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VIDEO: Bobblehead Brown, saying YES to Wall St. and the Republican leadership


Take a look at the site "Bobblehead Brown" because you should, especially considering the bright, caring, and all around wonderful Elizabeth Warren looks to be his likely opponent. We have to do whatever we can to ensure his loss in 2012.

Right, Scotty?

Bobble Head Scott Brown

See? Even he agrees he's got to go.


Clarence Thomas is a bobblehead


Apparently these judicial bobbleheads are a BFD, an in-demand commodity, a collector's item for influential legal beagles. Woof.

Washington (CNN) -- [T]he man proudly stands on a toy truck and a pair of pizza boxes.

Say hello to the Justice Clarence Thomas Annotated Bobblehead, about the closest thing a member of the Supreme Court gets to collectible immortality. [...]

The Thomas doll will be released in the fall, tied to the 20th anniversary of his service on the high court. It is not sold in stores, available only to subscribers of Davies' engaging law journal The Green Bag ( Other legal aid groups also have been provided free copies, for nonprofit fundraising and promotion.

Every detail of Justice Bobblehead refers back to a legal case, a legal opinion, or as I like to call it, his jurisIMprudence.

The flag Thomas is holding refers to a concurrence in a 2004 case over whether the Pledge of Allegiance should be recited by children in public schools.

The jackknifed blue truck refers to a 1995 opinion written by Thomas dealing with whether individual lawsuits in state courts against a company over a pair of serious accidents would interfere with existing federal law.

And the pizza box? It's a reference to this Thomas quote from a 2005 legal case:

"One can pick up a pizza rather than having it delivered, and one can own a dog without buying a leash... By contrast, the (Federal Communications) Commission reasonably concluded, a consumer cannot purchase Internet service without also purchasing a connection to the Internet."

They should have included a shrine to the Koch brothers, a photo of his wife drunk-dialing Anita Hill, a miniature copy of his financial disclosure forms minus a few hundred thousand dollars, and a handful of cash commemorating of the Citizens United decision.


RNC Hawking Reagan Bobble Heads To Pay Down Michael Steele’s Debt


Remember when we thought Michael Steele only set the RNC back $20 million? Oh how we laughed.  And then we found out it was more like $23 million?  We roared, we guffawed, we exclaimed, "Oh noes! The RNC is broke! How will they ever make some of that back? What a dilemma!"

What? Did I say "dilemma"?  Boy, did I get a wrong number! Reince Priebus (which minus the vowels is RNC PR BS) came up with a foolproof solution!

But new chairman Reince Priebus has a brilliant idea to save his ailing party: sell the Gipper.

What says "We're desperate" better than charging a whopping 25 bucks for a St. Ronnie Bobblehead?

No wonder they really mi$$ Reagan.  But hey, at least they can unabashedly exploit his image while lighting candles at shrines to him everywhere.


Promo Fight- Fox News Channel’s New Promo: ‘Move Forward’


I'm laughing my butt off. When was the last time those geeks ran anywhere for a story. Sheesh.

MSNBC may be engaging in some light taunting of its competitors as part of its new “Lean Forward” ad campaign, but they aren’t the only ones. Fox News Channel is having a bit of fun at the expense of the network, launching a pair of new commercials with the tagline, “Move Forward.”

“We don’t stand around, we don’t lean against a wall, we break the wall down. We move… Forward,” the announcer says.