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Government = Protection Racket for the 1 Percent


JP Morgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, left, and Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein leave the White House in Washington in 2009 following a meeting between chief executives and President Barack Obama. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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VIDEO: Banker leaves 1% tip, tells waitress to "get a real job"


Via Yahoo:

UPDATE: According to The Smoking Gun, the restaurant says they found the original merchant copy, and the receipt going around the Web is Photoshopped. We are waiting to hear back from the restaurant for confirmation.

Video by . FYI, there is a moment of pretty graphic language at about 3:45, so lower the volume at work.

A banker ordered over $130 worth of food at a restaurant in Newport Beach, California, and then left a 1% tip and a nasty note. Yes, Mr. One Percent is so enamored with his own financial status that he felt it necessary to belittle his server and 99% of America.

What exactly is a "real job" Banker Putz? Does it include long hours working your ass off in order to earn barely enough money to pay rent/mortgage, food bills, medical bills, education bills, clothing bills, transportation to and from work at which you serve people who can afford to pay you?

Or is it sitting in a corporate jet getting corporate foot massages and eating catered corporate gourmet meals trotted out by servants who you can delight in insulting on the way to the next corporate meeting?

Here's an idea, Mr. One Percent: Create some "real jobs" at which there are improved working conditions that would prohibit abuse like the kind you dished out.


Yahoo has more.

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