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Bullying - Learned In School, Practiced In The Adult World - It Must Stop



We've all been exposed in real life to bullying -- either as an innocent bystander, perhaps even as a swept-up in the moment participant or sadly as a victim. Let's be real with ourselves, even if we can't be with others. We're more likely to have contributed at some point than to have rushed to someone's defense. That doesn't make us bad. It means we're all human and we're all vulnerable. Nobody wants to be on the outside looking in. There are pressures many times to join in or be ostracized ourselves. So we take the weak or cowardly way out. The course of least resistance.

Like sucking our thumbs or picking our noses, we generally outgrow these dirty habits. Some of them are learned naturally, others in school. They generally start when we're young and vulnerable. That's where they're most likely going to be corrected. Yet for many, the bad habits continue on to later in life when the damage can be even worse.

If we don't find ourselves early enough, if we don't develop the strength to stand up for justice, fairness and tolerance for others not as well off or popular, the future isn't pretty. Below is a video that's worth looking at.

Bullying - Catch it early or it'll catch us: The translation at the end says,

"A day of work doesn't have to be like this. Nor a day at school. Bullying is learned!"


Retired GOP congressional staffer: Bush tax cuts didn't create jobs, budget deficits "were Republican in origin."


Today's L.A. Times has an op-ed written by Mike Lofgren. Who's Mike Lofgren, and why should I care, you may be wondering? Why, he's a retired congressional staffer, I reply. In fact, he's a Republican. He worked in both the House and Senate Budget Committees.

In his piece, Lofgren the Republican discusses the budget deficit, and explains (as very few do on the Tee Vee Machine) that raising the debt ceiling is not about more spending. It's about paying back what we already owe, and that we must pay "for past congressional decisions on taxes and spending, and those decisions were made primarily when Republicans were in charge."

He should know.

He also points out that the GOP, while heaping the blame on Democrats, hasn't exactly come up with any ideas of their own.

My party talks a good game, railing about the immorality of passing debt on to our children. But the same Congressional Budget Office that punctured Obama's budget also concluded that the major policies that swung the budget from a projected 10-year surplus of $5.6 trillion in 2001 to the present 10-year deficit of $6.2 trillion were Republican in origin. [...]

The Bush tax cuts have added another $3 trillion in red ink. While Republican leaders wail that Americans — particularly their rich contributors — are overtaxed, the facts say otherwise: U.S. taxpayers, particularly the wealthiest, pay far less in taxes than they would in most other developed countries. Today, the 400 wealthiest Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 125 million. The GOP insists that those wealthy people use their money to create jobs, and that taxing them more heavily would ultimately hurt the economy. But, if that's so, why was the rate of job creation in the decade after the Bush tax cuts the poorest in any decade since before World War II?

Like a drunk swearing off hooch for the hundredth time, Republicans are now trying to show they are serious about controlling the deficit...

That's right, he just compared the GOP to alcoholics who, like so many addicts, swear they can quit if they want to. You see, they said they were going to quit (control the deficit), but they were just saying it, they really didn't mean it.

Please read the whole thing here.


Video- John Boehner's a wee bit touchy about bad habits


Oh remember back when all the wingers were nattering on about how President Obama's smoking showed he had no self control and was easily swayed by "addictions"? Ah huh. Via Gawker.