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When's A Co*ksucker Not A Co*ksucker? When Geraldo Says So


hate speak

First we have the recent past firing for homophobic remarks by Alec Baldwin. Then we get the Martin Bashir grotesque Sarah Palin comment. Now we have the ensuing kerfuffle going on with the racist and homophobic Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) in a GQ interview. Seems like outrage and a bit  more as opponent and proponents are bashing each other, each side staking out the first amendment claim.

Fox News put their "A" team on the issue of limits and virtues of freedom of speech. Who better, right? These are the folks that discovered WMD in Iraq, the conspiracies behind Benghazi, the IRS, even the secret war on Christmas. They definitively proclaimed Santa AND Jesus are white. Face it, when there's a controversy, there's no source better suited for getting to the bottom of an issue than Fox News. God bless Rupert Murdoch's merry band of men and women.

According to crack reporter and commentator Geraldo Rivera, he's determined that there are times when offensive speak isn't really offensive. It all has to do with your background. If you grew up in a neighborhood where racial or homophobic slurs were part of everyday vernacular, he's discovered a new defense. The Peter Pan doctrine. You never have to grow up. You can use all the hate speech you want because you're inbred with it and don't have to change or learn with the times. It's okay with Geraldo if you go out there and call him a spic-kike cocksucker because that's what he heard growing up.


In a bizarre pronouncement by ever-colorful Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, the veteran commentator has defended Alec Baldwin's recent homophobic outburst toward a paparazzo, claiming "cocksucking faggot" isn't necessarily a gay slur.

"I don't think all insults are equal," Rivera said during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show December 19. Rivera was chiming in to a heated discussion between Hannity and panelists Rachel Sklar and about whether or not A&E made a mistake by suspending “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for recent anti-LGBT and racist statements.

See for yourself how Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera and Rachel Sklar feel about this controversy. It just makes you hear that old bromide defending children for doing horrific bad things and not wanting to make them take responsibility--

"You know, it's just boys being boys. Cut 'em some slack. You were a kid once."

And just to clear it up for Hannity, both Baldwin and Bashir were fired. For professional courtesy, they were technically invited to resign which they did. Nobody fired Phil Robertson. He's only been suspended. So there's a bit of a double standard, perhaps, but the Duck Dynasty guy will still has a show -- Baldwin and Bashir don't.


Epidemic of Voter Fraud Rampant In Iowa - Republican Investigation Proves It


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It's never to early to stage a fight for people's rights. And in this case, it's the voter rights act, or what's left of it. As you'll see below, Chris Hayes does a great job summing up the issues that are happening thanks to the scurrilous political right. If they don't succeed in stopping selected groups of voters, these wingnuts will lose their grip on power. And make no mistake, they do have the upper hand in power in most of the country, and not just the south. Take the case of Republican  Iowa Secretary of State, Matt Schultz:

This movement of tamping down minority vote has been with us since reconstruction. Before that, Blacks and other minorities were just plain denied the right to vote, even if born here. Color was the obstacle. Jim Crow laws replaced just straight refusal which was followed by gangs literally beating minority voters, sometimes to death for even showing up at a poll. And then again there were the poll taxes.

But these measures were about hate, not fraud... or so they appeared. Then next step up the illusion trail to keep minorities away is the current voter fraud issue. It's so rampant that candidates have based their entire statewide campaign on stamping out voter fraud -- and won. That tired scare tactic has worked. Yet when you run on a platform, you are usually called into service upon taking office to move on the issue.

That brings us to Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz (R). He did as promised and pulled back the curtain on rampant voter fraud in his state. Huffpo revealed this:

Since taking office in 2011, Schultz has made safeguarding the ballot box from fraud a top state priority, striking a two-year deal with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation in 2012 that directed $280,000 of federal funds toward voter fraud inquiries. Additionally, a full-time agent was hired and assigned to pursue voter fraud cases.

The results were as reported by Chris Hayes in the video above. There is really no true voter fraud. There's bigotry fraud. And that's what this is all about, summed up perfectly by a well-respected Republican

In August, former U.S. Secretary of StateColin Powell criticized the argument of North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) that his approval of a more restrictive voting bill would combat voter fraud.

“You can say what you like, but there is no voter fraud,” Powell said at the CEO Forum in Raleigh, N.C. “How can it be widespread and undetected?”

Voter ID laws are not going away anytime soon. So maybe it's time to take the campaign to get picture approved ID's to those without. A door to door program of volunteers to help people accumulate the necessary papers and documents, and then give them a ride to their DMV to get free photo ID's might be what it takes. But when those eligible voters get their identification, they can go from being denied, to doing the denying -- denying the racist incumbents who earlier denied them the right to vote from returning to office. Give them a dose of their own medicine.

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Justice Denied In A New York Minute


Kalief Browder

There's a lot of tragedy in the New York City area recently. The horrific train derailment is getting most of the attention. I say most because strangely, it didn't seem to matter to outgoing Mayor Micheal Bloomberg. According to WPIX, Channel 11 in NYC:

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg was spotted playing golf at Bermuda’s Mid Ocean golf club. Even after hearing about the tragedy, Bloomberg allegedly kept playing.

