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Overnight: If We Won (the Revolutionary War)


If We Had Won

As a colonial, I would say 'If we had won the Revolutionary War' (not 'if we won the Revolutionary War) but who am I to tell a native Brit how to speak his language?

From YouTube:

Published on Jun 24, 2014
Imagine how great America would have been if Great Britain won the Revolutionary War. And imagine how much beer Newcastle would've sold.

Visit to see how great it could have been.


Video Mid Day Distraction- Beer Fermentation Time-Lapse


Really pretty cool. Via.


F-Word Beer: Cure For The New Years Hangover


Exit 6 Pub

C'mon, if you didn't have one too many on New Years Eve, chances are you had a bit to imbibe yesterday on New Years Day with the Rose Parade. Maybe you wanted to sober up with a stop at Starbucks and grab a fresh Frappacino. But, maybe in your slightly inebriated state you missed your destination by a block and instead stopped at  Exit 6 Pub and Brewery, in Cottleville, Missouri. Luckily for you, when you muttered the word Frappacino, the attendant poured you a fresh one from the tap. Yikes, it was beer and not coffee. You looked around and realized you were in an unfamiliar small independent bar and not the standard, uniform confines of the huge Starbucks chain. Gone was the Starbucks green circle with the queen mermaid in it (or whoever she is). No one asked if you wanted a Vente or Grande. They just brought you a glass -- not a paper cup. Damn, you were taken. You were fooled. It's as if you had just crossed over the line and found yourself in a modern day episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Starbucks frappacino

Well, as silly as this sounds, check out the attached video. It seems everyone's favorite coffee shop, the Mega huge Starbucks, took umbridge and issued a cease and desist letter to the owners of Exit 6 Pub and Brewery. This single location bar's response to the demand letter is nothing short of hysterical -- snarkiness to the "nth" degree. The entire correspondence can be found here, courtesy of HuffPo. The back and forth between both Starbucks' lawyers and Exit 6 Pub's proprietor is priceless.

From now on, Frappacino Beer at Exit 6 Pub will be henceforth be known as 'F-word beer' to avoid any confusion. And so there's no hard feelings and in a show of good faith, Exit 6 Pub returned the entire $6 profit made from the mistake. Now if that teaser has you wanting to know more, check out the hysterical news coverage of this brew-haha (intentionally misspelled)  below:


Why Prohibition Doesn't Work On Drugs


Volstead Act

Perhaps the closest parallel to the "war on drugs" is the war on alcohol -- the Volstead Act of of 1919. Highlights from Wiki:

The three distinct purposes of the Act were:

1. to prohibit intoxicating beverages
2. to regulate the manufacture, sale, or transport of intoxicating liquor (but not consumption), and
3. to ensure an ample supply of alcohol and promote its use in scientific research and in the development of fuel, dye and other lawful industries and practices, such as religious rituals.

It provided further that "no person shall manufacture, sell, barter, transport, import, export, deliver, or furnish any intoxicating liquor except as authorized by this act." It did not specifically prohibit the use of intoxicating liquors.

In 1933, after this "experiment" proved to be an utter failure, leading to massive deaths caused by bootleggers and a growth in the mob for the purposes of providing this contraband, the government passed the the Twenty-first Amendment rendering the Volstead Act unconstitutional and restored control of alcohol to the states.

It was a tragic right-wing plan to control the masses and under the guise of protecting them, really caused more deaths and imposed more prison sentences for a low risk, non-violent crime -- drinking. By their restrictions, they generated an environment of death and destruction far greater than the booze itself.

Marijuana justice

Maybe we're about to smarten up on the current "war on drugs," specifically marijuana. With a number of states lessening their restrictions on usage, a few even allowing people to participate recreationally, sanity seems to be without our reach. The importance of this isn't so people can get high. It's important that our rights are being snatched from us with restrictions that have a disproportionate number of poor and minorities caught up in the government web.

Here's a short summation that's as concise and succinct as I've ever seen. It's worth a gander:


Some Do's And Don'ts About Drinking - A Teetotaler's Guide



Hey, it's Sunday. There's probably a football game on or you're checking out game four of the World Series (go Sox). It's time to unwind and settle back because the Monday blahs are going to be here soon enough. It'll be back to work and all the other crap that goes along with it.

So, what can you do to maximize this respite on "the Lord's Day of rest?"

I know. How about a little pick-me-up? A shot of that feel good elixer?

Sure, but which will do me the least harm? I need to be sober in the morning.

Well, here's some information that might help you make up your mind. But first, give someone your car keys so if you're tempted to drive to pick up some refills, you won't be able to. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Back so soon? Cool.

beer vs liquor

Let's get started. You might want to begin with a beer before graduating up to something stronger. I hear you won't get snookered if you start with a beer. You know that old adage, "Beer before liquor to prevent getting sicker." WRONG. The order in which you drink doesn't matter. Too much alcohol and you're going to be wearing the ceramic sombrero in any case.

