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Needle In A Haystack Found -- On Google Earth


needle in a haystack

During this holiday season family plays a great part in our lives. Both our loved ones around us and those we've lost. For the "feel good" story of one lucky soul, a man named Saroo Brierley, his tale is made of the magic fairy dust which abounds this time of year. Abandoned at 5, adopted and raised in a foreign country, he had but a few precious memories of the time before his separation from his birth family -- a mother, and two siblings.

He never gave up hope, nor should we. He was filled with desire to someday find that needle in a haystack. Watch how he found the greatest treasure of all, thanks to modern technology, desire and a great memory:


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The Battle of Penises vs. Vaginas Rages 'Down Under'


paradise lily

The University of Sydney, in Australia, publishes a weekly magazine called Honi Soit which is an Anglo-Norman phrase, loosely meaning: "Shamed be he who thinks evil of it." This week they seemed to have reached a new level, down under.

A few years ago, to much fanfare and a huge response, the magazine cover featured a picture of a well endowed, naked penis. It drew quite a bit of conversation but there was no irreparable harm beyond some bruised male egos.

honi soit

This week the periodical published a provocative cover photo of 18 different vaginas to protest censorship and over-sexualization of lady parts. Honi Soit first attempted to print a cover with entirely naked genitalia then they decided to photo-shop the pictures.

As reported on HUFFPO, Honi Soit:

...was told by lawyers for the Students Representative Council to obscure the images. Then it published a version with the vulvae covered by black bars. However, the council, which operates the publication, determined that the black bars didn't hide enough and seized all 4,000 copies off shelves this week, Jezebel reported.

So here's where irony comes in. The cover never got circulated because it was censored, the newspaper said on its Facebook page. But that doesn't mean that the cover hasn't found its way to the internet. After all, you have a hard time keeping censorship news censored. So by pulling it off the shelves, doing the "banned in Boston" bit, they became and international sensation. If you are truly curious and have the need to see what's caused all of this rage, here it is: (WARNING: ADULT CONTENT - NSFW)


“The cover was meant to be an empowering message to women that they don’t need to be ashamed of their bodies," Editor-in-Chief Hannah Ryan told Jezebel. "This response, and the fact that it is possibly criminal, is therefore incredibly disappointing.”

For more on the story, straight from Down Under:


Aussi PM Thumps Bible-Thumping Zealot With Bible



I love being surprise when I read an article, watch a movie, enjoy a book or catch a short news feed. When my expectations are toyed with and someone does the unexpected, I find it most entertaining – or even more, enlightening.

Kevin Rudd

Australia's prime minister, Kevin Rudd, is a devout Christian. Recently he addressed a gathering of constituents and was attacked for his "evolving stand" on homosexuality and same sex marriage. What he does in this short clip is certainly not what I expected – and I think it’s worth the few minutes to see the PM tackle tough questioning from a Christian pastor, Matt Prator. PM Rudd walks through the land-mined filled battlefield of this bible-quoting radio host, turning the tables and then steamrolls right over him on his way to the promised land.