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WI ranks 44th in nation for job creation under Gov. Scott Walker's watch. He blames protests, recall.


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Check out these headlines:

From JSOnline, Scott Walker budget could create deficit in next biennium:

Gov. Scott Walker's 2013-'15 budget bill would leave the state with a potential shortfall of $664 million for the following two-year budget, a new report shows.

The memo from the Legislature's nonpartisan budget office shows the state's finances would take a big swing from the current budget, which according to the method used in the memo will leave a $146 million surplus going forward. But the Legislative Fiscal Bureau still pegs the potential shortfall at the second-lowest level since 1997.

The impact of these budget figures could fall on everyone from taxpayers to students and those in need of government-funded health care.

$30 million of the spending would go to state aid to private voucher schools that Walker's been pushing.

From FDLreporter, Walker blames jobs report on politics:

Gov. Scott Walker... said Thursday that recall-election politics are responsible for the state’s drop in private-sector job creation. A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday shows the state is ranked 44th in the nation for creating private-sector jobs. The data, which covers a year-long period that ended in September, shows a recent steady decline. Wisconsin ranked 42nd in the previous quarter, and 37th in the quarter before that.

From WisPolitics, Dems, Walker spar over latest job numbers:

New monthly job numbers out Thursday showed a mixed economic picture for the state, but most critics focused on quarterly numbers showing Wisconsin still lagging in job creation.

The state’s unemployment rate rose to 7.2 percent in February, a 0.2 percentage point increase over the previous month. While the state gained 12,100 jobs the same month, it also lost 2,300 private sector jobs.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics also released state job numbers for the third quarter of 2012. They showed the state creating jobs but at a rate slower than most states. Wisconsin ranked 44th among states in job creation from Sept. 2011 to Sept. 2012.

That last report also said that Walker blamed the protests and recall election for the poor numbers. What he failed to do is blame himself for being the motivation for the protests and recall election in the first place.

But surprise! He didn't blame President Obama. Yet.


Infographic O' the Day: What Do Tax Breaks for Millionaires Really Cost?


The National Women's Law Center has a terrific graphic up and would love to get it around. Who are we to refuse?

This visual is a great way to humanize tax breaks for millionaires and what they really cost. President Obama broke it down in a similar way in his AP speech here (at about 26:00) in which he explained exactly what $150,000 pays for.

These isn't just about numbers, it's about lives.


VIDEO: Pres. Obama speaks, answers questions at Associated Press luncheon, hammers GOP


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I'm still concerned about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  And GOP obstruction. And stuff.


Five alternative policies the U.S. could’ve pursued with money that has been spent on wars


The world's top 7 largest military budgets in 2010. Figures sourced from SIPRI

As we're (sort of) winding down our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as we argue about how much money could be saved if our troops weren't stationed all over the globe, as we find ourselves in very scary economic times, "using NPP metrics, ThinkProgress has assembled ten alternative policies that the United States could’ve pursued instead with this money that has been spent on the wars so far."

I'll give you five of them, but then you have to link over to Think Progress for the rest of the list and their post:

– Give 23.6 Million People Access To Low-Income Healthcare Every Year For Ten Years

– Provide 20.68 Million Students With Pell Grants Worth $5,500 Every Year For Ten Years

– Provide Veterans Administration Care For 14.7 Million Military Veterans Every Year For Ten Years

– Hire 2.01 Million Firefighters Every Year For Ten Years

– Hire 1.73 Million Police Officers Every Year For Ten Years [...]

The human costs are much more difficult to calculate...