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Overnight: Carnival in Rio



I had no idea when I thought of themes for these overnights how different 'Carnival' or 'Mardi Gras' traditions would be celebrated throughout the world.. The carnival tradition I know best is from the Black Forest.

Here's an ITN video from the Carnival in Rio. Quite a difference from Venice or Basel or Cologne!

From the 'About' information on YouTube:

Scantily-clad beauty queens lead thousands of samba dancers through Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome as the 15-day party reaches its final blow out. Report by Matt Blake. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at . Subscribe to ITN News! Visit our homepage at


Overnight: Black Orpheus / Orfeu Negro - Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Black OrpheusI just finished watching the Oscars and I'm glad I taped them so that I could skip through passages which meant nothing to me.  It looks as many of them have excellent special effects, but I doubt I'll see them.  There's just something too slick, too perfect about them (based on the excerpts I saw).  I still prefer simple films and simple stories like Black Orpheus.

I chose it for this evening's overnight for two reasons. One is that it's a beautiful film. Two that it takes place during the carnival in Rio. Netflix, unfortunately, does not stream it, but it is available from them on DVD.

Black Orpheus (Portuguese: Orfeu Negro)

is a 1959 film made in Brazil by French director Marcel Camus. It is based on the play Orfeu da Conceição (pt) by Vinicius de Moraes, which is an adaptation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, set in the modern context of a favela in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval. The film was an international co-production between production companies in Brazil, France and Italy.

The above is from the Wiki where you can read more about the film.


How Many Times Can You Be A Virgin?


Catarina_Migliorini-615x345Virgin For Sale: Catarina Migliorini

Okay, let's get this straight. A 21-year-old Brazilian woman who last year auctioned off her virginity online for a whopping $780,000 now says she wants to sell it again.

Yes, Play It Again, Sam. This sounds outrageous on so many levels, but let's take them one at a time.

You only get one shot at being a virgin or so I've been told. That kind of goes with the definition. But, in the case of  Catarina Migliorini, she changed her mind when she met the man who first bought the rights to deflower her and they evidently didn't consummate the act. So, she's still a virgin. Oh what a relief that is.

Wondering how that all went down? The first time she put herself up for auction, a Japanese man, identified only as Natsu beat out competition from 14 other men, mainly from Brazil, but also from India, Australia and the United States. When she met up on the day of the event, she found out that the 53 year old Japanese man wasn't who he said he was. He turned out to be a 21 year old Japanese guy. I guess she was looking for for the "daddy" type so she rejected him. Maybe she secretly suffers from reverse ageism. Or maybe just the fear of the second syllable.

She's not saying how much of the promised consideration (money) if any that she got for refusing to go along with the initial consummation service. But the experience didn't turn her off, totally. She's prepared to go through with the "sacrifice" and this time for sure. Apparently, she's lowered her expectations.

She told the Brazilian showbiz website Pure People that she hopes to bring in at least $680,000. But anyone who's shopped on an line auctions knows, sometimes the prices for an item can rise as the bidding can become heated and the competition stiffens.

Money for sex sounds like prostitution. Is this whole thing legal? If that's the case, why did Craig's list have to shut down it's sex for money section a year or so back? How is that any different? Just the advertising campaign here seems to separate it - maybe if Craig's List had called the ads, Used Virgins for Sale it might have been okay... or maybe I'm simply missing something here.

Actually, she did take the legal considerations under advisement. Further research claims she is planning to "give it up" while flying in an airplane -- the "mile high club" so it's  somehow, not illegal? Just think, you not only get the girl, you get to claim her in an exclusive club -- the Mile High Club. Geez, this story just gets better and better.

Catarina Migliorini2Catarina Migliorini, Playboy

As covered by The Raw Story:

The young woman, who posed nude next to a pink teddy bear in Playboy magazine, opened her own website to hold a second sale of her virginity to the highest bidder.

“I decided to open my own webpage to auction off my virginity and this time it will be for real. So those interested, men or women, can make their bids,” she said.

Well, I have to hand it to Miss Migliorini, she doesn't care who pops her cherry. She doesn't discriminate based on sex. She's an equal opportunity "f**ker. Now my parting comments are this:  I wish this brave entrepreneur all the best -- she keep it safe. And good luck getting the lube past the TSA security.


Cop Plants Drugs On 5th Grader, Kid Attacked By Cop's Drug Sniffing Dog



Oh, well, things, no matter how well-intended, do sometimes go wrong. Playing with matches near a fire. Leaving a loaded rifle unattended in a middle school. Planting drugs on a young kid to show how drug sniffing dogs work. I mean after all, this is America and that last one did happen far away... way down in Brazil.


What? It DID happen in Brazil... but Brazil, Indiana? I guess that makes it part of the US, then. Oopsy.

Here's the story, tragic but true. According to the Brazil Times, the local newspaper, police were holding a demonstration on how drug sniffing K-9's assist in catching drug offenders. Before the demonstration, the police officer met with five kids, all 11 years old. The officer, for demonstration purposes, placed a small quantity of marijuana into one boy's sock. The purpose was for Max, the dog on the team, to identify which student was carrying.

k-9 unit

And he did, alright. While unleashed and sniffing the kids, boys and girls, the dog became aggressive and that scared the kid with the stash in his sock. He twitched and Max attacked, biting the boy's ankle severely enough that he had to be transported by ambulance to the local hospital. Both the boy and Max are doing fine now.

Max has been relieved of duties pending his passing a rabies test. The young boy, name withheld, seems to be fine and proudly brandishes his stitches though minor surgery was required. He hopes Max won't have to be put down.

Now the cop on the other hand? Nothing. His actions which included leaving the dog untethered and unrestrained do challenge one to ask why? This dog is trained to be a deterrent. He's trained to be vicious. Knowing he was going to find drugs, shouldn't that have been a common sense warning. These are 11 year old kids. You're going to trust them to not move when approached by this animal?

Now here's the saddest part -- how stupid can the cops be to run a simulation test with kids and not expect them to react with some concern when a large dog growls and opens his mouth toward your leg -- especially when you know you have contraband on you?

Last week I reported on a shooting of a police officer's rifle (resulting in children's injuries) when he left his loaded and unattended at a middle school. This week it's a drug dog biting a kid who's used by the cops as bait.

Maybe it's time for the cops to stop visiting schools and hurting young students. Their job seems to be better served by patrolling problem neighborhoods. Less school demonstrations and more common sense. Fortunately the victim of this reckless police officer's demonstration will be fine. And hopefully his dog will too. But enough is enough.


Video Overnight Thread- Epic Robbery Attempt FAIL in Brazil



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Video Overnight Thread- Carnival Party for Dog Lovers in Rio


Dogs in wigs!! Roosters in dresses!! Who could ask for more? Those bowls of beer are a bit iffy though.


Vintage VIDEO: A young Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an ass of himself in Brazil


In the video below, Arnold informs us that his favorite body part is "the ass". I guess that's because he he can relate to it all too well.

Maria, these clips provided umpteen clues to the fraud you married. What part of this and the multiple accusations of groping didn't you get?

As for my home state of California, I was furious when voters fell for Schwarzenegger's b.s. then, I'm livid now.

Witness the biggest ass of all, especially at about 4:38: