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Are Some Companies Really Anti-Gay?


anti gay

We all have an opportunity to make our voices heard everyday, not just election days. We get to vote with our patronage by buying from one retailer over the other. Sometimes the decision is based on location, its proximity to where you are when you're in need of buying something. Other times you choose your destination based on price or sales. That sure makes sense to your pocketbook.

It also makes great sense to the companies that sell to you. They want/need your business, whether a mom & pop store or a large national chain.

But how strong is your brand allegiance? Would you change brands or retailers if they gave family discounts or special promotions? Would you choose one company over another if they didn't treat you well or gave bad service?

If you're like most people, you would. But sometimes what goes on behind the scenes needs to be considered as well. If a store promoted bigotry and hate, would that bother you to the point you'd go elsewhere? I'm going to make that answer a little tougher for you. I'm going to give you the names of eight companies or organizations and ask you which on this list, if any,  is homophobic/ anti-gay?

1. Chick-fil-A
2. Domino's Pizza
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Exxon
5. Salvation Army
6. Purina
7. Boy Scouts of America
8. Cracker Barrel

How many did you find in that list, two? Four?

Well, according to HUFFPO, all of them. All eight. That's right, these are companies you may not have realized have been promoting anti-gay business practices, either in promotion or in employment practices.

A short reason associated with the above list, by number:

1 - Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy came out as being "very much" against gay marriage
2 - Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino's is anti-gay. He financed a ballot initiative to have the discrimination of sexual orientation removed from a town in Michigan.
3 - Founder Richard Hayne donated $13,150 to Rick Santorum's campaign and had his store pull an "I Support Same Sex Marriage," t-shirt from the shelves after only a week.
4 - The huge oil company has been fighting for years against non-discrimination protection and equal benefits coverage for their employees. For the 14th year, the issue was on the table for the shareholders' meeting this past spring, and for the 14th year, Exxon wouldn't budge.
5 - Salvation Story: Salvationist Handbook of Doctrine, the manual used to train Salvation Army "soldiers" and members. Several chapters refer to the sin of homosexuality, including a section that cites Romans 1:18-32, which includes a admonition that homosexuals "deserved to die."
6 - The company doesn't provide a policy that protects gender identity or expression, nor does it offer health care coverage for partners of their gay employees.
7 - the BSA decided to allow openly gay boys to join as of January 1st, 2014, but there is still no budging on letting openly gay men be leaders.
8 - In the past, more than 11 employees were fired for not displaying "normal heterosexual values," as was prescribed by an intra-company memo.

The point of all of this is simple. Make your feelings known about human rights by shopping where everyone is treated equally. Is it worth driving a few more miles or bypassing a weekend special to vote with your dollars of purchase? That's up to you. Times are tough. But they're even tougher when you're not treated equally.


You Don't Know Sheriff Joe Arpaio The Way I Know Him.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sometimes taking preventive measures is necessary -- remember that old bromide: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

Well, America's favorite Sheriff, Arizona's own Joe Arpaio is amending that: ten lbs of AR-15 is worth a ton of stupid.

So Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona announced he's going to start requiring his deputies to carry AR-15 semi-automatic rifles at all times and expects them to use them to fight crime even when they're off duty. What could go wrong with that?

Sheriff Joe knows his Maricopa County Sheriff's Department better than anybody else. And his judgement is beyond reproach. So to hell with other law enforcement agencies that have publicly expressed skepticism over this action. They're probably just jealous.

Sheriff Joe and his posse are constantly being impugned. The sheriff and his men are ridiculed, the brunt of jokes and totally misunderstood. These are lawmen's lawmen. They see justice and do something about it. And now, not only when on duty, but 24/7. These guys are not going to let sleeping Chihuahuas lie.

Keep in mind this crack force had made an indelible name for themselves. Their actions speak louder than words. Here's a few of their prouder moments reported by HuffPo:

A Latina born in the United States was taken into custody for four hours in a raid to determine her immigration status. Arpaio was quoted in response, "That's just normal police work. You sometimes take people in for probable cause for questioning and they're released." The suit notes that the reason for her detainment -- being Latina and present during a raid -- were insufficient.

Let's not be too quick to judge. The Sheriff is a busy man. And he can't be everywhere at one time. So he has to sometimes rely on others and weigh and determine the importance of tips he receives.

Arpaio received a letter reading, "If you have dark skin, then you have dark skin. Unfortunately, that is the look of the Mexican illegals who are here illegally. ... I'm begging you to come over ... and round them all up." The sheriff labeled this as "intelligence" and forwarded to his deputy chief of enforcement operations for someone to "handle this."

One man's bigotry is another man's intelligence. Keep that in mind. But despite that, the Sheriff and his men don't let threats of lawsuits stop them in pursuit of justice.

Two officers followed a Latina U.S. citizen a quarter of a mile to her home without flashing their lights. When she arrived home, they insisted that she stay in the car. The reason for the stop was a "non-functioning license plate light." After she tried to enter her home, officers took her to the ground, kneed her in the back and handcuffed her. She was brought to a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) substation and cited for "disorderly conduct," which was later dismissed, according to the lawsuit.

Now that you know what a great organization, a tight ship, Joe Arpaio runs, aren't you excited about his new policy of  requiring his deputies to carry their loaded AR-15s with them anywhere they go, 24/7?


I can't see any flaws in this policy. You go, Sheriff Joe.

Pop-pop. Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop,  Sounds like it's already working.


Immigration Bill Dead


No immigrants

Okay, maybe it's not quite dead, but it's vital signs are all but gone.  Life support is only going to postpone the inevitable.  The stone deaf house of horrors, or representatives, is looking at the clock, ready to call it. Time of death, soon.

Elise Foley has quite succinctly covered the major points:

The majorities in the two chambers have very different ideas about how to reform what members in both bodies consider a broken immigration system. In the House, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), whose committee approves immigration bills, have said they favor a piecemeal approach. Democrats and those Republicans in the Senate who pushed for the gang of eight bill say a comprehensive bill is needed because the various issues on immigration are intertwined.


Here's how it's flippantly being treated by congressional members:

"I am absolutely confident that a majority of Republicans are not going to give citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens," Rep Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said Friday on the "Laura Ingraham" show.

Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) told the National Review's Jonathan Strong that the House should "fold it up into a paper airplane and throw it out the window," referring to the Senate bill. He quipped, "Oh, is that not the right answer?"

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), who serves in the GOP leadership, said Thursday at an event hosted by the National Review that it was "a pipe dream" to think the House would take up the gang of eight's bill.

Boehner has vowed not to break the Hastert Rule, an informal vow to take up legislation only when a majority of his conference supports it, meaning the Senate bill has very little chance of being considered. That would mean an immigration bill could be signed into law only if the chambers combine the piecemeal approach from the House and the Senate's comprehensive one.

An immigration bill without a pathway to full citizenship is just not worth the air of the discussion. And Republicans, fearing the future instead of embracing it, are going to put themselves into oblivion.  Right after the catastrophic Republican defeat in 2012, the party took stock of  itself. Among their desires were to improve their standing with women, minorities, latinos, younger people, gays & lesbians, and the poor. So far they have failed in all of those and continue to dig a deeper hole. This stance on immigration isn't going to help them nationally. I believe, through their own evil device of gerrymandering districts to be solidly republican, they've unintentionally become a local party, not a national one. And they'll pay the price, even locally, over time. Oblivion here they come.  What's that I hear? The doctor has just called the end of life. Time of the passing officially upon refusing to vote on comprehensive immigration reform.


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