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After Complaints, Ad Company Takes Down Southern Secession Billboard In Alabama



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Video WTF? Of The Day- "Christmas easier to spell than Hanukkah" posted on church sign


Fox29 WFLX TV, West Palm Beach, Florida-

You just gotta wonder why there was no one there to stop them. Just incredibly boneheaded.

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A holiday joke or offensive message? A North Palm Beach pastor didn't think anything was wrong with the message; however, others didn't agree.

"It was not really offensive, just poor taste," said Rabbi Alon Levkovitz with Temple Beth Am.


Humor lost on those who called the church demanding the sign be taken down. "I heard someone say, 'Christmas is easier to spell than Hanukkah'. It made me smile," said Butzberger.

"I think it's the wrong message to send to their members, but, as a Jew, I am not offended," said Levkovitz.

He says it is merely the comparison of faiths that is offensive. "If the church tries to celebrate one of the most important holidays by putting down another faith, it's definitely not the spirit of Hanukkah or Christmas."


Anonymous Funder of Wisconsin Voter Suppression Billboards Revealed


Ohio won one on voter suppression. Now it's Wisconsin's turn.

Cognitive Dissodence has even more, and OWN (One Wisconsin Now) has the press release:

Milwaukee’s Einhorn Family Foundation, Recipient of Bradley Foundation Money, Confirmed As ‘Private Family Foundation’ Behind Billboards

Madison -- A joint investigation by theGrio news service and One Wisconsin Now has uncovered that Milwaukee’s Einhorn Family Foundation is the “private family foundation” that anonymously funded voter suppression billboards in Wisconsin in September 2010 and again this year. A review of IRS documents also showed Milwaukee’s Bradley Foundation, headed by Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, and one of the largest sources for right wing funding in America, gave the Einhorn Family Foundation a $10,000 grant, at the time the 2010 suppression billboards appeared, “to support a public education project.”

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said, “This was not an act of free speech, but an expression of racism as despicable as the ‘whites only’ signs of the Jim Crow South. We said we’d find out who was behind this, and we have.”

The comprehensive story that includes background and the findings of the investigation, as well as more about “Wisconsin’s Dark Money,” authored by theGrio Managing Editor Joy-Ann Reid, is available at:

“Let this be a lesson to anyone who would attack the sacred right to the franchise,” said Ross. “A broad coalition of progressive organizations fought tirelessly to bring these billboards down and they are ready to ensure everyone in Wisconsin who is eligible to vote and wants to vote, gets to vote.”

Ross noted that extensive on-air comments by Milwaukee radio talk show host Charlie Sykes, attempting to put a positive spin on the foundation demanding anonymity in sponsoring the racist, voter suppression billboards, was instrumental in the investigation.

“We want to thank Bradley’s marquee personality, Charlie Sykes,” said Ross. “Sykes’ big mouth over the radio about his conversation with the then-anonymous donor and his long and personal ties to Bradley’s half-billion-dollar, right-wing empire led us to also scour the Bradley Foundation IRS records and find the Einhorn gift. So, thanks a million, Charlie.”


PhotOH! Ohio wins one on voter suppression


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Melissa Harris Perry has a quick recap of this story:

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A little good news never hurts, huh?

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UPDATE: Looks like I spoke too soon. Ohio County Mailer Sends Wrong Voting Location And Date To 2300 People