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Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) "jokes" about blowing up newspapers

not funny

Why, it seems like only yesterday that I posted: "House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) jokes that murder would make his job easier." Oh wait. It was yesterday:

I’ve always wondered about so-called “pro-lifers” and their hypocritical obsession with guns, and then there’s that conservative fixation on rape. Now we have the GOP House Majority Whip making murder jokes. He must be one of those Family Values types.

And now it's today. Meet Governor LeCrass, the Republican leader of the great state of Maine. He, too, is one of those "pro-life" Family Values types.

Via the Portland Press Herald:

Gov. Paul LePage made his dislike of the Portland Press Herald abundantly clear Friday while sitting in a fighter jet simulator: He said from the cockpit that he would like to blow up the newspaper's building.

The Republican governor made the offhand remark while participating in a fighter jet simulation at Pratt & Whitney, a defense contractor in North Berwick. In video footage from the event, LePage is asked, "What would you like to do?" He replies: "I want to find the Portland Press Herald building and blow it up." [...]

At least twice, he has told students that his biggest fear is newspapers. He once said that buying a copy of a newspaper is like paying someone to lie to you.

Oh come on, this was clearly just a slip of the tongue. Nobody in his position espousing his views in front of his people would utter a hostile, violent one-liner like that more than once:

Later in the event, a television reporter from WMTW asked LePage again if he had any targets. The governor answered: "The Press Herald and the Bangor Daily News."

not funny hahaha no

The video of his so-called quip is here, right at the beginning.


House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) jokes that murder would make his job easier


not funny hahaha no

I've always wondered about so-called "pro-lifers" and their hypocritical obsession with guns, and then there's that conservative fixation on rape. Now we have the GOP House Majority Whip making murder jokes. He must be one of those Family Values types.

Via The Hill:

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) expressed admiration for his “House of Cards” alter-ego during a luncheon in Newport Beach, Calif., and said one violent plot twist struck him as particularly satisfying.

He literally murders one member,” McCarthy said about Kevin Spacey, who plays a Democratic majority whip on the Netflix show. “If I could murder one member, I’d never have to worry about another vote.”

Lovely imagery. Violence and killing are hilarious, aren't they? What a card (no pun).

Now imagine if Nancy Pelosi had made that same joke. They'd be calling for her head, feigning all kinds of outrage, somehow blame Obama for his evil, "exotic," Kenyan homicidal influence on her, and call for his impeachment.


John McCain's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Joke


John McCain

Remember when John McCain thought this was funny?

It wasn't. It wasn't funny.

Again-- and I say this as someone who has performed and taught comedy for years-- if your audience isn't laughing, it's not funny. If you have to explain yourself, it's not funny.

What's that old saying? If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Or a tasteless joke.

But that doesn't stop Cranky McLowbrow.

Via First Read:

Always one to speak -- or Tweet -- his mind, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Monday made a joke comparing Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a monkey, something one Republican congressman charged was “racist.”

I retort, you deride:

tweet mccain iran racist joke monkeyLink

What a knee-slapper, huh? He sure knows how to turn a phrase. And Senator Undiplomatic had the nerve to rip into Chuck Hagel? Then again, war-monger McCain would do just about anything to provoke Iran.

When people responded with disgust, here was his thoughtful, sensitive reply:

tweet mccain iran racist joke monkey 2Link

Which brought this accusation of racism from Michigan congressman Rep. Justin Amash:

tweet mccain iran racist joke monkey 3Link

His feeble attempts at humor are already pretty wizened, Rep. Amash.


VIDEO-- Tommy Thompson's son at WI GOP event: "We have the opportunity to send Obama back to Chicago-- or Kenya."


UPDATE via Andrew:

The Thompson campaign emails: “The Governor has addressed this with his son, just like any father would do. Jason Thompson said something he should not have, and he apologizes.”

Thanks to our buddy Andrew Kaczynski for catching this.

Jason Thompson, the son of Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson at a GOP brunch:

"We have the opportunity to send Obama back to Chicago-- or Kenya." (laughter)

As you can see by the very short video, RNC chair Reince Priebus was a participant. You can also hear a woman at the very end retort with this side-splitting little comeback:

“We are taking donations for that Kenya trip.”

What a knee-slapper. Those Republicans sure have wit. And by wit I mean poor taste, racist tendencies, and underdeveloped IQs.

Gee, I guess Ann Coulter was wrong (stating the obvious):


 "Where are all these racists?"

Um, Ann? See the video above this one for your answer.


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VIDEO: Louie Gohmert (R, TX-1) jokes about hitting "Nancy Pelosi" with a golf club


Via Truth Ticker:

[W]ho doesn't fantasize about hitting a 70 year old woman with a golf club?

Oh, but that's not all. Please hop over to TT for the other clip.


Rick Perry's joke bombs at Latino convention


Rick Perry isn't even running yet (I repeat, yet), and he's already embarrassing himself (well, embarrassing himself again) in front of prospective voters. Or as I like to call it, what was he thinking?

Perry apparently believes cracking a joke about the pronunciation of a Hispanic name will ingratiate him to... people with Hispanic names.

Of course, he also has a little problem with having pushed a photo ID law, as well as local police enforcement of federal immigration laws, a la Arizona's SB 1070 "Papers Please" bill. Supporting voter intimidation and racial profiling against his own audience is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, a real knee-slapper. What fine judgment, compassion, and comedic skills SpongeRick HairPants has.

Via the Seattle Times:

Gov. Rick Perry received a tepid response when he addressed the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials on Thursday, joking about the pronunciation of a Hispanic appointee's last name and frequently staring blankly at the audience when they failed to respond to his conservative applause lines.

He joked about how perfect it was to appoint Jose Cuevas to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission... because-- wait for it-- his name sounds like Jose Cuervo. Thud.

On the Official Laffy Cringeworthy Humor Scale of 1-100, that gets a 200.

Then he went on to describe Texas as a land of opportunity. That would be the same land of opportunity that suppresses the right to vote and be Latino.

Perry often stopped for applause and heard only the clink of forks on plates as he stared out at the crowd, a stark contrast to the jubilant reception he's received at recent Republican events. Many in the audience had never heard of him before.

Don't forget to tip your server.

More here.


Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX): "How often can you go see a bunch of white guys play basketball?"


Imagine if President Obama had said this.

Tea Potty Caucus member and House Republican campaign chief Pete Sessions is such a (race) card:

"How often can you go see a bunch of white guys play basketball?" Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) said of seeing the Ivy League school's hoops team play, sources told POLITICO. One said at least two black GOP House candidates were in attendance at the time — but there was no rebuke of Sessions from his colleagues.

White men can't... joke.