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Simpson responds to Lynne Cheney's "shut up": "You are going to get facts without rumor & innuendo, BS & mush."


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Here is a rather lengthy and colorful statement to the Cody Enterprise from Al Simpson, former U.S. Senator, Wyo. (Retired) and another from his wife Ann. They're responding to this:

(Lynne Cheney) said, “How could you forget the little eight-year-old girl (Liz) who campaigned with us and for you in 1978? How could you not support her?” I said, “You don’t understand. I’ve known Mike Enzi for over 35 years ...

... And then Lynne Cheney said, “Oh, I’ve heard enough of that and I don’t want to hear anymore. I just want to tell you something, ‘Shut up – just shut up – shut up.’” Three times. I wandered off – stunned.

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Here are a few excerpts from Alan Simpson's statement. Please follow the link for the entire response along with a much shorter one from his wife:

First, this is not about Dick Cheney... We have campaigned for each other each and every time we ran – and neither of us ever lost an election! We have been in the trenches, we’ve been carpet bombed, shot at and missed, shot at and hit, abused, trampled, been both victims and victorious, and I would lay my life down for him. So indeed, it is not about Dick. It is about Lynne and Liz Cheney. So hang on tight because you are going to get some clear and true facts without rumor and innuendo, or any accompanying B.S. and mush. When somebody tells me to “Shut up” then it’s time for me to say to them, “Put up!” [...]

[S]he continued to cajole and work on me for me to say something else that she wanted. I was rather appalled at that but we had a cordial conversation and she asked me to tell her what I had heard about her, and I told her, much to her irritation – at least as to one aspect – and I told her what negatives people have said about me, and she said, “I agree. I have heard that.” [...]

In public life I have been called everything – and that goes with the territory... I’ve been called fool, idiot, boob, bonehead, dink, slob, greenie, soot-covered slob, all the rest – and that is “fair,” believe it or not, in politics. But what is not “fair” in my mind – and never has been – is when someone tries to distort who I am – as a person – and that was done on that evening of Sept. 21. In all of my 35-40 years of public life in Wyoming, I’ve never been called one particularly offensive name – and that is, a liar... and it sure as hell won’t work this time.

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VIDEO- Alan Simpson on "Grover-Babe" Norquist: "He will be irrelevant. This guy is a zealot. He knows the game is up."


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Andrea Mitchell interviewed former Senator Alan Simpson today, who had a thing or two to say about a thing or two about Tax Cut Dictator Grover Norquist's increasing irrelevance, or as I like to call it, shrinkage.


Do you have any impure thoughts about Grover Norquist?

Alan Simpson:

Plenty. But you know, here's a good guy with a very bad idea and he was gathering up those signatures back in the '80s and the early '90s when inflation was zip, when unemployment was zip, and anybody who would sign anything before they come to Congress and hear the debate and participate in it hopefully and get in to the floor, management and the amending process and the conference committee, those people I mean why would you do that? It's like selling your soul!

Now Grover, I said, would be irrelevant in two years, and I say that-- he's got about another year and a half to go-- he will be irrelevant. This guy is a zealot. A zealot is one who, having forgotten his purpose, redoubles his efforts, and he sees the crumbling of the great house of cards.

It's like Jarvis out in California back in the late '70s. He's left schools destitute, he's left institutions destitute. You can't come in and play this kind of a game when everything has changed in America, and this time everything has changed because it's all coming to pass on December 31st, and Grover-babe is losing a person a day and he knows it. So what does he use to cover that? Cutesies. Little smart Alecs. I know that. I don't know who else does that. I have done that.

He is becoming irrelevant. And you can see it in his eyes. He knows the game is up. Because good people of good faith have decided that instead of being Republicans, or Democrats, they're Americans. And instead of being beholden to Grover Norquist and the AARP, they're beholden to the United States of America. Those guys are going to take their lumps.

Here's the entire segment:

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VIDEO- Young experts challenge Sen. Alan Simpson to Social Security debate: "We do not need to insult old people."



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On 5/29/2012, young experts in the field of Social Security challenged former Senator Alan Simpson to a debate on the impact of the Bowles-Simpson plan. The young experts having analyzed the BS plan, understand that the majority of benefits cuts would come out of the pockets of young people, contrary to the claim by Simpson that the plan helped the younger generation.

And the response? HuffPo has it:

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.), a leading voice in the argument over the future of Social Security, has agreed to debate progressive critics who argue that the program can be reformed and strengthened without reducing future benefits. [...]

Responding to the challenge, Simpson told HuffPost he wouldn't debate the group if it insisted on characterizing his position as in favor of cuts, but if the conversation was centered on the 75-year solvency of the program, he was willing to do it.

Get out the popcorn.


Former Sen. Alan Simpson Calls Rick Santorum Homophobic & Disgusting. How About Christian Ayatollah?


For background, our post of the CBS interview with Alan Simpson is here.

Now, your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my friend Mark Karlin:

...Santorum has the pedal to the metal when it comes to viewing Jesus as America's commander in chief - and the "man on dog" driver appears to be on a Holy Spirit brand of methadone. [...]

Did we also mention that the GOP candidate who makes the Pope seem like a liberal secularist recently implied that the US under Obama's presidency is akin to the rise of Hitler? And what about the former Pennsylvania senator telling a university audience in 2008 that "Satan has his sights on the United States of America"?

Rick, who appears obsessed with denouncing homosexuality with fire and brimstone, also appears to renounce having sex for pleasure. In fact, he is not just horrified by gays; he appears wrathful about any sex that is not for procreation [...]

Isn't it ironic that Santorum would turn the US government into a religious police state, a theocracy similar to Iran's, just a different religion?

Please read the whole post here.