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Bay Buchanan: Slow learner


what took you so long

Bay Buchanan, who has been involved in the political world since about 1976, gave the following quote to the Washington Examiner.

It was in regard to finally leaving politics to become a real estate agent:

"I can't just live my life going on TV and being angry all the time."

Bay, you're 64 years old. [Laffy Note: Someone thought this meant I was berating her age. Not at all. To clarify, my point is that she's 64 and only just came to that conclusion... That's why I followed up with the sentence below.]

Gee, it only took you, what, 30-something years to grow weary of all that ranting and raving before you figured that out. You're quick.

Speaking of being angry, now you know how many of us felt as we watched you being angry. Well, some of us. I stopped subjecting myself to Bay years ago.


bay buchanan


VIDEO- Soledad O'Brien to Bay Buchanan on Romney's 47% comments: "Didn't Mitt Romney in these leaked tapes really bash his own voters?"


Via CNN.

Bay Buchanan:

“As a candidate he can’t worry about those he can’t get.”

No, Bay, he meant what he said right here:

Soledad O'Brien had a chart full o' facts and a painful article by not-Dem-by-a-longshot David Brooks in her arsenal. Bay Buchanan had nothing but ineffective damage control.


"Didn't Mitt Romney in these leaked tapes really bash his own voters?... Now you have a major problem."

Buchanan: Foodstampsfoodstampsfoodstamps.


"47% of the nation is not on food stamps... Half of the country is NOT on food stamps."

"He didn't say that. He said 47% of the nation are basically losers."

Bay: Nuh-UH!

O'Brien for the win.

H/t: @MzYun


Video- Romney Advisor Buchanan Blames Obama For Public Sector Job Losses


Bay, go hide out in some basement with your brother please? Ugh. Via TPM.


Video- Andrew Sullivan v Bay Buchanan on "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?"


Good stuff via the man himself. More here and here.