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Joe Kennedy III wins Massachusetts congressional primary


Really not sure how I feel about this whole Dynasty thing. (And yes, I meant to capitalize it.)

BOSTON -- Joseph Kennedy III, the first of his famous political family's generation to seek elective office, defeated two little-known Democrats in Thursday's primary in Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District.

Kennedy, 31, will face the winner of a three-way Republican primary in the November election for the seat currently held by longtime liberal Democratic Rep. Barney Frank.

Kennedy is the son of Joseph P. Kennedy II, who represented the state's 8th Congressional District for six terms from 1987-1999, and the grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy. A graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School, the younger Kennedy served in the Peace Corps, worked as a prosecutor in Massachusetts and in 2006 co-managed with his twin brother Matt the final campaign of their great-uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died of cancer in 2009.

Unofficial early returns from Thursday's primary gave Kennedy around 90 percent of the vote. He was facing Herb Robinson, a software engineer and Rachel Brown, a follower of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.


Video- Nancy Pelosi and Friend Dance At Barney Frank Wedding


Just because I like how normal it is. h/t Gawker. And is it just me, or does that band suck?


Barney Frank Weds Jim Ready


I preempt our normal 9a link post for something damn well worth it. Nice NYT write up.

IT was perhaps fitting that Representative Barney Frank met his future husband, Jim Ready, at a political fund-raiser in 2005.

“I told him I had a crush on him for 20 years,” said Mr. Ready, recalling that as a teenager he was inspired by Mr. Frank’s public declaration that he was gay.

And what did Mr. Frank make of that? “That I’m being rewarded for coming to this fund-raiser,” he said with a laugh.

Mr. Frank, 72, and Mr. Ready, 42, were married in Newton, Mass., part of Mr. Frank’s district, on Saturday in a low-key ceremony on the banks of the Charles River. Gov. Deval L. Patrick of Massachusetts officiated. The guests included Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, as well as Senator John Kerry and Representatives Dennis J. Kucinich and Steny H. Hoyer.

Mr. Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, became, in 1987, the first sitting member of Congress to volunteer that he was gay. He is now the first to be married to a partner of the same sex. Both bridegrooms said they recognized the historical significance of the ceremony, which lasted less than five minutes. Gov. Patrick told the guests that Mr. Frank had requested that the service “be short and to the point.”


Video- Reps Barney Frank And Marsha Blackburn Scuffle Over Female Unemployment


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Video- MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Demonstrates How To Handle Tony Perkins On Television


Send to all your wingnut relatives then sit back and enjoy! Via Media Matters.


Rep. Barney Frank on Pres. Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality: "This will cost him no votes." Harry Reid chimes in, too.


Livewire has Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank's entire statement. Here's the "don't worry, be happy" part:

This does not meant that the President’s decision today was entirely without some political risk, but I believe it will be clear in the days ahead that this will cost him no votes, since those opposed to legal equality for LGBT people were already inclined to oppose him, and that it will make it easier for us to mobilize the people in this country who oppose discrimination to help reelect him.

This was my initial reaction too. President Obama has finally endorsed marriage for everyone. Those who have no objection to discriminating against fellow Americans will condemn him. Those who support the president and equality won't.

Harry Reid's statement, in part:

My personal belief is that marriage is between a man and a woman. But in a civil society, I believe that people should be able to marry whomever they want, and it’s no business of mine if two men or two women want to get married.  The idea that allowing two loving, committed people to marry would have any impact on my life, or on my family’s life, always struck me as absurd.

Reid also believes marriage equality should be "governed by state law."

While were at it, it should be no business of Republican legislatures and governors what women choose to do with their own bodies. But you know how those conservative scamps insist on individual freedom and small government. Oh, they don't? My bad.


Video- Barney Frank Booted From House Floor For Telling Truth


Damn straight he had it right. This is what Barney is referring to=

In one instance, according to House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Republicans took a bill introduced by a Democrat in 2011 (and which passed overwhelmingly) and simply slapped Rep. Ben Quayle’s (R-AZ) name on it for the purposes of the JOBS act. Hoyer refers to the package as the “Just Old Bills” act, a play on the “JOBS” act acronym.

It went something like this-

Republicans take JOBS bill, smooch some stuff around and change the names on various bills, pass it then whine when Dems call them on it, accusing Dems of worrying about credit more that substance.

Barney calls them on it and wants to know why did they change the names on the already authored bills unless they wanted the credit for themselves?

Barney gets removed from the floor for "personal remarks" directed at a member.

Your modern GOP at work.