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Do You Know What Women Want And Deserve?


What women want

Picking up where Laffy left off yesterday in her great post Fed Up Dems...

If I knew what women want, I'd be a kazillionaire because I'd write a book about it and rake in the dough. The truth is I have no idea what women want. I know this because I'm married to a wonderful woman. And just when I think I've got it figured out, I'm told I'm wrong, asked what was I possibly thinking and then met with a silent shake of the head. My male, married buddies tell me I'm lucky that it's just a silent shake of the head.

So building on a platform of I'm no expert, I do know some things. I know that women want and deserve the right to self-determination, just like the guys. They don't want to be treated differently -- just fairly. And I don't have any argument against that.

But the Republicans do. Their mostly white, older men composite seems to feel that women are inferior mentally and emotionally, that they're not capable of rational decisions -- even with it comes to their own bodies and health issues. More of them think along the legitimate rape lines than in rational scientific reasoning. And those genteel, Southern Gentlemen who demurely dismiss women with their cloak of protecting them from themselves, "those sweet little souls. They are so lovely, aren't they -- like a field of violets or Lady Slippers, swaying in a warm, summer's night." And all the while the Lindsay Grahams spew their charming tripe, their mind is busy with the melodic refrains of "Dixie."

In the wake of Roe v Wade, individual states, feeling the decision of the SCOTUS was wrong, have set out to correct this injustice. They've taken a clearly decided issue and are chipping away at the rights determined by the highest court in our land. That's the conservative, right-wing way.

Finally, after assault on assault at the state's level, accelerated in every red state with a Republican-led legislation, women's rights and protections are being circumvented or even stricken. This has got to stop.



Well, the slow moving but well-intentioned Democrats in Congress have finally had enough. They've gone from being a sleeping giant to a forceful vociferous champion of women.  Release the Kraken-- Sen. Richard Blumenthal.  HuffPo reports:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) will introduce the Women's Health Protection Act of 2013, joined by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Reps. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Judy Chu (D-Calif.) and Lois Frankel (D-Fla.). The bill would prohibit states from passing so-called Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws, which impose strict and cost-prohibitive building standards on abortion clinics, require women seeking abortions to have ultrasounds, and create other barriers to abortion access.

Looks like good ol' Connecticut Senator Blumenthal's gonna be gettin' sometin' sometin'  from Mrs. Senator B when he goes home on his next break. And you know what, he deserves it. My only criticism is why this took so long. The last pro-active abortion legislation to pass through the Senate was in 1994, with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. That made it a federal crime to block or harass patients or doctors who entered or exited abortion clinics.

When Republicans don't like something, they propose a bill and there's immediate discussion, press coverage and oftentimes votes. In the case of Obamacare, 42 votes. Of course that's the House and they're led by government shutdown fever and Republican leader, Speaker John Blunder.

Blumenthal's bill wouldn't automatically overturn states' existing anti-abortion laws, but because federal law trumps state law, it would provide a means to challenge them in court. The bill would direct judges to consider certain factors in determining whether a restriction is legal, such as whether it interferes with a doctor's good-faith medical judgment, or whether it's likely to interfere with or delay women's access to abortion.

This bill will surely pass the Senate. In the House, it'll probably never even come to a vote. But when the 2014 elections come around, you can add that to the Democrats long list of things the Republicans did -- stopping immigration reform, shutting down the government, restricting women's rights, repressing voters rights, obstructing qualified presidential appointees to the bench, pushing for war with Iran, and so many others. I'll need another blog just to continue the list. And like my wife, I make lists.


Cruz Refuses The "No Budget, No Pay" Bill.



Where's Rafael 'Ted' Cruz's resolve? Where's his spine, the conviction of his words? After his marathon speech the other day, Senator Barbara Boxer asked the Texas Senator to sign on to her Pay Your Bills or Lose Your Pay Act of 2013, legislation.

