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Audio- Limbaugh Compares Students Who Receive Free School Meals To Family Pets


Via MM.


Audio- Deadbeat Dad Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh Rewrites "I Have A Dream" Speech Teabagger Style


What Tommy said, almost. I'm not that forgiving.


AUDIO: Limbaugh hopes "male millennials" will "take advantage" of "female millennials scared out of their panties"



stfu wheel of fortune wall

Listen to Rush Limbaugh wheeze his latest misogynistic shock-jockitude through his mouth-breathing face, via Media Matters:

Rush Limbaugh:

"The 24- and 25-year-old female millennials are scared out of their panties by me. And hopefully some male millennials are close by to take advantage of that when that happens."

No, Rush, they're not scared. They're repulsed.

So women voters, I have to ask: Does this guy really appeal to you?

Is this the vile, bottom-feeding spokesbeast who you choose to represent you?

Do you actually admire Limbaugh, support him, and "like" his Facebook page?

Do you share his wish for male millennials to "take advantage" of your daughters', nieces', granddaughters', and/or sisters' shed "panties"?

Is this the kind of message you want your daughters and sons to embrace?

If so, how very sad for you. You need as much help as he does.


Live Streaming Audio- President Obama Makes A Statement On Situation In Egypt




AUDIO-- Caught on tape, Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign manager: "I'm sorta holdin’ my nose for two years"


McConnell campaign manager hold my nose

Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) campaign manager, Jesse Benton, doesn't seem to be too thrilled with his boss or working for his boss's campaign:

"Between you and me, I’m sorta holdin’ my nose for two years, cause what we’re doin’ here is gonna be a big benefit to Rand in 2016, so that’s the long vision."

Way to get on his good side, Jess. Oh wait. He doesn't have a good side.

Think Progress: released a recording of McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton talking about his current job with Dennis Fusaro of Reformed Theological Seminary. Benton, who used to work for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), suggests he is only working on McConnell’s campaign to prepare for Rand Paul’s re-election campaign in 2016.

oopsie cat

This would be the same Jesse Benton who is "implicated in an alleged bribe possibly issued by another member of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign."

You can hear Benton discussing that in the audio when Fusaro asks him about (via The Hill) "allegations that he was aware of an alleged bribe given to Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson (R)" by  Ron Paul's  deputy national campaign manager. Back then, Benton was Paul's national campaign chairman. Benton denies knowing a thing:

Fusaro previously recorded a conversation between himself and Sorenson in which Sorenson says [Ron Paul's deputy national campaign manager, Demitri Kesari] approached him and his wife and gave them a check. The call took place shortly after Sorenson dropped his endorsement of Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-Minn.) presidential campaign and endorsed Paul.

Here's Rachel Maddow's segment on that very thing, or as she calls it, "an old scandal that got a big new life":

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Benton released this statement:

It is truly sick that someone would record a private phone conversation I had out of kindness and use it to try to hurt me. I believe in Senator McConnell and am 100 percent committed to his re-election. Being selected to lead his campaign is one of the great honors of my life and I look forward to victory in November of 2014.

If that statement is true, Benton has a funny way of showing his devotion.


Audio- Ted Nugent: "The Black Problem" Could Be Solved If Blacks Put "Heart And Soul Into Being Honest" And "Law-Abiding"


Unfortunately I think people are paying more attention to what Ted says these days, so it might be interesting to see what happens next time he shows up in my area to "perform". Interesting indeed. Via.


Audio- Rick Wiles, Christian Radio "Pastor", Gets Panties In Bunch Over Criticism From Rachel Maddow



I LOVE it when they get all sensitive and pouty. He's talking about us, btw. Via RWW.

I discovered that MSNBC's socialist news commentator Rachel Maddow played a soundbite of me on her program last night. Thank you, Rachel. I appreciate the publicity even though there aren't that many people watching MSNBC, but I'll take all the publicity I can get.

The people who do watch it, however, have a visceral hate for Jesus Christ and Christians. In fifteen years of full-time ministry, I have never read or heard such ugly, hateful, threatening, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous messages in my life. Ever. I won't even repeat them because some of the things that they said about our lord and savior Jesus Christ is so vulgar, so blasphemous, that it only could be uttered by people who are demon-possessed.

The spirit of Antichrist is loose in America. A man of lawlessness is in the White House. His followers hate Christianity. And most of the American Christian church has yet to realize the scope and depth of this hellish hate that is boiling in the Obamanistas towards anybody who dares to profess biblical Christianity and morality.

It is the same spirit that rose up in the Nazis in Germany towards the Jews. This time it will be the Christians in America who are locked up or put to death.

You gotta give it to him though, he does know how to crank hyperbole to 11.

Here's the piece Rachel did that got his knickers in such a twist.

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