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Photo Finish Horse Race For Florida Governor


It boggles the mind that anyone as scummy as Rick Scott actually has a fighting chance in this, but it looks like Sink might be closing this one up. No need to explain how important this state is to '12. Via Taegan-

The final Public Policy Polling survey in Florida shows Alex Sink (D) barely leading Rick Scott (R) in the race for governor, 48% to 47%.

Key takeaway: "If Scott does manage to pull it out he'll probably be the country's most unpopular newly elected Governor. Only 34% of voters in the state have a favorable opinion of him while 54% see him in a negative light. But Republican inclined voters are ultimately putting politics over personality and that's allowed Scott to make gains since our last poll."

Meanwhile, the final Sunshine State News poll shows Sink leading by three points, 49% to 46%.


Florida Republican Senate, Governor Candidates Refuse To Debate Democrats


The new normal, they make the rules and no one says a thing.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The League of Women Voters and PBS have called off televised debates in Florida's U.S. Senate and governor's races.

The reason: a lack of candidates.

The sponsors said they'd lined up Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff of PBS's The NewsHour to moderate the debates Thursday in Orlando.

They couldn't, though, get commitments from either Republican, Senate candidate Marco Rubio and gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott, nor from Gov. Charlie Crist, who left the GOP to run for the Senate as an independent.

The two Democrats, Senate candidate Kendrick Meek and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, accepted, but the League and public TV system don't allow empty chair debates.


Republican Florida Public Service Chair Quits, Endorses Dem Governor Candidate Sink


Look kids, you may never see one again!!! A Republican with brains and a conscience!

TALLAHASSEE -- Public Service Commission Chairwoman Nancy Argenziano resigned Tuesday and endorsed Democrat Alex Sink to prevent what she called a ``noxious mix'' of the Republican-led Legislature with Republican Rick Scott.

Argenziano, a Republican and former state senator from Crystal River, launched into an hour-long tirade against the lawmakers whom she accused of ``currying favor`` with the ``$43 billion regulated industry.''


During the last year, Argenziano was targeted by Florida Power & Light and its lobbyist, Associated Industries of Florida, which called her out for writing text messages to her aide about other commissioners during PSC meetings. An ethics complaint was later filed against Argenziano but rescinded when the woman who filed the complaint said her name had been forged.

Argenziano offered no specifics but accused the PSC of corruption and for operating with a ``bought and sold nature.''

Argenziano called the current Legislature ``clowns, cowboys and crooks,'' and said that its move to the right under the leadership of incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos would be a ``noxious mix of government'' if ``Rick, the-Fifth-Amendment, Scott'' were elected.

``There is not sufficient resilience in Florida to recover from the pit into which this case of self-indulgent politicians would consign us,'' Argenziano said.


VIDEO: Alex Sink's New Two-Minute Ad Slams Rick Scott


This rare two-minute long television show, dubbed the Fraud Files, details Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott's lengthy record of unethical business practices.

Fraud Files. Bingo.

It's good to see Dems fighting hard:

Florida Democrats have started running a new ad against Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for governor, which gives the “America’s Most Wanted” treatment to his history of running health care companies accused of fraud. [...]

What follows is the most detailed attack yet on a candidate who surprised Democrats and Republicans nationwide by winning the primary here, largely by spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money to define himself on television as a smiling reformer.

Want to know more about who Scott is? Go here.

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