they tightening restrictions? That would  make sense.

No. They're actually loosening them. Until this week, certain behaviors were prohibited on Facebook -- no nudity and no extreme violent (involving death) videos were allowed.

censored art

Okay, especially if you're going to have kids as young as 13 freely roaming the social network, those prohibitions make sense. Or at least they did.


But Nudity Still Isn't

Facebook has lifted a ban on beheading videos, establishing a policy that allows the graphic videos to remain on the site so long as they are not celebrated by the people posting them.

The social network, which allows anyone 13 and older to become a member, issued a temporary ban on the beheading videos in May, following complaints from the Family Online Safety Institute. Under the new policy, images that “glorify violence” as well as those depicting a woman’s “fully exposed breast” will still be banned, the BBCreports.

Well now, aren't you glad the progressive thinkers over at Facebook are looking out for our kids. It's now allowable for them to watch violent acts such as a beheading, but be relieved that they are still spared the shock of glimpsing of a naked woman's breast.


What kind of society are we that we find the human body profane, but violent acts of death permissive?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?