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Bob Costas takes on conservative Jonah Goldberg, who "sees liberal boogeymen lurking behind every issue."



Today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re “Redskins: No harm, no foul,” Opinion, Oct. 15

In response to my remarks on NBC about the Washington Redskins team name controversy, Jonah Goldberg writes of his love and respect for words. So why then play so fast and loose with them?

Goldberg twice refers to my comments as a “tirade.” I defy any fair-minded person to view the two-minute piece in its entirety and find anything in its tone or content that remotely resembles a tirade. He later refers to my “crusade.” How does addressing a prominent football-related issue one time on the very night Washington was playing on NBC qualify as a crusade?

Goldberg writes: “It strains credulity to believe the team name was intentionally pejorative, or that fans or ownership see it that way today.” I went out of my way to stipulate that very thing. Or don't the words I actually used matter if they get in the way of whatever point Goldberg is trying to make in this case?

Goldberg is usually cogent, but we all have our blind spots and hot buttons. For Goldberg, it is the tendency to see liberal boogeymen lurking behind every issue. Always. Yet I clearly delineated the difference between the often silly politically correct objections to other team names and the singularly objectionable “Redskins.”

Every dictionary I have consulted has defined “redskins” with words such as “offensive,” “insulting,” “pejorative” and “derogatory.” No such words are part of the definition of Braves, Chiefs, Warriors or any other team name associated with Native Americans. One would think a professed lover of words like Goldberg would appreciate that clear and compelling distinction, and recognize that many of those who have problems with the name Redskins are motivated not by liberalism or political correctness but by common sense and common decency.

Bob Costas
New York


Goldberg misses the point. As a mixed-blood Muscogee and former chairman of the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission, I can tell you that the term “redskin” is never used by American Indians to describe ourselves. It is a term popularized by whites and almost always used in a pejorative sense.

More than 20 years after the NBA's Baltimore Bullets moved to Washington, it was felt that the name “Bullets” sent the wrong message; the team became the Washington Wizards in 1997. Likewise, “Redskins” sends the wrong message, especially for a team located in the nation's capital.

By the way, Goldberg's assertion that he is offended by the Philadelphia Eagles being the namesake of the National Recovery Administration's Blue Eagle symbol is both historically correct and profoundly silly.

Jack Shakely
Rancho Mirage


Video- The Daily Show: Any Given Gun Day - Bob Costas & Fox News


VIDEO-- Bob Costas responds to Fox News attacks: "Yeah, let's fire everybody we disagree with. It's beyond absurd!"


Via Media Matters, from the December 4 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Dan Patrick Show, where Bob Costas demonstrated (again) that he's a whole lot smarter than those on ClusterFox.

Re: Using the platform of a football game to discuss the murder-suicide by NFL player Jovan Belcher:

"If someone agreed with what I said, they would have no objection to where and when I said it."

"Sometimes the quality of the thinking of those who oppose you speaks for itself."

"Some people don't agree with what they THINK I was saying, and therefore, it would be okay if I was booted off the air... Yeah, let's fire everybody we disagree with. It's beyond absurd!"

Here's the back story Video- Fox & Friends Responds To NFL Player’s Murder-Suicide By Attacking Bob Costas For Discussing U.S. “Gun Culture”

By the way, is it time to have that conversation about responsible firearm regulation and closing gun show loopholes yet?