What it says, according to co-author Barbara Boxer is simple -- From the Barbara Boxer Senate Website:

legislation that would prevent Members of Congress from being paid should they fail to raise the debt ceiling and the government defaults on its bills.

“If members of Congress are willing to let America become a deadbeat nation by not paying our bills, we should not be paid our salaries,” Senator Boxer said. “Our legislation would help prevent a catastrophic default by putting pressure on lawmakers to do the right thing and honor our nation’s financial obligations.”

On MSNBC, Senator Boxer just said that she asked Senator Cruz to sign onto her bill. He refused. And what is his reason? There was none, because as you can see, he wouldn't be losing any money, only experience a delay in receiving it. It's an incentive to work toward a solution.

If the government fails to increase the debt ceiling, the legislation would require the salaries for Members of Congress to be placed in an escrow account until the debt ceiling is increased, or the end of the session, whichever occurs first. The measure is based on the “no budget, no pay” language signed into law when the debt ceiling was increased in January 2013.

I'm crazyAny sane person who's interest is in coming to a consensus on the budget and the debt ceiling would have no problem signing this pledge unless their intentions are to drag this on and take the country down. Where's Cruz's patriotism?


Sen. Boxer: "Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu: I am stunned by the remarks that you made this week regarding U.S. support for Israel."


My Senator, Barbara Boxer, posted this press release today on her website. You can read the whole letter here:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:


... I am stunned by the remarks that you made this week regarding U.S. support for Israel. Are you suggesting that the United States is not Israel’s closest ally and does not stand by Israel? Are you saying that Israel, under President Obama, has not received more in annual security assistance from the United States than at any time in its history, including for the Iron Dome Missile Defense System?

          As other Israelis have said, it appears that you have injected politics into one of the most profound security challenges of our time – Iran’s illicit pursuit of nuclear weapons.

          I urge you to step back and clarify your remarks so that the world sees that there is no daylight between the United States and Israel. As you personally stated during an appearance with President Obama in March, “We are you, and you are us. We’re together. So if there’s one thing that stands out clearly in the Middle East today, it’s that Israel and America stand together.”

          Thank you for that statement. I am hoping to hear that statement again.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator


VIDEO- Barbara Boxer: Eric Cantor "took his little blankie and went home."


I'm so grateful that I live in California and have Barbara Boxer as my senator.

"...Eric Cantor stalked out of the talks, stalked out! 'I don't want to be part of this!' He took his little blankie and went home." (At about 6:00)

"They want everything their way. My way or the highway."

"They don't want to touch millionaires and billionaires. God forbid they should pay $5 more a year to help us."

"Let's see, that's three branches: 2/3 run by the Democrats, the Republicans want it all."

"We've come a long way from where we want to come. Where have they come? They haven't come toward us."

"We are here in a man made crisis. This is unnecessary. This has never been done before. We raised the debt ceiling 18 times when Ronald Reagan was president."

"We have to pledge allegiance to the flag, not Grover Norquist." (At about 13:47)     

And there's this, via Digby:

For me this isn't a shocking disappointment. I have felt that this whole process was a disaster from the beginning and it really doesn't matter to me if the Democrats eke out a couple of concessions about defense cuts or close a few loopholes "in return" for these cuts. That isn't "shared sacrifice," it's asking the poorest, oldest and sickest among us to give up a piece of their meager security in exchange for the wealthy giving up some tip money and the defense industry giving up a couple of points of profit. It's stripping the nation of necessary educational, safety and environmental protections while the wealthy greedily absorb more and more of the nation's wealth and the corporations and financial industry gamble with the rest.

The idea that they are even talking about this at a time of nearly 10% official unemployment with the economy looking like it's going back into recession (if it ever left) makes this debate surreal and bizarre. To cut the safety net and shred discretionary spending in massive numbers at a time like this is mind boggling. That it's happening under a Democratic President and a Democratic Senate is profoundly depressing.

But it's happening. And sadly, I still think it will be mostly Democrats who end up voting for it.