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LIVE VIDEO: President Obama Makes Statement on Afghanistan 2:45 EDT


Obama afghanistan

The president is announcing his plans to keep about 10,000 troops in Afghanistan. Below is the email alert via Politico:

President Barack Obama will announce Tuesday that he plans to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan after the end of the year to continue training Afghan forces and supporting operations against Al Qaeda, a senior administration official said.

The announcement comes just two days after the president made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to renew his pledge to end all combat operations by the end of the year and meet with commanders on the ground about steps forward.

"We will only sustain a military presence after 2014 if the Afghan government signs the Bilateral Security Agreement," the official said, referring to the document that so far outgoing Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign but both candidates to succeed him have said they would.

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PhotOH! "Here's the crowd to hear Nikki Haley announce her re-election campaign."


nikki haley tongue out

The following tweets are from yesterday's event at which Nikki Haley announced her re-election bid for governor of South Carolina.

The images come to us by way of the Twitter account of Rudolph Bell (@DolphBell), a "longtime newspaper journalist practicing in Greenville, SC. Jack of all beats, master of none. Greenville, SC ·"

We know they're real because Bell's Twitter account is "verified." I can verify that they amused me. Enjoy:

nikki haley event tweet 1Link

nikki haley event tweet 2Link


Video Overnight Thread- Peter Capaldi is Introduced to the World as the Next Doctor Who!


Who knew? I was rooting for this guy.


Aneurin Barnard.


Live Streaming Video- President Obama Announces Jim Comey for FBI Head 2:05p EDT




John Kerry appoints Russ Feingold as State Department's new special envoy to Africa's Great Lakes region



So much for hopes that Feingold would run for office any time soon...

Via the U.S. State Department site, the press briefing announcement regarding Russ Feingold as the new Great Lakes Special Representative:

...I wanted to be able to focus personally on an important addition to our team here at the State Department; an individual who is going to provide, I believe, a very important focus on a long-troubled region.

As everybody here knows, the suffering in the Great Lakes region of Africa and the ongoing crisis in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to trouble all of us greatly.  We are convinced that we have to help the parties find a path to a lasting peace, to a permanent cessation of hostilities, and to the disarmament and demobilization of M23, accountability for human rights abuses, and finally, a breaking down of the barriers that are standing between humanitarian aid and the civilians who need it.

For the President and for me, this is a high-level priority and it needs to be met with high-level leadership.  And that’s why today, I’m pleased to announce the appointment of my former colleague in the United States Senate, Russ Feingold, as the new United States Special Representative for the African Great Lakes region and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Russ and I served together in the Senate for some 18 years.  I have a lot of respect for a lot of qualities of Russ – his intellect, his courage, his passion – but with respect to this mission, chief among those qualities that are important right now is his expertise on Africa.  In the Senate, when Russ Feingold addressed the issues of Africa, the Senate listened.  He chaired the Africa subcommittee when I was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and I think my predecessor as chairman, the Vice President Joe Biden, would agree with me that Russ Feingold was the Senate’s leading advocate and expert on Africa.  I’m very grateful that he has agreed to come back to government and to apply the expertise that he gained those years for the Obama Administration and for the State Department.

Russ will be coordinating with me and with the Bureau of African Affairs to shape our strategy on the many challenges in the region – cross-border security; political, economic, and social assistance issues; and many other issues.  I mentioned some of them earlier – M23, the violence, the need to build confidence and capacity in the region.  He will also work very closely with the United Nations Special Envoy to the Great Lakes region, Mary Robinson, and he will work specifically to ensure the prompt and full implementation of the UN’s Peace, Security, and Cooperation Framework.


VIDEO: Newark Mayor Cory Booker announces candidacy for Senate


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I had to post two separate videos to get most of what he said. It's surprising how few there were out there.

Regardless, as expected, 44-year old Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.


The Democratic primary will be held in August, and Representatives Frank Pallone and Rush Holt are also expected to enter.

While Booker has name recognition and heroics under his belt, he also supports charter schools and vouchers for private schools. Just FYI.


Former Pa Congressman Joe Sestak announces exploratory committee for U.S. Senate


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Well, hello again Joe:

(CNN) - Former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak announced an exploratory committee for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, with a campaign titled "Leadership for a Better America."

The Pennsylvania senatorial race is in 2016, making this an unusually early declaration, but Sestak said that the formation of the exploratory committee is not just for his Senate bid, but also to address problems that currently affect Pennsylvanians. [...]

Sestak told CNN, "Pennsylvanians want leaders that don't wait until there's a crisis to resolve our challenges. They want a leader that has their back every day. And unfortunately in the Senate. . . our Senators tend to confront problems only when there is a crisis. . .rather than doing what should have been done before it occurred."

Correction: Our Senators tend to confront each other when there is a crisis. To hell with the rest of us.

Has anyone else noticed that he's been popping up on the Tee Vee Machine more and more lately? Now we know why.