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Cutting Through The Bullshit: Podcast: Laffy on the Nicole Sandler Show



Bullshit Forbidden

From the RadioOrNot website:

“Political discourse” and “Bullshit” are synonymous these days. It often feels like we need a dictionary to decipher and unpack some of the drivel that comes out of politicians mouths. Enter my old friend Stephen Goldstein. He’s an op-ed columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and author of a number of books including one of my favorites, Atlas Drugged: Ayn Rand Be Damned.

And now, he’s back with The Dictionary of American Political Bullshit! It’s a must-read, especially in today’s political climate.

Stephen joined in for a spirited discussion about bullshit this morning, and we had a spirited debate about the Florida Democratic primary for governor… just to show that on the left, we can disagree and still get along!

In the second hour, as she does every Tuesday morning, GottaLaff joined in from The Political Carnival to have fun with the news.

Here's ya go: the podcast


Asshat Idaho Congressman Proposes "Pretend" Bill Requiring Idaho Kids Read ‘Atlas Shrugged’



What a waste of time. Will he propose a non-bill requiring 4 hours of daily Fox viewing for all kids now? Go do the people's work and leave the punditry to the pundits.

BOISE – Coeur d’Alene Sen. John Goedde, chairman of the Idaho Senate’s Education Committee, introduced legislation Tuesday to require every Idaho high school student to read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and pass a test on it to graduate from high school.

When Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, asked Goedde why he chose that particular book, Goedde said to laughter, “That book made my son a Republican.”

Goedde said he doesn’t plan to press forward with the bill, but it was formally introduced in his committee Tuesday on a voice vote. He said he was sending a message to the State Board of Education, because he’s unhappy with its recent move to repeal a rule requiring two online courses to graduate from high school, and with its decision to back off on another planned rule regarding principal evaluations.

“It was a shot over their bow just to let them know that there’s another way to adopt high school graduation requirements,” Goedde said after the meeting. “I don’t intend to schedule a hearing on it.”


Bonus Cartoon of the Day- Romney Relief




"Atlas Shrugged" distributor will have to write checks to theaters to cover losses


The New York Post is reporting that the movie "Atlas Shrugged" is not exactly a boffo hit. In fact, eleven days after opening, its distributor will actually have to write checks to theaters to cover their losses. Ouch:

[T]he per-screen average for this amateurish Ayn Rand adaptation... plunged to an alarming $1,890 from $5,640 during its opening frame. Overall, the weekend's take was a scant $879,000 -- a whopping 48 percent drop despite adding 166 locations. Which certainly suggest they're running out of audience quick. [...]

That means that at some locations, distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures will be writing checks to theaters to cover the difference between receipts and operating expenses.


Coming to a theater near you: Atlas Shrugged, the movie


Back in June, I posted that Atlas Shrugged had begun filming whatever it was that they were filming.

Well, hang on to your shrugs, folks, Part One (of --oy-- three) is coming to a theater near you next year!

After nearly two decades of false starts, rights owner John Aglialoro greenlighted production on “Atlas Shrugged”  (Part one of three) in June 2010 and is reporting that the picture is in the final stages of post-production and is slated to be completely finished by the end of January 2011.

Producer Harmon Kaslow:

“The talent cast in the movie was selected on the basis of the director’s and producers’ belief in their acting skills without taking on the ‘distractions’ often associated with ‘A-List” talent.’”

Translation: They couldn't afford and/or attract the A-Listers.


Atlas Shrugged: The movie


What I find fascinating is the weeny little budget, as does Dave Weigel.

The long-brewing feature version of author Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" has begun shooting in Los Angeles as a $5 million indie produced by John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow.

Five million? That's it? Let's put this into perspective. Former Half-Gov CheckMeOut McWannabe's attempt at cable stardom would cost about $1 million per episode. Simon Cowell was offered approximately $100 million to stick it out for another year on American Idol.

So who's starring in this low-budget effort? Paul Johansson ("One Tree Hill") was cast as John Galt, Dagny Taggart will be played by Taylor Schilling ("Mercy) and the part of Henry Reardon went to Grant Bowler ("Ugly Betty").

I find that amusing. Especially the "Ugly Betty" reference.

Michael Lerner ("A Serious Man") was given the role of lobbyist Wesley Mouch, Nick Cassavetes plays Richard McNamara.

And Glenn Beck as The Beaver.

For more, please go here.