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Glenn Beck Disapproves of the WWE Demonizing the Tea Party


I love these right-wing internecine fights over who can hate whom the most. Glenn thinks the poor Tea Party is getting a raw deal.  


From the Media Matters article:

"Beck targeted the Colter character on his radio show, arguing that Colter is "demonizing the Tea Party." Beck also accused the WWE of "mocking me for standing up for the Constitution." Beck's co-host Stu Burguiere complained: "It seems that the villain, the guy you're supposed to hate, is this stereotype of a conservative that I've never met.""

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Note: I think the *original* Boston Tea Party is getting a raw deal having its name appropriated by a corporate-paid 'grass roots' movement which is anything but. 


VIDEO: The Original Tea Party was not Anti-Government but Anti-Corporation


Our friends at Politicususa have something wonderful to share with us, and it all begins with a video of Thom Hartmann setting the record straight on what the original tea party, the Boston Tea Party, really stood for.

Not the astroturf FreedomWorks tea party, not the Bachmann tea party, not the Trump tea party, and certainly not the Palin tea party. No, he's referring to the original and actual participants whose motivations and actions contradict the current tea bagger message of Big Bad Government coming to take over and snatch your hard-earned money away by-- dun-dun-dun-n!--taxing you.

The truth is, tea-brains, that it's the Big Bad Corporations that are devouring you, owning you, playing you, eating you alive, exploiting you, and laughing all the way to the bank.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, FreedomWorksBachmannTrumpPalin, but it's time to acknowledge that nasty little thing called U.S. history.

Once upon a time, there was reality...

The actual message from the actual Boston Tea Party? "Beware of the East India Company and the biggest corporate tax break in world history."

Thom Hartmann reads from a book he purchased that is "the only, actual, first-person account of the tea party by any of the participants who were there, that exists to this day." The author of the book "literally coined the phrase" the Boston Tea Party.

The East India Company wanted to "pull a Wal-Mart" and corner the tea business, and the colonists' boycott was hurting them. The author writes, in so many words, that the East India Company got a tax cut, then were going to under price and put the "smugglers" out of business.

As Thom goes on to say, the small American tea shop entrepreneurs were standing up to a giant corporation trying to run them out of business.

"So there you have it, the Boston Tea Party. It was a revolt against corporate power and corporate tax cuts, from the mouth of the man who was there that night."

Thom seems to think that maybe, just maybe, the current tea party is waking up to the obvious fact that they're being funded by corporate owners who don't have their interests at heart, or lack of heart.

Then again, many of them still believe that man saddled up dinosaurs and galloped around an earth that was created 6,000 years ago.


It was not even really at its core about government at all, except to the extent that a government supported a huge mega-corporation that had a stranglehold on America’s economy.  [...]

The heavy of the piece was not specifically the British government but the East India Company, which had a monopoly and was exploiting it. The East India Company was almost a nation unto itself, with tremendous influence over the British government and guilty of tremendous corruption and violence. The original Tea Party patriots were having none of this. They were not going to be ruined by corporate greed.

It doesn't get much clearer than this, although clarity (along with that pesky reality thing) is something the tea party has yet to grasp. Facts schmacts.

Politicususa has more here.

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