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Chris Christie takes questions in CA: The duck starts here


chris christie make me answer questions

Chris Christie appeared with California's guaranteed loser GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari and decided to duck take questions. I haven't seen this much dodging since Mitt Romney was grilled about his tax returns.

The Los Angeles Times stressed Christie's rebuttal of Governor Rick Perry's (Ignoramus- TX) idiotic comparison of gays to alcoholics. They should have emphasized how many questions he decided to sidestep instead.

Why, here's one now!

As Kashkari stood smiling by his side, before a flower-covered arch and a table full of houseplants, Christie was asked about another statement Perry made Wednesday night, hailing Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton as a "great secretary of State."

"I have to tell you the truth, I haven't spent a lot of time analyzing Secretary Clinton's time at the State Department," Christie said. "If there comes a time I need to, then I'll give you my analysis then, but I don't have one now."

As they insist on saying on MSNBC, let's "unpack" that.

1. "I have to tell you the truth..." Since when?

2. "I haven't spent a lot of time analyzing Secretary Clinton's time at the State Department." Of course you haven't, dear. Probably the same teeny tiny amount of time you've set aside to ponder your upcoming swearing in at a Bridgegate hearing/trial. In other words, you've devoted more prep time to those issues than you have to your own shills family.

3. "I'll give you my analysis the, but I don't have one now." Meaning, his "people" haven't parsed his very, very prepared responses enough yet knowing he'd likely say the wrong thing lie again.


Christie, famous in New Jersey for his brusque manner and dismissive treatment of reporters, sarcastically brushed aside a question asking him to lay out his position on immigration and the possibility of legislation passing a starkly divided Congress. "I'm sure you'd love me to do that and, in fact, what I want to do in a flower warehouse, I want to give you a very complex answer behind a set of microphones on a contentious issue that's driving debate all across the country," he said to laughter from an audience of several dozen Kashkari supporters. "No, thank you."

His expertise is clearly dancing around (watch at your own risk)...

chris christie dancing

And who can forget this familiar refrain?

chris christie bridge is closed

He was even more abrupt when asked about new revelations that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the agency at the center of a scandal involving his administration's lane closings last year at the George Washington Bridge, is facing an inquiry by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. "Any other questions?" Christie asked, turning away from the reporter.

Not even a nasty comeback a la "You're an idiot," Gov. Who Moi? Maybe he was on good behavior because he was surrounded by blue state Californians. Nah, it was likely due to a short legal leash. His lawyers probably warned him to keep his big, arrogant mouth shut. And the fact that he's a coward.

Moving on to the grand finale in which he finally chose to answer a direct question:

"Is there a way to impeach yourself?" one asked. "Unfortunately for you," Christie responded, "no."

The blog headline could very well have been "The dick starts here."


VIDEO- David Axelrod: Why won't Romney be straight with the American people?


David Axelrod was on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, just as RNC Chair Reince Priebus was, along with his imaginary Team Romney policy "specifics."

"I guess he's not qualified..."

"He still hasn't disclosed any years before 2010. His father was the one who set the standard."

"The bigger issue is... he isn't being straight about what he's going to do about everyone else's taxes.... I don't think anybody has seen those specifics."

And it's doubtful anybody will, unless somehow, some way, a very persistent debate moderator draws those specifics out (if indeed, one exists).


VIDEO: Reince Priebus falsely claims Romney has provided policy specifics


As I watched "This Week's" George Stephanopoulos interview Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, my jaw dropped. Not only did Priebus sound like he was hung over from a bad night on Ambien, but he also carried on Team Romney's tradition of spouting blatant hypocrisy and provable lies.

That was after he had to make excuses for his own candidate's demeaning remarks about 47% of Americans.

He was right about one thing:

"This was the defining week in both campaigns."

It certainly was, and the polls tipping President Obama's way prove it. He went on to say:

"What type of America do we want? Do we want the cradle-to-grave, life-of-Julia, Obamacare-will-take-care-of-you-from-pre-school-to-death America...?"

In other words, do we want the tried and true programs like Medicare keeping us alive, do we want our kids to be covered under their parents' health care plans until they are 26, do we want to be cared for even if we have pre-existing conditions, do we want support from a leader who will help "take care of" us from birth through end-of-life? Or do we want privatized, for-profit vouchercare, we're-on-our-own schemes under a Romney/Ryan administration?

And this gem:

"Barack Obama's made everything worse, George!"


The fun didn't end there:

"I think that this is a different kind of campaign, George."

And by "different" he meant abysmal.

"I think that we had a good week last week."

And by "good" he meant abysmal.

He went on to lie about that pesky $700 billion and how the GOP will "save" Medicare. And by "save" he meant kill.

"As far as specifics go, we're the only ones talking about how to save Medicare. The president's the one that raided Medicare by $700 billion. I mean, we've got specifics coming out of our eyeballs."

And by "specifics" he meant evasion.

"These are kind, compassionate, extraordinarily generous people."

And by "kind, compassionate" he means entitled, insulting. And by "generous" he means Romney "did not declare all his charitable deductions — effectively paying more in taxes than required, and effectively disqualifying him from holding the office of president, per his own words."

And then Priebus actually had the nerve to call out Obama for taking time for "debate prep"? Ahem:

As Democrats wind down their national convention, Mitt Romney is wrapping up several days of intense debate prep at a home in the rural woods of Vermont.

Since Tuesday, Romney and several of his senior aides have been holed up at a vacation home owned by Kerry Healey, who was Romney's lieutenant governor in Massachusetts. All week, Romney has been doing mock debates with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who played Barack Obama for John McCain's debate prep in 2008 and is doing the same for Romney this time around.

It's a change of pace for the Republican presidential candidate who has made no secret of his distaste for debate preparations.

Great interview, Reince! And by "great" I mean epic fail.


VIDEO- Mitt Rommey and Seinfeld have something in common: Pitching "nothing"


Just as Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza pitched a show about nothing, so is Willard M. Romney pitching an entire campaign to American voters centered around absolutely nothing. Hopefully, unlike Seinfeld's and Costanza's fictional TV series, nobody's buying it.

There's plenty of fiction in the products Romney's trying to sell us, and there's also plenty of nothing. He refuses to offer details about his budget plan, he suggests the U.S. should "kick the ball down the field" in his comments about how to deal with ongoing crises in the Middle East at his $50,000 a plate fundraiser, and at that same event, he has nothing to say to 47% of America because it's not his job "to worry about those people."

He's got nothing.

He did give us one thing that was a pretty stupid "something," and that was to instruct Iran and Hezbollah on how they could smuggle a dirty bomb into Chicago and hold America hostage, which could ultimately leave many Americans with... nothing.

Of course, we voters did get something from what he said in those secret tapes, and that something was  his profound ignorance about this, which was astounding: He did not know the difference between a dirty bomb and a nuclear bomb.

Rachel Maddow takes it from there:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

"The United Nations of Wrong," indeed.

"A new list of problems" for Romney, indeed.

"They target poor people for taxes" indeed.

"This was not a misstatement, it was a blunt statement" indeed.

"Boom!" indeed.