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Rep. Ros-Lehtinen's office: "I'm sorry, I can't speak for the congresswoman. We're not allowed to."


DKos has two posts up that are must-reads. They remind me of the experience TPC reader Wiccaspirits had when she tried to get answers from Michele Bachmann's office about getting an abortion after being raped. And by that I mean whoever answered the phone was non-responsive:

The person on the other end told me he could not respond to my question because he was not sure what her stance was on the issue AND because that was not her campaign headquarters and I need to call her campaign headquarters. I even tried to ask for the name of the person that I was speaking with and before I could get an answer I was cut off and hung up on. I was even rudely interrupted in the middle of my question with the campaign number, which I had to ask twice because I could not get it the first time, when I was interrupted.

How small-d-democratic of them to do everything they can to get elected by the voters who they woo, cajole, lie to, and cultivate, but then refuse to answer them when it comes to the most basic questions about the most relevant topics of the day. So much for representation. So much for trust. So much for keeping promises.

Please read both posts; here's a sample:

The intern said he did not know Rep. Berg's position.


This is the EXACT same response I got from Ben Quayle's office.


"The country is facing economic default, both the President and Speaker - her boss - made speeches last night on how important this is, and my congresswoman doesn't have a position?"

"I'm sorry, Sir," she responded. "I am not allowed to speak for the congresswoman."

"What do you mean? This is her office. This is an important issue, what is her position."

"I'm sorry, you'll have to contact the Washington office for that information. I'll connect you." [...]

"Hey, I'm one of Cong. Ros-Lehitnen's consituents and I wanted to know her position on the debt ceiling."

"I'm sorry, I can't speak for the congresswoman. We're not allowed to."

Your tax dollars at work.


VIDEO: Awkward Mr. and Mrs. Ben Quayle campaign ad


First Ben Quayle poses with not-his-children (he and Tiffany have no kids):

See how fatherly and fun he is? See how much the girls adore him?

Now his real wife shows up in a very awkward ad: Stiff Tiff. Why? What purpose did she serve? If this is what their relationship is like, that's one cold marriage.

Maybe that's what conservative "family values" do to a couple. Or is that "coupl"?


Doonesbury- Dan Quayle: "The apple didn't fall on the tree!"


You say potatoe, I say potato:


Video- Andy Cobb mocks Ben Quayle Ad: "Raised Right"


I think I'm in love.