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Calling Robin Hood -- Nefarious Sheriff of Nottingham Has Just Returned


Robin Hood

As a boy growing up outside Boston, I had a wild imagination and a lot of heroes. There was cowboy favorite Roy Rogers, future space adventurer, Buck Rogers, but most fun was the legendary outlaw, archer Robin Hood. He and his men (plus Maid Marion) were a band of outlaws who found ways to disrupt the mad rantings and oppressive actions of the evil and despotic Sheriff of Notttingham. Let's face it. Without a really awful foe, there's just not a great hero or heroes. And the meanest of the mean was the Sheriff raiding Sherwood Forest.


With the good king Richard away fighting religious wars on behalf of  his people, the royal brother and evil, calculating Prince John took the reins of England and trampled justice wherever he found it. His pleasure was in sticking it to the masses and stripping them of all of their earthly possessions. And his did it with his man, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The results were catastrophic for all but the rich. That select few thrived while the Sheriff demonstrated villainy at the highest level. This guy stopped at nothing as he represented the top 1% of the richest royals out there.

So much for folklore. Whether there really was a Robin Hood or a Sheriff of Nottingham is debatable. The same could be said for Superman, Mighty Mouse, even Underdog.

Mighty Mouse vs Underdog

To get a taste of what's going on in real life, we have to look at the real Sheriff of Nottingham who comes to us straight out of the the Sherwood forest of Wisconsin . The kings of the rich, the Koch Brothers, have deigned him with the powers of the purse-strings. The Sheriff is merely a puppet and he's doing their bidding. With the new Ryan budget, the GOP kings have unleashed the Sheriff on the US masses.

To provide more riches and power for the super rich, they want to destroy every and all of the people's programs of survival. They wish to cut Medicare, education funding and loans, Social Security, women's rights, Food assistance, and Health Care. In return the rich get tax relief and the poor get worse living conditions. It must sound fair if you're a royal, but most of us aren't.

There is a Robin Hood who is trying to once again split an arrow down the middle to show up the mad and unconscionable Sheriff Paul Ryan. He's Bernie Sanders. And if you want to see his proclamation of war against the evil doers and their merry band of morons, check this out:


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2016's True Dream Presidential Ticket For The Dems - No Hillary


Sanders Warren

There is a potential Democratic ticket that's being floated around that has Hillary Clinton nervous. Not because she doesn't think that she can win the general election if she gets the nomination, she fears the primary battle. A really hard fought primary battle.

If you flip back to 2006, Hillary was, as she is now, considered to be a shoo-in for the nomination. It was a done deal. Her inaugural dinner menu was already being planned.  And we all know how that turned out for her. The bruising primary battles with Barack Obama showed she had backbone and strength. She was a good candidate. Obama was better, plain and simple.

Now we're approaching 8 years from her prior "inevitability." And whispers in the wind are that there's someone who might run who could conceivably capture the Democratic nomination. And coupled with his name is a running mate. Someone who's most compatible and would give the Democrats a dream ticket without the Clinton baggage.

The "potential candidate" is not a Democrat. He is an Independent. And his name is Senator Bernie Sanders (I - Vermont).

Take a moment to digest this. TIME MAGAZINE has:

Sanders, who is the longest-serving Independent in congressional history, would have to officially register as a Democrat before he could run in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. But he says he hasn't yet made up his mind for sure if he’ll run, and he has time yet. One thing he is sure of: He’d make a better President than Hillary Clinton.

You  may ask who or why? Anyone in the political circles, Republican or Democrat, knows that Bernie is a man who speaks his mind and is filled with common sense more that a a need to fall in line with political dogma from either party. He's got America on his mind -- something the two major parties seem to clash over time after time -- and with disastrous results. Bernie just calls it as he sees it. And he sees it with compassion and practicality.

Sanders caucuses with the Democrats so his pick wouldn't be a far-fetched bit of chicanery. His reason for running he puts this way:

Clinton, he says, “is a very, very intelligent person, no question about it. But, I don’t know what her political future is, whether she’s going to run. I don’t know what she’s going to say. But, if you talk about the need for a political revolution in America, it’s fair to say that Secretary Clinton probably will not be one of the more active people.”

Senator Sanders knows what he's talking about. Clinton is a really well-rounded pick, but she's very willing to make compromise at the expense of Democratic policy. She's worldly, bright, articulate and an insider's insider. Is that what we want though? No one is more beholden to big money than the Clintons -- on either party's radar.

