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Rep. Steve King Is Trying To Kill Us


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Eat diseased food, you'll get sick or even worse, you'll die.

That's why we have Federal food inspectors who keep the chances of disease ridden food from making it to our shelves. As least we have it now, but if Republican Steve King has his way, that won't be the case much longer. And if you're like me, you become suspicious when a committee's findings are are being kept hush-hush. Fruther that suspicion when a silent amendment is being sought. You start wondering what it is that the Tea Party extremist Steve King is afraid we'll all find out? Could it be he favors animal cruelty, substandard food quality, sick and diseased animal bi-products being used, tainted ingredients, unregulated chemical content, unsafe food handling -- or all of the above?


A group of law professors have written to the House and Senate blasting a controversial amendment to the farm bill currently undergoing negotiations.

In it, they reportedly criticize the Protect Interstate Commerce Act introduced by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an Amendment that seeks to limit states’ power to supervise their own farming standards. If passed, the amendment would ban states from requiring agricultural and livestock conditions that are stricter than those in other states, so long as the products are intended for out-of-state sale.

The experts allege that the amendment is a food safety risk, writing that there is “a significant likelihood that many state agricultural laws across the country will be nullified, that public health and safety will be threatened, and that the amendment could ultimately be deemed unconstitutional.”

Fortunately, there are hundreds of protesters to this bill. And coming out against this heinous lack of restrictions are a bi-partisan group on Capitol Hill: 23 Senators and 169 Congresspeople. But it's not just shaking the foundations in Washington. This absurd, dangerous self serving bill by Steve King is being fought by hundreds of other organizations. I highly recommend you look over this list to find out who is supporting us by bashing Steve King and his Republican cohorts as they wish to flood the market with tainted food. Click here for the list.

Keep your eyes open. If King and his Tea Party people have their way, they'll literally kill you.


Did You Have Tyson Bacon With Your Breakfast Today?


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Cooking for many is a passion. For others, it's an obligation. For even others, it's an elusive skill. But one thing that we all have in common is we enjoy a good meal. It's even made more special when it's a home cooked dining experience. Somehow a well made home meal, despite the fact that it can take a lot of planning and preparation (compared with the relatively short time it takes to devour) makes everyone, especially the cook, feel good.

Maybe the least likable part of the making the special meal is shopping for ingredients, yet it's perhaps the most important. You can't make an omelette without eggs, and meat loaf is hard to cook without some ground beef.

There's a lot to consider along with just figuring out the menu. There's the freshness of components, the price of the items you'll need and the time the entire shopping process takes. If you're going to be preparing and cooking for hours, convenience always enters into into consideration as well. Many times we'll consider partially prepared elements so we only have to add them to the process and not actually make them from scratch-- things like a prepared pie crust, a prepared spaghetti sauce or a pre-cooked chicken to add to our "home made" chicken pie. It's okay. All cooks do that from time to time. Time is precious and we look for convenience.

What we don't spend enough time on though is the consideration into the brand or how a particular company chooses and prepares it's product before our purchase and use.

We grab a container of eggs without giving the method of collection much thought. We have the FDA to make sure the product is clean and safe. We buy chicken, beef and now that we're approaching Thanksgiving, turkeys figuring they're humanely raised and slaughtered, done under clean and the safest methods possible. All that most of us think about is the bottom line -- the price.

Actually, there's more to think about if we're going to be responsible shoppers. And that's how the products are raised, harvested and delivered. It's important though to consider how humanely this process was handled.

Despite the price, wouldn't you boycott an item if you knew it as using sweatshop labor, child abuse or slaves to manufacture the item-- some jeans, shirts, shoes or other fashion item? We speak out for these victims by refusing to buy the products that are made with substandard labor.

Well, what about with food? Isn't it time we avoid blatantly abusive companies that don't stand up to industry standards? Those that routinely torture the animals used for products?

Tyson, a company you've undoubtedly heard of and seen in your local grocery chain is one such violator of animal cruelty laws.  And the attached video is all you need to see, if you can stomach it. None of this kind of behavior is proper, necessary or legal. But yet we support Tyson with our purchases of their products.

If this disgusts you as much as it does me, seek out an alternate. Don't tell Tyson this is okay by just turning your back on the animals that are sacrificed to bring us our daily meals. I'm not saying you should become a vegan. I won't. I love my meat products, but I will avoid any company that won't humanely treat their livestock while raising them, or harvest them as painlessly as possible when their time comes.

Caution -- extremely disturbing footage:


This Makes Me Sick


baby pigs

I can't believe it. This has got to be a plot.  I love bacon and now I'm getting scared.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Migrates To U.S.

One  of my greatest pleasures is to make my Sunday family meal.  We usually have about ten people.  It's an event.  The meals run four or five courses, include all types of fresh ingredients, fish, meat, poultry, vegitables.  But most importantly, there's never been a meal that at least one of the dishes didn't include God's gift to cooking, bacon.

That up to now perfect food, is what chef's across the world, well, sans the Muslim world, find as their go-to ingredient.  When in doubt, add bacon.  Now this.

bacon on a plate

Did you know that each year in the U.S. alone, more than 1.7 billion lbs. of bacon are consumed in food service?  That's more than 5 1/2 lbs per person.

I say forget immigration.  Forget voters rights.  Forget gun control.  Dear Congress, fix the bacon crisis or you'll really have a riot, or worse, pork grease on your hands.  Don't be surprised if your inactivity addressing this matter doesn't result in your suddenly getting pork chops, port loins, or even diseased strips of maple or smoke flavored port bellies in your mail.  Forget Racine.  You've got bigger strips of bacon to fry.

The word 'epidemic' is the operative one here.  The food service industry could be forced to shut down.  No Alfredo sauce.  No BLT's. No bacon cheeseburger. No bacon and eggs.  If you can show me one thing more important than saving our favorite animal raised to be slaughtered, go ahead.  And don't say chicken.  Even chicken tastes better wrapped in Bacon.

Bacon wrapped chicken

Thank goodness we didn't pass a farm subsidy bill last week.  We wouldn't have had money in it for scientific research to save the swine.  No we can add that funding and you'll find Republicans and Democrats in nonpartisan voting, approving the bill. Maybe even unanimous consent.

And this isn't just a problem in the US.  It's worldwide because we didn't catch it earlier.

The Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, also known as PED, was thought to exist only in Europe and China, but Colorado and 14 other states began reporting the virus in April, and officials confirmed its presence in May. The virus causes severe diarrhea, vomiting and severe dehydration in pigs.

The virus has been confirmed in about 200 hog facilities in 14 other states including Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota, according to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Veterinarians, scientists and animal lovers everywhere, please help.  The life you save today, may be the bacon on your plate tomorrow.  Don't let porcine diarrhea virus do to us what the swing flu did.  Put your efforts to good use.  And if there's any doubt to the urgency, consider this (as well as a sure Nobel Prize in Medicine):

Becton said the disease can spread quickly and has killed entire populations of pigs under 7 days old.

"As they get older, by the time they're weaned at around 3 weeks of age, death loss can be around 80 percent or in severe cases upwards of 100 percent.


Video- Bacon Enthusiasts Converge in Iowa for Festival


Not political, it just amused me. Now a garlic festival I understand!