Well, even if I do puke, I hear vomiting sobers you up. WRONGHealth Guidance reported that vomiting does expel the alcohol that is in your stomach and will stop it from further entering your blood stream, but the part of the vomiting myth that isn't true is that it will sober you up.

light vs dark liquor

Hmm. I've got some vodka and some scotch. Which should it be? Maybe mixing them might make me sick. I really don't want a hangover. I hear drinking lighter-colored alcoholic drinks will prevent that. So, Stoli, it looks like it's you and me, buddy. RIGHT. Good choice. As long as I don't drink too much by volume, the Mayo Clinic says the stuff in alcohol that makes you sick afterwards are more prevalent in dark liquors such as brandy, whiskey and darker beer.

How many brain cells am I going to be losing in my afternoon imbibing? I really need to be sharp for my work tomorrow and face it, I'm no Einstein. I can be burning away too many grey cells. I bet I'm dumbing down every swig I take. Maybe if I just take bigger gulps, I'll save some cells. WRONG.  The New York Times reports "alcohol disrupts brain function between neurons, alters their structure, and causes some of the impairment associated with intoxication but it does not kill off entire cells. Now that is good news.

three beers

But maybe it's best that I stick to beer, it doesn't seem to make me a lightheaded. I've got some light beer, some regular beer and some dark. Man, that dark beer sure looks enticing. There's probably no discernible difference among the three. WRONG. It's all about the alcoholic content which is in the hands of the brewmaster. Some lighter ales have a higher alcohol content than the dark lager.

Man, all this thinking. Maybe it's just safer if I hold onto my keys and grab an iced tea. At least that should mean I won't be throwing up later or be tardy for work tomorrow, with a killer hang-over. Besides, I don't want to impair my thinking. After all, how am I going to armchair quarterback if I'm falling out of my recliner?


The Perfect Candidate For President 2016


Campaign 2016

Talk of the 2016 Presidential candidates is open and clear, despite the fact that Rachel Maddow has banned it from discussion on her show until after the mid-term election in 2014. It really can be silly talking about it so soon after we've just completed our last general election.

But I'm with a lot of pundits and am impatient. I like listening to all of the chatter and blathering. Already some names have exploded on the scene and some have already started to fizzle. Burnout and sharper observation have begun to winnow the list. It started with these kinds of names:

Democrat: Clinton. Biden.

Republican: Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Lee, Paul, Christie, Cantor and Ryan. Even a resurgence by Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, possibly McConnell just bring me to tears.

It's obvious the Republicans have a void in finding people American can get behind.

So I did a little unscientific survey to see who would people like to have leading us. Who is that man or woman who can inspire us to be the best that we can be? There must be someone.

And there is. Look at a partial his list of accomplishments:

He has won the lifetime achievement award, twice.

His business card simply says “I’ll call you.”

Cuba imports cigars from him. 

Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect. 

Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut.

When he drives a new car off the lot, it increases in value.

 He is fluent in all languages, including three that only he speaks.

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body.

On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him.

 He lives vicariously through himself.

If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.

 He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.

When it is raining, it is because he is thinking of something sad.

You know the guy. He's the Most Interesting Man in The World. See for yourself:

There is no doubt he would win hands down, taking a majority of both parties. There's only one problem; he's too smart to be a Republican.

Don't let the accent fool you. He's more American that Rafael Ted Cruz. This man was born in the US, but he's a citizen of the world.

If Hillary decides to run, it'll be because he told her to. And if she asked him to be in his cabinet, he'd be named, Secretary of Everything. What else would call the Most Interesting Man In The World?!


Koch Brothers Puppet Group "Bribing" College Kids Not To Enroll In #Obamacare



I would think that the laws on bribing people for their votes could edge into this territory. Thankfully most college age students aren't that dumb, they'll drink the free beer, get their gifties and move right along. Anyone else ever wonder what great things the Koch brothers could do if they used all this money for GOOD? Also too, their website is really lame.

WASHINGTON -- As the battle over the healthcare law grinds on — Republicans no closer to victory than when they forced the government shutdown — a different fight was rising on a recent Saturday from inside Sharkey’s, a bar near the campus of Virginia Tech, 260 miles away.

Lured by free beer, gift cards and the chance to win an iPad, 100 students heard a pitch from the young staffers of a group named Generation Opportunity
: Obamacare is a bad deal, and you should opt out.

With enrollment in the insurance marketplaces under way, and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on a public-awareness campaign, critics are aiming a provocative counter-effort at a critical population: millennials, age 18 to 29, who may not feel the need or have the money for insurance.


Reminds me of those cutlery and Tupperware sales pitches that they offered in college. Some of the really stupid students would sign up for outrageously priced knife sets and regret it every minute after. I would go just for the little Tupperware bowl key chain.

Generation Opportunity, which formed in 2011 and gets funding in part from the conservative Koch brothers, is about to embark on a tour of 20 college towns nationally, including a Nov. 9 stop at the University of Miami. The pitch is that you shouldn’t feel compelled by the government to buy insurance, and that it may be cheaper outside the marketplaces.

A blueprint for an upcoming tailgate calls for games such as beer pong and cornhole, free Taco Bell and beer. Pictures of people signing petitions to opt out would be sent over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The group, and more recognizable conservative organizations such as Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks, show how the fight has shifted from Congress to the grassroots. Young people are among the law’s most ardent supporters, but at the same time many are unaware of the benefits, providing an opening for critics.