Here's the kicker to the Sander's potential for running. It paves the way for Senator Elizabeth Warren to run as Veep. If Hillary runs, the Dems won't put up an all-female ticket. Sad but true. And nobody, and I mean nobody comes close to standing up for consumers and against Wall Street's onerous practices than EW. In second place would be Bernie S. Together America wins.

Time will tell, but there's more and more chatter. Despite it being an all-New England ticket, it's most formidable. It's early and with Hillary playing games as she did in 2006 hemming and hawing about her running, she may be tricking herself once again. This time there's a potential juggernaut ready to take her on. If she announces she's running and Bernie still steps to the plate, look for one of the most amazing presidential primaries in the last hundred years.

Unlike the Republicans who have nobody running who can win the general election, the Democrats could have two major players, each qualified and each good for America. And if Democrats go with the fresher face of Bernie Sanders, he's less controversial, he's brilliant and he's got Elizabeth Warren at his side to groom for the Presidency after Bernie's 8 years.

Don't say I didn't warn ya!


96% Of Senate Republicans Vote To Damn And Punish U.S. Military Veterans


up yours

We'll pay for you to go to war, but we won't take care of you when or if you come back. It's a one way ticket.

A whopping 96% of the Republicans in the Senate voted against legislation on Thursday that would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans, saying the $24 billion bill would bust the budget. 96 percent! I'd say that's almost unanimous as a party stance on the bill.

So you have to ask yourself, why? Is it really going to "bust the budget?"

Interestingly the same question was put before Senator Bernie Sanders (I - VT) by Chris Hayes last night on All In. Sanders response is heated, passionate and shows the real fallacies of the Republican thinking on this matter and just how much these GOP-ers are hypocrites when it comes to veterans. As a party they're always willing to start wars, just never prepared to fund them. Then afterwards, these same warmongers have a tendency to turn their backs on the lucky ones -- those that live through these atrocities. Our fighting men with real injuries and losses become just chess pieces, not real -- not flesh and blood. But to their families and friends they sure are real. Denying them dignity and aid is a total affront.

If Iraq and Afghanistan weren't bad enough in body count, those scarred, wounded, maimed, and mentally suffering from these battles deserve every bit as much attention upon their return as the unfunded battles that sent them overseas. But that's not the thinking of the GOP senators. They will only budge on the funding IF we tack on an unrelated sanctions bill that's sure to push us into war with Iran and raise the death count all even higher.

Sanders points out that Republicans have an 'open checkbook' policy when it comes to the costs of war.  Other costs always have to be offset by cuts. Not the case for wars: the sky's the limit for the neo-cons. But somehow it's nothing or next to nothing for our returning vets who fought their wars.

If you want to see the harm the Republicans are inflicting on our veterans, just catch this piece with Chris Hayes and Bernie Sanders. Then ask yourself how anyone who cares about this country can vote for a Republican incumbent senator the next time around?

If Democrats want to keep the Senate and retake the House, all they need to do is show this piece.


Warren not running for president, Sanders "willing to consider," GOP doesn't have candidates for U.S. Senate


2016 speculation jon stewart

Per the Burlington Free Press, 72-year-old Senator Bernie Sanders is well aware of the immense challenges one must confront in order to make a presidential run. However-- and this took me by surprise after hearing him declare repeatedly that he would not run-- he recently dropped a hint that contradicted his previous denials:

Still, Sanders says he is willing to consider making a run if no one else with progressive views similar to his ends up taking the plunge.

It is essential, he said, to have someone in the 2016 presidential campaign who is willing to take on Wall Street, address the “collapse” of the middle class, tackle the spread of poverty and fiercely oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

But then he jolted us back in time to recollections of Ralph Nader's candidacies, which would mean jumping through hoops to  get his name on the general election ballot in 50 states, not to mention being identified as "The Spoiler" candidate.

And don't get him started on the enormous demands of having to fundraise. He'd have nothing to do with corporate Wall Street money, which of course would whittle down his chances of raking in the big bucks.

And then there's that pesky "independent" label:

Sanders said if he does run, he would “probably” do so as an independent. It’s a label that has been of value to him in his statewide races but could become a complication as a presidential hopeful.“The disadvantages of being an independent are you not going to get in these big debates that you have on television,” he said. “But I’m very proud to be an independent.”

