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"Don't be fooled" by the so-called GOP makeover. "Rarely has it been more dangerous."


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Since the November elections, the GOP has pretended it's reinventing itself. Adorable. Or to be more current, totes adorbs.

Republicans must think America's pretty stupid if they think we're buying into that. I've posted several times about how this papering over is nothing but that: superficial nonsense, cosmetic changes in language, new talking points, fake outreach, non-inclusive inclusiveness. Take these entries, for example:

RNC Chair Reince Priebus now wants to play hero with minorities GOP hasn’t wanted to touch with a 10-foot car elevator

Doonesbury– GOP “soul-searching”: “It’s time to get serious and double down with state-by-state election rigging!”

Registered Republican since 1947: “It is quite obvious that my fellow Republicans still do not get the message.”

And back in January, there was The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad GOP dissension-slash-implosion.

They have no intention of evolving, because too many conservatives continue to be racist, homophobic, corporate, bigoted, misogynistic, ignorant, set-in-their-ways, and/or fearful members of a rapidly shrinking white majority that fears change and political outcomes (or as Rachel Maddow put it back in 2010: “Be afraid, white people! The black people are coming for you!”) among other things.

Maybe they should be called the Introspection and Diversity R Not Us party.

Tim Dickinson says as much in Rolling Stone:

Don't be fooled. On the ground, a very different reality is unfolding: In the Republican-led Congress, GOP-dominated statehouses and even before the nation's highest court, the reactionary impulses of the Republican Party appear unbowed. Across the nation, the GOP's severely conservative agenda - which seeks to impose job-killing austerity, to roll back voting and reproductive rights, to deprive the working poor of health care, and to destroy agencies that protect the environment from industry and consumers from predatory banks - is moving forward under full steam. [...]

Today's GOP may desperately need to remake itself as "culturally modern, environmentally responsible and economically inclusive," argues David Frum, a veteran of the George W. Bush White House, but it remains, he says, in the throes of a "Tea Party tantrum."

As it works to lock in as many retrograde policies as possible before it finally chooses to either modernize or die, the Republican Party is like a wounded beast: Rarely has it been more dangerous.

And then he goes on to detail his premise points at length. Take a look, right here.


VIDEO: GOP fear factor kicked into higher gear on... November 6, 2012


Via TPM.

President Obama was re-elected on November 6, 2012, which is exactly when this video was released.

The Heritage Foundation has lost its collective mind. And by mind I mean empty space between their ears. And by lost I mean defaulting to fear mode aka so business as usual. Yes, they're busy pushing their usual scare tactics complete with doomsday sound track and jarring jump cuts... as the president is busy doing this.


How have we EVER managed to survive President Obama's evil presidency?


According to the whackadoodledoos, Barack Hussein Obama:

Whew! And that's just for starters. Wowee zowee, what a terrible, horrible, no-good guy President Obama is! Good grief! How have we ever managed to survive?


VIDEO: Pat Robertson Warns of "Atheist Dictatorship"


He says this like it's a bad thing:

Every time I hear my former employer* speak, all I can think of is Jim Ward's impression of him.

Here's a comment from under the video at YouTube:

Hey, lets start an atheist paradise, a haven if you will & make sure it's a gated community who's sacred edicts are reinforced by capital punishment, banishment, flame ,or torture.

Wait a second...


*I was hired by a production company at CBS to do some work for The Family Channel, writing hundreds of jokes for an alien character who visits, and is confused by, earth (these were to be used as bumpers for TFC). One of the things I thought would perplex him was a roll of unfurling toilet paper, so I submitted a joke to that effect.

It was rejected. Why? The words "toilet paper" were unacceptable to Pat Robertson.