So much for the caring Mayor Bloomy. He must have had some great round going to ignore a catastrophe that took four lives and injured 63 others.

Also on his watch, but really only making the news headlines this week is the story of Kalief Browder. If the name doesn't ring a bell, that's because he's just an average, poor, black teenager. In 2010, at the age of 16, he was walking home from a party in the Bronx when police officers stopped and arrested him. Browder was told by the officers he'd probably be freed later that night. Instead, Browder would go on to spend three birthdays on Rikers Island Correctional Institution.

WABC-TV Channel 7, New York.

 Being a 16-year-old in prison with adult men, Browder feared for his life because of prison gangs, extortion and violent prison guards.

During his incarceration, Browder said, he missed his sister's wedding and never got a chance to attend his prom or graduate from high school.

Why did this happen? All because his family couldn't raise the $10,000 bail to set him free. Or maybe even more basically, because the stop and frisk rules Bloomberg put into effect. In what was supposed to decrease crime, actually was a commitment of a crime in and of itself against people of color. Racial profiling.

It's really impossible to know for sure why the police even stopped this boy because he never got a trial and was never convicted of a crime. So the best reason available with the evidence in front of us is that this is random racism. Three years and four suicide attempts later, Browder was finally given a chance to walk. All he has to do is plead guilty of a burglary crime he maintains he had no part in and the door to his freedom would become open.

He refused. He wouldn't cop to a guilty plea when he was totally innocent.

Then the unthinkable happened. They set him free anyway. No trial. No restitution. No apology. No nothing.

Here's his remarkable story.Sadly though, its the story of Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the gestapo state of affairs for people of color. The Republican party may proclaim that racism ended with Rosa Parks, but the truth is it didn't end then and Kalief Browder's case shows it hasn't ended yet.


How To Build A Republican


sugar and spice

Remember growning up there was a little nursery rhyme that spoke about what little boys and little girls are made of:

"What Are Little Boys Made Of?

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails
That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And everything nice,
That's what little girls are made of.

Ah, such simpler times. And such simple ingredients.

That got me to thinking about applying ingredients to a boiling cauldron and making a member of today's GOP. What would it take? What kind of ingredients make that peculiar type of boy or girl who lacks any sense of common decency, imbued without compassion, filled with hate and inbred to the point that common sense and logic defy their grasp. So shiftless and aimless are they that they're starting to resemble the walking dead.

Then one day, their national party, led by Reince Priebus declared a plan to enrich their ranks. They were going to target specific groups to try to woe them over to their dark side.

Mighty was this plan and perhaps a bit overwhelming as there were so many deficiencies in their current make-up, they took the brave step to announce "change." They were going to seek out new targets to enlist in their quest for world domination, and suppression of all that was not theirs. They were going to become -- wait for it -- more mainstream.

To do that they needed a plan. Something tricky. Something shrewd. After all, they needed to convert so many of their adversaries. So they began with a public announcement that they would seek to enlarge their tent by going after women, minorities, immigrants, the young and the LGBT people.

They decided to be bold. They dusted off an old advertising campaign tactic-- the negative sell. Yes, they'd get people to come to them by fighting against everything that their intended targets were for.

The negative sell. So, how's that working out for you, Republicans? You shut down the government. You passed restrictive anti-voter registration and ID laws, you pushed back women's rights by tightening contraception/abortion restrictions, you became an obstacle to equal pay between the sexes, you blocked immigration reform and for your crowning glory, you've become the party of the anti-gay. You've done everything the people didn't want.

You are consistent if nothing else -- (and nothing else might be in a dead heat with you right now, syphilis and gonorrhea nipping at your heels). Despite the public's overwhelming positions contrary to yours on all of these issues, you've stuck with the unpopular negative stands.

I guess you all, led by the ever-clever Chairman Priebus, didn't take into account the masses might not get your negative sell. And when an audience doesn't know that you're joking, they think you mean what you say. And what you say is mean. It's not possible that you could really represent all those polarizing positions? It would be naive, maybe stupid, possibly even backfire on you.

Wake up. It has. You couldn't be any less popular than you are. Your obstinance in still plowing forward with your march toward ruination or ruin-a-nation can be encapsulated in this clip: Your homophobic stance and how it flies in the face of public opinion. I guess desperate people say and do desperate things. Don't forget to shut the lights and close the door behind you on your exit to oblivion.

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The States Plot To Subdue Black Votes - It's Criminal


No vote

Why are 4.3 million US voters being denied their right to vote? It's not that they lack the proper identification. It's that 31 states have decided that if you've committed a felony, you lose your right to vote -- forever.

Is that fair? Is it right? Well, there's more behind it than just a form of continuing punishment in perpetuity.

