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Thursday Links



How 100,000 Homeless People Found A Place To Live

Hagel defends Bergdahl prisoner swap

Oregon school gunman took assault weapon from home

Cuba: US 'very open' to new relationship

Airport Security Damaged John Patitucci’s Bass

Congo and Rwanda 'in border clashes'

6000 S Korea police target capsized ferry owner Yoo Byung-eun in huge raid

Karachi airport: Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan claims attack

UN condemns Iraqi militant attacks

Democrats Suggest They Won’t Challenge For Seat After Eric Cantor Refuses Write-In Campaign

Indiana ‘sovereign man’ protests suspended driver’s license by carrying rifle around town

Pat Robertson: Don’t ‘get your father busted’ if he threatens mom with a gun

David Brat, the Libertarian Who Beat Eric Cantor, Doesn't Believe in the "Common" Good


Afternoon-Evening Links



Walmart shooters covered officers’ bodies with Gadsden Flag, previously kicked off Bundy Ranch


Racist Tea Party Revolutionaries Kill Cops In Las Vegas: Why Won’t The Media Call It Terrorism?

Does Sex Work Beat Walmart Type Jobs?

Our Phone Obsession Is Turning Us Into Zombies

What's the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Details Emerge of Bowe Bergdahl’s Captivity

Insurrection Timeline

Watch: KKK Explain Their Plan For Expansion, Including Military-Style Combat Training

PBS’s Bonnie Erbe Accepts Award from Anti-Immigrant Group

Las Vegas Shooters Told Neighbors They Were Kicked Off Bundy Ranch

Fox's Pirro Demands Obama Be Impeached For Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

Paul Gigot Opposes Minimum Wage Hike Because Workers 'Learn' From Poverty Wages

McCain: Obama Freed The 'Jihadists Responsible For 9/11' In Exchange For Bergdahl

The bizarre secret of London’s buried diggers

The Drunken Downfall of Evangelical America's Favorite Painter

Right-Wing Christians and Republican Policies Are Making America Stupid

Former Army Major Tells Fox's Huckabee President Should Have Threatened To Invade Pakistan Over Bergdahl

Here’s where new Americans came from in 2013, and where they live now

Right-Wingers are LYING When They Claim Eight Soldiers Died Looking for Bergdahl


Sunday Links



Right Wing Freaks Out With DOJ Announcement to Crackdown on Domestic Terrorists

Will Senator Cochran Be Able to Keep His Seat?

Soldier Trashing Bergdahl Received ‘Other Than Honorable’ Discharge

The Way to Stop Corporate Lawbreaking is to Prosecute the People Who Break the Law

Seattle Pacific University Shooting Hero Debunks The NRA’s Biggest and Most Bogus Claim

Hillary Clinton Takes Out Karl Rove While Destroying Questions About Her Concussion

Conservatives Use Racism To Try To Discredit Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos

Georgia Courthouse is shot up by Sovereign Citizen after GOP backs Bundy, Open Carry

Hero Who Stopped Seattle Shooter Has His Wedding Registry And Honeymoon Paid For By Strangers


Afternoon-Evening Links


links Industrial Pollution

Republicans Label Obama’s Plan To Combat Climate Change a Terrorist Attack

The Results Are In: America Is Dumb and on the Road to Getting Dumber

Fitz: 500,000 “Impeach Obama for leaving an American behind in Afghanistan" protest signs found in dumpster behind RNC

5 Conservatives Who Are Still Mad That Women Have the Right to Vote

8 Things America Gets Terribly Wrong About Sex

11 Reasons Why Neil deGrasse Tyson is Our Favorite Scientist

New Film 'Night Moves' Delivers Dangerous Paranoia About Environmentalists

White House War-Pushers and Gutless Generals: The Real Villains of the Bergdahl Tale

Dinesh D'Souza Says There Would Have Been 'A Massive Revolt' Against Obama If It Hadn't Been For The Meddling Media

Tips for Protecting Your Privacy Online

Fox News Host: Sgt. Bergdahl Lucky He Wasn't Put In Body Bag By U.S. Troops

Bill Maher Spars With Ralph Reed Over Literal Interpretation Of The Bible

Bill Maher Points Out The Obvious On Why Gitmo Prisoners Can't Be Tried - We Tortured Them

Michigan GOP’s ‘We Understand Women’ Photo-Op Goes Down In Flames

Senate Democrats Begin Their Push To Amend The Constitution To Kill Citizens United

Right Wing Freaks Out With DOJ Announcement to Crackdown on Domestic Terrorists