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So much for GOP "outreach": Asian Americans-- among other key groups-- heavily support Democrats


extreme makeover my ass

Republicans can sweartogod all they want that they're reaching out to African Americans, women, gays, Latinos, Catholics (the Pope is a "Marxist"! A Marxist, they tells us!), and anyone else I may have missed who isn't old, white, and male.

They can hold workshops to teach established Congress members how to talk to women and minorities (you mean to tell us they don't already know?), they can send Rand Paul to convince voters how into African Americans he and his party are (we'll just ignore those Civil Rights Act? Meh! and voter suppression things), they can tout their little political autopsies, they can talk to they're blue red in the face, but guess what?

It ain't workin'.

Now the Los Angeles Times confirms what many of us have been writing about for years: The GOP has also alienated Asian Americans. And just like so many other key voting groups, they're turning their backs on Republicans in droves. Please read the entire article, but meantime, here are some snippets:

After years of divided loyalties, Asian American voters have swung heavily behind the Democratic Party and its candidates, posing a serious threat to Republicans whose political base — older, whiter, more conservative — is shrinking by the day. (Although referred to as the Asian American community, "communities" might be a better word to reflect the diversity of groups tracing their roots from the Indian subcontinent to the Far East.)

The problem is every bit as acute as the GOP's widely chronicled difficulties with Latino voters. Though fewer in number, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population and a rapidly expanding part of the electorate, nationally and in battleground states such as Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia. [...]

In 1992, Republican George H.W. Bush won 55% of the Asian American vote against Democrat Bill Clinton. Last year, President Obama won 73% against Republican Mitt Romney, a better showing than the president's 71% support among Latinos, according to exit polls.

How's that outreach thing workin' for ya, GOP?


Asian-Americans Solidly Prefer Democrats



No rainbow for the Republicans.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Asian-Americans -- who were a key part, if sometimes overlooked, of President Barack Obama's 2012 electoral coalition -- solidly back the Democratic Party, with 57% identifying as or leaning Democratic, compared with 28% identifying as or leaning Republican. Thirteen percent are "pure" independents. However, the data suggest that a substantial portion of Asian-Americans are not entirely wedded to either of the major political parties: 46% first describe themselves as independent or other, and only when asked if they "lean" Republican or Democratic does the Democratic Party garner its majority support within this group.


Republicans did not perform well among Asian-Americans in the 2012 election, losing this group by an estimated 72% to 26% margin. Asian-Americans make up a small but growing portion of the total electorate, probably 3% in 2012. While both parties and the media have focused highly after the election on the similarly Democratically skewed Hispanic vote, these data are a reminder that the Republican Party suffers from a competitive problem with this minority bloc as well.


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