The right to speech, to religion, the right to due process and the right to own property are not denied to the formerly incarcerated. So what's really behind this? You probably won't be surprised. Race.

The fear that a felon can't reintegrate into society is the great misconception. Felons are people too. What separates them from us is they're people who made a mistake. We may hate their crime, but we don't have to hate them forever... unless of course, you're a crime and punishment Republican. In that case, take out the fuel and the matches to stoke the flames of fear.

Racial fear.

Consider this: one in three Black men in the US, of voting age, is denied the right to vote by state restrictions for felons. In 2010, that was 5.8 million men. They made a bad decision somewhere in their lives. And they paid for it, whether it was murder or simply drug possession. If you do the time you should be fine. In less than half the states, that's true.

In those places when they're released, they're not whole. They're stigmatized as second class citizens. That opens the door to recidivism, not an incentive to make the best of a second chance. It builds up resentment and a disenfranchisement. Hardly the desired effects of the deterrent of prison.

Isn't it time to let a man or woman pay his/her debt society and welcome them back? Watch this segment from The Cycle. Restoring voting rights isn't a risk. It's a reward for making amends and paying one's debt to society.


How To End The NRA



Ever find that the NRA has gotten in the way of sane, common sense rules? Ever think that we'd be better off with them gone? Well, we've tried making that argument to our congressmen, but they get too much support, votes and money from them to do anything but stand up for them and do their bidding.

That is until now.

There's a two pronged attack to get the NRA to self-destruct.

Obama and rifle

First: Have Obama come out in favor of the NRA. Have his tell us about all the good they've done and why he's proud of his membership -- so much so that he's urging all of his Kenyan and other Black friends and family to join. Bring on in the entire ghetto.

Secondly, he's got Sarah Silverman on his side. She's made this video which is sure to put those stuck on the fence to go flying over it and running for the hills, to burn their membership cards. Remember Groucho said he'd never belong to any club that would have him as a member. The NRA might take that same approach after watching this:


Would A Klansman Join The NAACP?



"Hello, John."

"Hello, Jimmy."

And thus began a historic meeting between Jimmy Simmons, the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s branch in Casper, Wyoming and John Abarr, a kleagle of the United Klans of America out of Great Falls, Mont., on Saturday night. After months of negotiating and haggling over details of this meeting, it finally took place.

Was it a success? Perhaps just the idea that these two philosophically disparate men sitting together was victory enough. Certainly what took place between them wasn't going to close the chasm which so deeply divides them. But we're in reality land here, and this is a connection that years ago could never and would never have taken place.

Wyoming's new source, covered the meeting.

For months he (NAACP leader Simmons) had been hearing reports that black men in Gillette were getting beat up. Inevitably the men were with white women when assaulted. Then Klan literature showed up around town. Smith considered rallying against the Klan, but then decided to try something different: talking.

“If you want to talk about hate, get a hater,” Simmons said later. “Let him tell you something about hate.”

Now what came out right off the top was how different the impressions of tolerance are between the Klan and the NAACP when Abarr began:

A certain amount of segregation is a good thing, he says. White police should stay in white neighborhoods and black officers in black neighborhoods. Color-blindness doesn’t even make sense. Interracial marriage? No. It’s better if the races are kept separate. Completely opposed.

“Because we want white babies,” he says.

Simmons was curious where this type of thinking comes from. Why would Abarr want to be a Klansman?

“I like it because you wear robes, and get out and light crosses, and have secret handshakes,” he says. “I like being in the Klan — I sort of like it t hat people think I’m some sort of outlaw.”

He quickly added his assessment of today's Klan.

We believe in treating everyone equally, like the Klan would want others to treat its members, Abarr says.

Playing dress up, secret club handshakes, hatred based on race and they claim they treat everyone equally? Bull pucky.


Calling him out on this, the NAACP's Simmons challenged the Klansman to see how serious he is about the "new" Klan's more "open-minded and progressive" thinking which resulted in this meeting. Abarr asked how he could prove it, because he believes it. Simmons put Abarr on the spot re: the NAACP.

Simmons asks: Would you like to join?

Abarr doesn’t hesitate: “I wouldn’t have a problem with joining the NAACP.”

“Wow,” Simmons says, pulling out an application. Abarr fills it out, checks his watch for the data. Adds a $20 donation to the $30 membership fee. Simmons gives him a receipt.

Ignorance doesn't disappear with a single meeting. And miracles are few and far between. Let's not discount though, that this meeting did take place. It was an opening salvo. Was this opening congenial meeting genuine? I don't know, but I'd like to think so. Was it just public relations? Who can tell -- only time and further actions will be the proof. But what is most interesting is the fact that a huge wall has started to crumble. Talk between two sworn adversaries has begun, no matter how limited. What will the future bring?

If the door is opened even a crack and a shred of light shows through, Saturday night was a landmark. It was perhaps the beginning of something long overdue. You can't educate and elevate people's understandings if you don't talk. And now talk has begun with a meeting and a handshake. Let's hope it's contagious.