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VIDEO: The Mutt Romney Blues


First, this lovely video courtesy of

SHARE the story of Mitt Romney's dog, who was locked in a crate on top of Mitt's car for hundreds of miles. He's now singing the real story — while playing a mean blues guitar.
(Song courtesy of Ry Cooder)

And now, just to pile on, a re-post of one I put together on the same topic:


Senator Bernie Sanders Belongs on the Sunday Shows


As you may know, I rant about media bias regularly, and how the Sunday talkers feature more GOP guests than Democratic. This has been a long term problem that finally caused even Rachel Maddow to rant.

I guess I'm not alone. Our friends at Brave New Films have asked TPC to share their post. With pleasure:

Senator Sanders is a bold voice, and one that’s missing every Sunday. He’s a passionate advocate for the middle class and yet his last morning show appearance came late last year.

Compare that to Sen. John McCain, who leads everyone with 10 appearances this year alone. His friends and ideological allies, Sens. Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman, round out the top seven interviewees this year, with six and five appearances each.

The Sunday shows often set the tone for the upcoming political week. As the same voices drone on, the Senator’s absence means the political and media elites are overlooking the forces squeezing working and middle class Americans.

Will you call or write the network producers and tell them to Bring Senator Sanders On? (Their contact information is at bottom.)

[W]hat the Senator says is popular and widespread that it shines through the media muzzle.

“Medicare for all” is something the Senator’s pushed for years. More fundamentally, Senator Sanders is one of the few leaders who understands that political debates exist in terms of individuals and lives.


Why is Senator Sanders being kept off the Sunday shows? It must be ideological discrimination because nothing else explains how the same tired trope of alleged newsmakers is trotted out each week.

Like McCain, Graham and Lieberman, the Tea Party is overrepresented on the shows too. Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee all have far more appearances on Sunday shows than Senator Sanders. It doesn’t take much when the Senator has never been interviewed in 2011. [...]

With Bernie absent from the Sunday shows, and their trend toward booking the same politicians each week, there exists an echo chamber within an echo chamber. With a lack of diversity each week, the Sunday shows move further away from their historical origins in American broadcasting.

They were conceived as a way to justify using public airwaves. The Federal Communications Commission licenses networks the right to use public radio waves because it’s a public service. That’s been precedent since the very beginning of American broadcasting.

Ideological discrimination is bad for ratings and worse for our democracy. As the Sunday shows move away from their historical moorings, our democracy suffers from a dearth of journalistic public service.

All the while, the “crooks on Wall Street [who] caused the recession” and politicians “who go after the middle-class, working families, low-income people” – in Bernie’s words – will be wearing television makeup and living comfortably in the networks’ green rooms this Sunday.

Will you call or write producers for Face the Nation, This Week, Meet the Press and State of the Union and respectfully ask them to bring Bernie on?

Face the Nation: Carin Pratt, (202) 457-4481,

Meet the Press: Iliana Drimmer, (202) 885-4598,

This Week: (212) 456-7777 (push 5 and address your message to Rick Kaplan, executive producer of This Week)

State of the Union: Michelle Jaconi, (404) 827-1500,

Please go here for the rest.


VIDEO: Wall St. Fat-Cats Flip Public Service Workers the Bird


Via my pals at Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films:

It’s outrageous Wall Street continues to give themselves millions in bonuses while claiming that the public service workers are overpaid. This video has interviews with three public workers who have been impacted by the economic situation and we compare their salaries and benefits side by side with Wall Street.

Read Greenwald's post here.


VIDEO: What do Snooki, Hugh Hefner and a Chimp Have in Common with the Bush Tax Cuts?


Brave New Films has released this new video. I love it.

America's priority needs to be the 98% of Americans who need the most support, not the richest 2%.  Call your Representative to tell them to say NO to tax cuts for the wealthy and share why you oppose these tax cuts.

Call your Representatives and tell them No Tax Cuts for the wealthy: 202-224-3121


Brave new PacMan: Palin, Rush, Beck, O'Reilly call you out by name!


This gives new meaning to the word PAC:

Via an e-mail from my pals over at Brave New Films:

Written by Robert Greenwald and Laura Beatty.

Have an electoral hangover?

We’ve been coping by playing Brave New PacMan-- that's Progressives Against Conservatives Man.

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly call YOU out by name and you won’t believe what they say!  Reignite your progressive passion by showing them what you got.

We don't want to spoil too many of the surprises.  Play the new, free Brave New PacMan game NOW.


VIDEO-Meg Whitman: California is NOT for Sale


Via an e-mail from my pals over at Brave New Films:

Money has a corrosive effect on basic democratic principles, but some politicians think that the best way to obtain power is to buy it.

In this spoken-word performance video piece, we highlight Meg Whitman spending a record-breaking $140 million in her attempt to buy California. She is treating her campaign like an eBay bid on the state of California.

Whitman has run 80,000 TV ads to promote her version of California, a vision that includes no amnesty and opposition to the Dream Act.

This generation must STAND UP for big ideas, not big bank accounts. Tell Meg Whitman that California is NOT for sale!

Meg Whitman truly believes that California is for sale. She has spent a record-breaking $140 million of her own money in an attempt to buy the state. But California isn't just some eBay item Whitman can bid on.

Robert Greenwald has more here.


VIDEO: Is Carly Fiorina Really Sarah Palin?


My pal over at Brave New Films sent me this little message just now:

Is Carly Fiorina really Sarah Palin?  Despite the disaster that we recently saw in the Gulf, Carly's continued support of offshore drilling makes it difficult to tell one from the other.  We can't let Carly Fiorina drill the California coastline so we want to spread the word about the REAL Carly.

Kill, baby, kill: They're killing our marine life, plant life, our coastlines, and even her fellow Americans who suffer the deadly consequences of climate change, pollution, and oil-laden dying oceans.

Hey, Carly, how's that BP disastery, deathy thing workin' out for ya?

More on Carly here on the Facebook page, "The Real Carly".