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Oh f***! Parents group wants FCC to crack down on CBS over Flacco's F-bomb after Super Bowl win


lalala I can't hear you hands over ears 2

NippleGate, aka Janet Jackson's infamous Superbowl "wardrobe malfunction," caused a huge uproar, an abundance of hand wringing, passing out on fainting couches, a surge in smelling salts and hand-fan sales, and outrage-- outrage!-- over such tawdritude being aired on the Tee Vee Machine.

Oh, and let's not forget the upswing in lawyer employment. The Hill:

CBS has been involved in years of legal battles after it aired a split-second view of singer Janet Jackson's partially exposed breast following a "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

Which brings us to yesterday's Superbowl win by the Baltimore Ravens. As I watched and heard Flacco's spontaneous Moment of Sheer Ecstasy, I turned to Mr. Laffy, he turned to me, and we both cracked up and said something like, "Uh oh. They just caught him saying f**k on live television, right?" Right:

Immediately after the game ended, an exuberant Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens's quarterback, could be heard saying "f---ing awesome" to one of his teammates.

Well THAT didn't sit well with the Parents Television Council at ALL. Harrumph! They are boiling mad! How DARE a deliriously happy Superbowl hero not think before he spoke? How DARE CBS let an impromptu expletive change the lives-- forever-- of thousands-- no, MILLIONS-- of unsuspecting children?! How DARE that momentary blur of a word make its way into our living rooms?! Time to for action! Again.

Of course, allowing our kids to watch and/or partake in the violent game of football, that's fine and dandy. All those resulting brain injuries, they're perfectly acceptable. Just as long as children aren't exposed to *gasp!* a word.

But too late now. They've been corrupted. Clearly, kiddies everywhere will turn to lives of prostitution and icky video game-playing, of drugs and rock and roll, and worst of all, of instantly morphing into -- dun-dun-dun-n!-- liberals!

Yet this is hunky dory:

dad child gun

More here.


VIDEO- GOP MI male State Rep. on "vagina" ban of Dem. female reps: "It's like giving a kid a time out for a day."


So now the Michigan GOP  state representative is saying this word didn't bother them...

... Saying, "No means no" did:

Via Daily Kos.


More: http:/

Republicans claim they don't understand how we got started talking about the "war on women" - they apparently forgot that they launched the attack on women's health? Now, they just can't help saying what they really think of the strong women who spoke out on the House floor last week.

I've been saying this since the infuriating incident first happened: This is about control and treating women as if they're tantruming children because they use words like "vagina," "vasectomy," and *gasp!* "no."

Michigan GOP state Rep. Wayne Schmidt:

"It wasn't about body parts. It wasn't about dissent. It wasn't about anyone's religious beliefs. It was that last comment that took it a step too far, and that's what crossed the line about ... The 'no means no' comment. That went a step too far. As I said to someone up north here, it's like giving a kid a time out for a day, you know. Hey, time out."

You know what's really offensive? Cowardly, irresponsible, infantile Republican men who are so afraid of  evil, scary smart, rational women that they punish them with time-outs to eliminate a non-existent problem rather than allowing their smart, rational, elected female counterparts to do their jobs.


VIDEO- BLUNT song parody: Vagina!


I couldn’t resist writing another song parody, this time about some legislators, specifically the infamous Michigan Males, censoring and banning female members who dared to utter the words "vagina" and "vasectomy"! Oh noes!

(I just noticed from the freeze frame that my video program failed to add the apostrophe in "We'll"... it does that. Sigh.)

You have a voice, now use it.

For more information about how to contribute to Blunt, follow this link.

It’s your turn. Go.


Vaginas take back the capitol with Michigan women lawmakers performing "Vagina Monologues"


Never underestimate the power of the vagina. As I prepare a new BLUNT song parody video about this very topic, I am heartened by the women legislators in Michigan retaliating against the males who banned them from the House floor for daring to utter the anatomically correct term, "vagina" while defending women's constitutional reproductive rights.

As you may recall, Reps. Barb Byrum and Lisa Brown introduced an amendment to apply the same regulations to vasectomies that GOP lawmakers wanted to add to abortion services. Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas (R) didn't like that they used the word "vasectomy" and Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, was offended by the word “vagina”.  

As I said in a previous post, it's okay with men like those two to penetrate a vagina with an ultrasound probe or even their own anatomy, but saying it out loud is something “you can’t say in mixed company.” So boinking in mixed company is fine, but a woman must not mention the very thing he boinks.

Enter (no pun) Eve Ensler, author of “Vagina Monologues”:

Monday, June 18, 2012 5:00pm until 8:00pm in EDT

Michigan Capitol Building - 100 North Capitol Ave (btw.West Allegean & West Ottawa)

EVE ENSLER is flying to Michigan to take back the capitol with a special performance of The Vagina Monologues, starring Eve herself, along with your favorite legislators!

