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Biden: US to appeal dismissal of Blackwater charges


By GottaLaff

Paddy's computer is being eaten alive by evil intruders, and I'm still under the weather, so please bear with us.

That said, let's talk Blackwater. They never cease to provide us with mounds of controversy. Allow me to quote myself:

I previously posted about how much an Iraqi life is worth to Blackwater. And prior to that, I posted about charges being dismissed against them in the deadly 2007 shooting.

In fact, every post I write about Blackwater is jam packed with death and destruction, ethics vacuums, and overall creepiness. And yet the U.S. government still has them on their payroll.

Veep Biden made noises about an appeal, and whaddya know! He kept his noisy promise:

Speaking at a joint appearance with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad, Biden said he was "disappointed" with the ruling, and that the Justice Department would file the appeal next week.

The September 2007 shootout in Baghdad's Nusoor Square left 17 Iraqis dead and two dozen wounded.

I hope they get somewhere with this. I'd love to write up a post with a happy ending for a change.


Judge dismisses all charges against Blackwater guards in deadly Baghdad shooting.


By GottaLaff

This turns my stomach. I can't see how the Blackwater thugs can skate on this. Via an e-mail alert:

WASHINGTON (AP) Judge dismisses all charges against Blackwater guards in deadly Baghdad shooting.

More when I get it. Meantime, Cable Guy is here, and I'll be offline for a few, so this is all I can post on this for now.

UPDATE, via an L.A. Times alert:

A federal judge has dismissed all charges against five Blackwater Worldwide security guards charged in a deadly Baghdad shooting in 2007.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina said today the Justice Department overstepped its bounds and wrongly used evidence it was not allowed to see. He said the government's explanations have been contradictory, unbelievable and not credible.

Blackwater contractors were hired to guard State Department diplomats in Iraq. Prosecutors say the guards fired on unarmed civilians in a busy intersection, killing innocent people.

More soon at:

UPDATE: Here is the document dismissing Blackwater. This should go over well with already-angry-at-America types.