But then he added that he'd be "comfortable with an Elizabeth Warren presidential bid." Hey, so would a lot of people, including yours truly.

There's just one problem.


Elizabeth Warren’s former national finance chair, Paul Egerman, has told several inquiring donors this month that, despite runaway speculation and a burning desire from the party’s left wing, the freshman senator will not run for president in 2016. [...]

One Democratic fundraiser said he spoke with Egerman roughly two weeks ago... “It’s not gonna happen” [...]

Lacey Rose, Warren’s press secretary, gave BuzzFeed the following statement: “As Senator Warren has said many times, she is not running for president,” Rose said.

Three attendees at last week’s Democracy Alliance meetings cautioned that there is already an understanding inside fundraising circles that Warren would not consider running unless Clinton bows out of the race — a possibility that looks increasingly unlikely...

On the upside, the National Journal is reporting on the 2014 U.S. Senate races and the Republican deficits therein:

Republicans are giddy about their chances to retake the Senate on the back of a disaster known as Obamacare. There's just one problem: The GOP doesn't have the right candidates to make it happen.

Sure, in the high-profile races of 2014, Republicans have recruited competitive contenders to take on red-state Democrats. But in the second-tier contests, the ones that could suddenly become competitive if the national mood turns increasingly toxic for Democrats, the GOP's cast of hopefuls ranges from the unknown to the unelectable.

The NJ described it as "the dearth of credible candidates." They nailed it. Why? Well, think about it: GOP credibility? Oxymoron.


Proof This Shutdown Is Intentional - The GOP Secret Game Plan


off switch

Okay, we got our shutdown. It's the blame game. It's time to investigate the reasons we're in a government standstill, this muck and mire.

The ACA is only part of the reason. If this was an isolated issue, that would give credence to the argument that this shutdown is all over Obamacare. But it's over something much bigger. It's the economy, something Republicans are supposed to  excel with.

So with a h/t to Laffy who yesterday did a wonderful piece on TPC using Bill Maher's rant, I want to point out a few things, then end up with a real eye-opener from Rachel Maddow.

Laffy's post had to do with the eighth largest economy in the world going from a $60 billion dollar deficit in 2010 to a $1.2 to $4.4 billion surplus projected in 2014. Those numbers come from BUSINESS INSIDER.

rags to riches

Deficit to surplus? What huge country was this? How, in so little time, did they do it?

Okay, it's not a country, but a state. The Golden State right here in the US of A. Yes, California boasts the eighth largest economy in the world. It's number five in the world as a leading agricultural exporter. So to all those farm states out there, maybe you better listen to the Golden State. They know how to move all sorts of grain and fruits. If you can grow it, they can move it.

Now as to the how.., simple. The state got rid of Republicans and the Tea Party. The Golden State is run by a liberal Democrat, Governor Jerry Brown, and the Democrats have veto-proof margins in both houses, the state senate and the state assembly. That resulted, not from an armed revolt, but from everyday people with their votes.

Using sound judgment, California lifted itself fiscally from the red to the black. All it took was paring down unnecessary expenditures (a republican friendly idea) and raising taxes (a democratic friendly idea). Together, that formula turned things around. A strong, liberal idea.

If we did the same thing in Washington, let the Democrats have their way with the federal government and remove the biggest impediment to freedom and financial success (the Tea Party), we'd be on the road to recovery -- no, that's not a remake of an old Bob Hope - Bing Crosby picture with Dorothy Lamour -- but the actual road to fiscal health. And it would include a fully-implemented Obamacare.

Wait, didn't we try this not that long ago, putting the presidency,the House and the Senate under the guidance of one party? Yes.

So what happened?

That's where Rachel comes in:

So, we got all of this good stuff with the Democrats in control and zero from Republican control. Oh, plus a Republican-led government shutdown.

Look at California and their turnaround -- with the Democrats in control. You've got to ask yourself, which party is better at mentoring a weak or faltering economy?

With the federal government shutdown begun, we have to back the Democrats, not cave to  the extortion of the Republicans. Let our officials know that we will not succumb to extortion. Boehner, the Republicans and the Tea Party be damned. That alone is generous praise for what they really are.

Don't know who is your representative and how to email them? I'll make it easy -- click here. Do what's right. Take two minutes to let your representative know how you feel. Don't be lazy. America needs you now!