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Ann Coulter Can Limbo Low, Low Low - is she part vampire?


Ann Coulter  totally makes me want to get the excuse for a woman alone in a room and determined if she's pure evil or just .924%


"Obama's breaking the law!", brayed a riled and rigid Coulter.

Do you suspect that Ann Coulter is part vampire?

There's the frigid coldness, the love of going directly to the jugular, a taste for raw red meat and that bizarre habit of rocking a little black cocktail dress on morning shows. As Kathy Griffin is fond of pointing out, Coulter needs a long stay in  Personality Rehab.


Coulter's hatred of Obama has never been disguised, in fact her miserable disposition is wide open to the suffering public. Have a gander at her in prime Fvx form.

Can't the president just Executive Order her ass out of the country she pretends to defend, so political  deportation would rid us of the thorny,  delusional hater of the first water??

That would be an historically delightful moment for liberals -- and probably the old-school moderate GOPpers.

Of course La Coulter is one hard-core, foul-mouthed,  anti-abortion RWNJ.


The Conservatives like to spin the issue so that it seems as if librul wimmen treat abortions like they would hair appointments, when nothing could be further from the truth. And, of course, they’re all tied up with the abstinence-only crowd, because they also want to prevent people from using commonsense methods that can prevent pregnancy in the first place.

Annnnd … Coulter must really dislike anything associated with sex … despite the mini dresses and flirtatious manner when on Fvx Noise.



Marc Lamont Hill on the Non-Existence of Post-Racism


who are these people
Fantastic group out in social media called "We survived Bush, You'll survive Obama". Brings a big grin every time I see them post a doozie, because it's something you'd image Socrates saying to an angst-ridden group of students at his feet … bemoaning the perfidy of leadership.

The folks that brought you Creationism also think we are in a Post Racial/Racist/Racism world. Not that the GOP wasn't full on taking advantage of race in politics already, the Tea Party and Citizens United and other SCROTUS Regressive decisions just upped their game in terms of legal camouflage.

Marc Lamont Hill is well aware that politics has become blood sport in 21st century America, not that it was ever a Cotillion. One look at John-John Kennedy Junior staunchly saluting the crowd as his Mama had told him he must, and we Dems recall precisely how high the stakes are for helping Everyman in the U.S.A.


As Laffy so often points our here at the Carnival, the Regressive, ridiculous Right takes every chance, and 'creates' the ones that don't arrive honestly, to Blame the Black Guy. If you think that is liberal whining, allow us to disabuse you of that misunderstanding.

CNN had a panel on Newsroom that went at it directly: Is the President Always To Blame? The incredible Marc Lamont Hill was on hand to debate the role of race and the Tea Party with Ben Ferguson, as he has done in the past with Bill O'Reilly (vid below) and Hill's passion and reason led to a look at a remarkable address he just gave at NCORE.

I'd choose any five minutes you have to jump in, enjoy. It's a lot of wisdom from a youngish man, and he opened with sadness from Maya Angelou's recent passing. If you have to bookmark it for time constraints, come on back.

Lamont famously took on Ann Coulter about who is allowed to use the N Word on CNN, earlier this season.

And just because it is so fun to watch O'Reilly get hammered, Here's Marc Lamont Hill explaining Tea Party racism to BillO.



Ann Coulter Abhors Soccer - The Queen of Mean is Just Trolling Now


One of my favorite pastimes is the shock therapy that ensues when you hit Fux Noise for more than a minute at a time, it just makes me grateful to be a liberal.

And consistently produces such prime Material.

This week, Tea Party Mean Queen and Unabashed Blonde Bomber of Hate -- Ann Coulter -- took her sights off 9-11 widows, single mothers and most people of color other than 'pale'. Instead, she has turned her eye-beam of loathing on - get ready - the entire sport of soccer. Or 'futball' (again, if you want to sound like a hipster).

FIFA added a whole new level of Wackadoo to hate radio in general, but Coulter, as usual, went for the Fenway Green Monster flyover of outrageous statements.


She was blathering on about the usual Tea Party credo, patriotism, the exceptional nature of all Amurrikans who vote like she does … yadda yadda [incomprehensible xenophobic hate-nation bullshite] yadda. About to shut her off, who can stand that for even 60 seconds, she laid the Golden Egg of Idjit opinion: Soccer is Unamerican.


To my delight, the producers at MSNBC's Hardball thought it inane enough to broadcast. Tweety's seat was being ably manned by Steve Kornacki from Up with Steve Kornacki. Enjoy.

Now when even Forbes Magazine, yes, that Forbes, runs a headline saying: How Ann Coulter Lost Her Mind Over World Cup Soccer, just pause and have yourself a good guffaw -- then get appropriately worried about where the Nation is heading.

If you do talk radio, nothing fuels the phone lines like controversy. This is agnostic of political affiliation. Olbermann figured out how to push the buttons on the left side of the aisle there for a good period of time. Entertainment has no party affiliation.

So when Ann decided to weigh in on the World Cup, you might expect something shocking. It is, after all, Ann Coulter we’re talking about. She’s never happy in her skin unless your jaw is around your ankles.

Image, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Free Press

Image, Clay Bennett, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

Oh, and just so you have the appropriate background, Coultergeist claims that she has respectfully refrained from this [ostensibly, in her excuse for a mind] Mandatory Patriot 'Criticism' for the commie pinko librul Eurrap-pee-an slash/African bush sport for  over ten years.

Let's all applaud her decade o' restraint. Now, however, Coulter is the Four Star Mussolini in the imaginary War on Soccer.

When she penned this piece, one can envision her trying to conjure up the most bombastic, most eye-catching, and yes, SEO-laden storyline she could come up with. “The crazier it sounds, the better,” might have been the whisper. So, there it was, “Any growing interest in soccer a sign of nation’s moral decay”

The true sign of 'the nation's moral decay' is that Ann Coulter has any notoriety, much less a filthy pile of lucre from her Regressive hate-propaganda, in the second decade of the 21st century.



Coulter totally belongs with the hate-crazed horde that was hell-bent on hanging my ancestress, Rebecca Nurse, back in the day in Salem. And there are plenty of soccer slash futball fans who had great great grand-parents living on Native American soil, so Do Proceed to ...




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