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How the NRA Helps Arm Child Soldiers and Enables Deadly Local Wars



Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Yes the gun lobby has enabled the arming of child soldiers -- even younger than 10-years-old --and the deadly raging of local militia wars around the world.  No, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is not selling small arms to militias; it is not recruiting child soldiers and giving them guns to fight for "rebel" forces around that commit atrocities; it does not directly sell firearms and weapons to rebel nations that commit massacres of its own people.

But the National Riffle Association has for years held up the United States endorsement of the international Arms Trade Treaty, which would provide a legal framework for limiting the profiteering of weapons that create killing fields, particularly in poorer nations.  [...]

Around the globe, over a billion children live in countries impacted by armed conflict that is fueled by small arms and conventional weapons. These children are at grave risk of being abducted and trafficked, used as soldiers and sex slaves, forced from their homes, attacked at school. [...]

Amazingly, the Obama White House has not yet taken a position on the next round of treaty negotiations that begin on March 18th.  If you counter that the treaty is not yet written so why should the president take a position at this time, then know this: "a round of treaty talks last July ended when the United States stepped away from the negotiating process," according to Amnesty International.  The political factor behind the US walking away was, at a political level, the NRA. [...]

But the NRA... is claiming ... that the Arms Trade Treaty would lead to door-to-door confiscation of guns in the United States. [...]

[T]he NRA has successfully kept the floodgates open for arms being supplied to outlaw governments, militias, mass rapists, and the coerced and vast child soldier market. [...]

One doesn't need to dig deep to know that Wayne La Pierre, chief honcho and for the NRA, is the oracle of mendacity, the chief flamer thrower of these incendiary deceptions.

Meanwhile, child soldiers are forcibly recruited and trained to become numbed robotic killers, women are raped by armed "rebels" and rogue national armies, and civilians wantonly killed – all by killers armed so that the NRA can raise funds and enhance gun manufacturing profits by promoting lies that the Arms Trade Treaty would result in gun confiscation in the US. [...]

[T]he NRA supports "the bad guys."

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