So far, the cast includes Eve Ensler, along with:

Sen. Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor)
Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing)
Rep. Barb Byrum (D- Onondaga)
Rep. Stacy Erwin Oakes (D-Saginaw)
Rep. Dian Slavens (D- Canton Township)
Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D- Detroit)
Rep. Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield)
Rep. Vicki Barnett (D-Farmington Hills)
Rep. Joan Bauer (D-Lansing)

...with more to be announced soon!

Via Raw Story:

The play in considered a feminist manifesto and supporters hope that it will help to raise awareness of conservative encroachments on the rights of women.

The provincial team of Stamas and Callton are about to feel the wrath of women scorned. By the way, do these two ever say the word "penis" out loud? Just asking.


VIDEO: Female MI Rep. to male GOP House leader: “I’m flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no."


Two Michigan (home of Gov. Ricky Snyder of Financial Martial Law infamy) Democratic state legislators, both female, were silenced by their House leader (male) for trying to reduce access to vasectomies... and for uttering the "medically correct terms" vagina and vasectomy.

That's what they got for trying to stand up for women's rights, those silly, foul-mouthed girls! Don't they know their place by now?

Think Progress:

Reps. Barb Byrum and Lisa Brown introduced an amendment to apply the same regulations to vasectomies that GOP lawmakers wanted to add to abortion services. [...]

Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas (R) was “uncomfortable with me saying vasectomy,” Byrum explained, noting that no one told her why she had been banned or how long it would last.

War on Women? What War on Women? Don't be ridiculous!

And from The Detroit News:

House Republicans prohibited state Rep. Lisa Brown from speaking on the floor Thursday after she ended a speech Wednesday against a bill restricting abortions by referencing her female anatomy.

Brown, a West Bloomfield Democrat and mother of three, said a package of abortion regulation bills would violate her Jewish religious beliefs that pregnancy be aborted to save the life of the mother.

So if a Jew presents religion as an argument, it's not valid. Got it. Only Catholics can do that.

To make matters worse, Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, was offended by the word "vagina". Apparently he can penetrate one with an ultrasound probe or even his own anatomy, but saying it out loud is something "you can't say in mixed company." He boinks in mixed company, so why can't a woman mention the very thing he, erm, mixes company with?

Lisa Brown: "We're all adults here."

No, Lisa, apparently that's where you're wrong.


Utah County parents protest schools' promotion of 'democracy'


By GottaLaff

The D word! Oh noes! Kids, cover your ears! Adults, watch your mouths!

Some Utah County parents are calling on the Alpine School District to stop spreading "false educational ideas." First and foremost, the parents say, the district needs to clamp down on its use of the D-word: "democracy."

Why... sputter, sputter... How. Dare. They? Words like d... de... de-e-m-m o... democracy (whew! I barely got that out, it was made of such nasty dirty filthy wrong) should be banned! Redacted! Removed from dictionaries!

Why, why... that's a gateway word!! Next thing you know, an innocent child may slip and morph right into big f***ing deal!

Yes, it's actually come to this:

This week, a spokeswoman for Utah's Republic, a group that advocates for a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, asked the Alpine Board of Education to scrap its democracy-centered mission statement. [...]

But this nation is a republic, not a democracy, said Oak Norton, a Highland father of five and the founder of Utah's Republic. The Constitution guarantees every state a "republican form of government." "Karl Marx said, 'Democracy is the road to socialism,' " Norton said. A true democracy, he said, relies solely on majority rule and inevitably devolves into anarchy, which then sprouts socialist dictators.

That's commie Marxist gay abortionist French fascist socialist Jewish Muslim dictators to you, Elm.

Sorry... Oak.

But never fear, the board stands by its language. Good. We'd hate for a guy named after a tree to dictate anything to a place of education.

The Alpine board:

"We chose 'our democracy' to reflect both a government with power vested in the people and our freedoms. We not only recognize that our government is a republic, but we value and participate in this form of government with an elected Board of Education," the statement said. "The use of the word democracy underscores the type of republic found in the United States."

Gee, ya think?

You can read more about the end of the United States as we know it here.


American Muslims Rip Pamela Geller/CPAC Session on "Islamic supremacism"


By GottaLaff

CPAC: It's CBa-a-a-ack:

A panel discussion on the threat posed by "Islamic supremacism," Shariah and political correctness has been scheduled for this week's Conservative Political Action Conference, stirring complaints from some American Muslims that the exercise amounts to Muslim-bashing.

Conservatives? Bash Muslims? What a surprise:

"It's unfortunate that a conservative conference would be in any way associated with Muslim bashers and Islamophobes," said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "It's a free country. They're free to be anti-Muslim bigots if they like, but it's really up to the organizers of CPAC to determine if they're going to allow their conference to be associated with the hate-filled views of those who will be speaking."

One guess who's behind this:

[Pamela] Geller, publisher of the blog, is putting on the talk with Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer. Both are fierce critics of Islam.

Remember Pammy? No? Then allow me to refresh your memory: