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Video Mid Day Distraction- Penguins chasing a butterfly


It's like they have springs in their feet. Via Boing Boing.


VIDEO: Linda McMahon campaign worker received check and "you're screwed" condom; then his check bounced.


Campaign worker receives check and condom, check bounces

Linda McMahon campaign worker:

"Basically he handed me a check with a condom in it, told me I was screwed. That's the rudest gesture you can ever do to a person, it's like spitting in a person's face."

Linda must be broke after spending all those millions on her failed campaigns. Yeah, that must be it. That or she's a lower-life than many of us thought she was:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Two days after the election campaign workers came to News 8 claiming, they had not been paid by Linda McMahon's campaign. [...]

Twaine Don Gomes was one of the people who first complained to News 8. He was handed a check, but he says, the campaign told him they were mad that he came to News 8, so he got a little something extra in his envelope.

His little bonus was a "you're screwed" condom. How's that for parting gifts? And to add insult to injury, his check bounced.

At least the condom will help augment the biggest one-year drop in abortions in a decade.

File under "unintended consequences."


Poll-itics: President Obama's approvals bounce to 54%


Via Gallup

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...


Poll-itics: Signs of a convention bounce for President Obama


It ain't much, but it's a bounce. I'm linking to National Journal because neither Paddy nor I could access Gallup for some reason:

A slight majority of Americans, 52 percent, surveyed Tuesday through Thursday said that they approve of the job Obama is doing as president, his highest approval rating since early June 2011, a month after the U.S. military killed Osama bin Laden.

43% disapprove. Now for the horse race:

In Gallup's horse-race tracking poll, conducted over the past seven evenings among registered voters, Obama leads Romney, 48 percent to 45 percent. That is not a significant change from the previous seven-day sample, when Obama and Romney were statistcally tied, 47 percent to 46 percent respectively. But the wide range of field dates for this tracking poll means that any bounce could lag behind other, more immediate surveys; today's release is the first conducted entirely after Romney's acceptance speech last week.

It could've been worse. And more polls will be coming out, so stay tuned. Then again, these are only snapshots, and even Team Obama said they expected no bounce. Our real worry is how the president is doing in swing states that are enforcing voter suppression.