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Documentary: The Billionaires' Tea Party


Tea Party Billionaires

From YouTube

Documentary detailing the corporate sponsors of the Tea Party and the history of the whole movement.


Overnight: John Oliver Explains FIFA


FIFA soccer John Oliver

John Oliver is a very funny man as you will see in this highly-instructive video about FIFA, the International Federation of Soccer Associations.



Missing: $16 billion


Think Progress has a short news item at their place, so I'll give you a tease. Just know that when you click over, you're sure to be as pissed off as I am right now.

Its ability to use a stock option loophole to zero out its U.S. tax bill, despite ample profits, makes no sense.

Hint: The top .000000000001%, give or take. Mostly take.


This year's political ad spending hits $1 billion. Think of where that $ could go...


By GottaLaff

One. Billion. Dollars. And senators are screaming about how to spend our money? Here's an idea: Not on political campaigns:

In an interview with Media Life, Evan Tracey of TNS Media Intelligence says spending on political advertising will hit $1 billion this year, with two thirds of that going to issue ads.

The forecast for 2010: "Next year spending will spike with the continuation of the healthcare issue and heavier spending by Obama's political opponents, who will be looking to take advantage of his sagging approval ratings to sweep Republicans into office. Still, the recession may result in fewer campaign donations and smaller coffers than politicians have seen in years past."

Think of what that $1 billion could do. Think of the people it could feed, or the health care it could provide.

Now think of what our elected officials have done for (to) us after we donated that billion to them. Have we gotten our money's worth? Rhetorical.