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The Hawks Are Circling the Capitol Looking for Another War to Start


Andy Marquis, reporter for, is our guest blogger of the day. He used to consider himself a Republican but not any more.  He changed his voter registration to Independent in 2011 and says that’s how it will remain.

Here’s his latest guest post:

The Hawks Are Circling the Capitol Looking for Another War to Start

Reports from NBC News and CBS News that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons against the rebellion in the civil war that has torn that country apart is being followed by the usual response from Senator John McCain (R: Arizona) among others.  McCain, appearing at a press conference, said President Barack Obama should prepare for military intervention in Syria.

"We urge the President of the United States to make whatever military preparations are necessary to show Assad that the United States is fully willing and able to impose the consequences that he has spoken of in the event these weapons are used," McCain said. "For deterrence to work it must be based on a credible threat."

McCain spoke along with Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, Senator Chris Coons of Delaware and Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.

"Time for talking about what to do may now be coming to a close and we may instead be left with an awful and very difficult decision," McCain said.  "We have now reached a point where there are weapons of mass destruction that may be used and also there is a significant question about the security of these weapons should Bashar Assad fall."

"We are all saying to President Obama, who has stated that there will be drastic consequences for Assad and his government if they use chemical and biological weapons, we’re with you," Lieberman said. "There’s strong support across Congress if the president takes the strong action that’s necessary to prevent a very, very — historically horrific — humanitarian disaster in Syria.”

This is the rhetoric that we’ve heard from the right for years.  Following the unsuccessful war on terrorism and the invasion of Iraq, hawks have sought for US intervention in Israel during The 34 Day War, as well as in Libya (the hawks supported going to war before they opposed it when Obama did do so) and Iran.  Now, with a very real threat occurring in Syria, the hawks are beating the war drums once again.

However, this time, it may end up being a necessary evil.


VIDEO: "There are clearly enough questions [about Gingrich] for the IRS to begin an investigation."


Newton Leroy Gingrich is in a heap-o'-trouble politically and he knows it, and now he could have some legal issues, too.

His response? Blame the media, demand apologies, brush it off with an "I'm not concerned about that."

All those aides who resigned en masse from his campaign knew better than to stick around, and we've known all along that his real aim was to make a few extra bucks, probably to pay off his $500,000 Tiffany bill. Who could blame him for needing a pricey cruise to escape from what he must have known was coming his way? Oh, that's right, we could.


GOP Presidential contender Newt Gingrich attacked the "elite media" Wednesday for running "hit pieces" against him, even as tax and ethics experts were telling ABC News that the recent reports on a charity Gingrich founded have spawned serious questions about the former House Speaker's business and charity empire.

"I think he's in a world of trouble from a tax standpoint," said Marcus S. Owens, who ran the IRS Exempt Organizations Division for ten years, and who now works in private practice in Washington. "There are clearly enough questions there for the IRS to begin an investigation."

Let the investigation begin.


Newt Gingrich Charity Paid Cash To Gingrich For-Profit Business


Newton Leroy Blingrich, give it up. You will not be the nominee, you're in it for the media exposure and money, and you're a hypocritical, dishonest, despicable s.o.b. By the way, how was that cruise? And is Callista doing a good job helping you run the campaign?  If I were you, I'd give her a lot of TLC before you leave her for someone else. After all, she's your biggest fan.

ABC has the goods:

A non-profit charity founded by Newt Gingrich to promote freedom, faith and free enterprise also served as another avenue to promote Gingrich's political views, and came dangerously close, some experts say, to crossing a bright line that is supposed to separate tax-exempt charitable work from both the political process and such profit-making enterprises as books and DVDs.

The charity, Renewing American Leadership, not only featured Gingrich on its website and in fundraising letters, it also paid $220,000 over two years to one of Gingrich's for-profit companies, Gingrich Communications. It purchased cases of Gingrich's books and bought up copies of DVDs produced by another of the former House speaker's entities, Gingrich Productions.

Of course, anyone running for the highest office in the land would be very concerned about so much as the appearance of anything inappropriate and do his level best to explain it when an ABC reporter asked:

"I'm not concerned about that. The American people aren't concerned about that. Try covering the speech," Gingrich said as he left a campaign event. When the reporter tried to follow up, Gingrich got in his waiting car and slammed the door.

If that doesn't reassure voters, nothing will. I'm pretty sure all those aides who resigned en masse from his campaign are extra crispy glad they're outta there.

Looks like he took an Evading the Press 101 course from Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin.

And let's not forget Newtie's history:

In the late 1990s Gingrich became the first sitting House Speaker to be censured and fined by the House Ethics Committee after being accused of drawing money from a tax-exempt organization to help finance his political activities. The IRS later cleared him on the charges, but not before the House ordered him to pay a $300,000 fine.

Much more here.


Natural gas, drilling fluids spewing from well, PA officials say


See? Drilling is safe, so keep it up! We need all that fossil fuel, because, you know, the gunk killing our shores just isn't enough:

Pennsylvania environmental officials say natural gas and drilling fluids are pouring from an out-of-control well in rural Clearfield County. [...]

Spadoni says the accident happened late last night when unexpectedly high gas pressure in the newly drilled EOG Resources well prevented crews from containing it.

So far, no injuries, and the polluted water hasn't reached a waterway. Gee, it's almost as if nothing happened at all, so why bother reporting it at all?

Anyone seen news of this anywhere? Me neither.

H/t: spedwybabs