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GOP Defies Science - Until a Deadly Virus Pandemic Hovers


Image courtesy Times UK

It is definitely a throwback to the Swine Flu heyday, and raging Republican hypocrisy.

Much as the uncompassionate conservative crowd wants to reverse history and disprove science altogether … when they are physically sick.

The Ebola virus has had some serious competition for news attention, what with Putin, Putin, Putin, the summit in Wales that President Obama attended, Mideast ceasefiring, The Presidential Tan Suit and immigration reform.

A riveting story emerged from the Americans infected or touched by the virus that Ebola keeps busily spreading, mostly on the African continent.

The story of the medical missionary and wife's [the Writebols] experience with deadly Ebola in Africa, where the virus is counting up deaths day by day and Big Pharma got busy on an immunization and a cure. An experimental drug was used to bring her back to a normal life.

From the L.A. Times:

The Writebols had left their North Carolina home last year for missionary work at a clinic in Liberia, where Nancy’s duties included disinfecting staff entering or leaving the Ebola treatment area. After three weeks at Emory, where she said she received amazing care, Writebol was released Aug. 19. She has been spending time with her husband at an undisclosed location.


It must be a nightmare to hear that you've contracted one of the most deadly viral illnesses -- that has no officially ready experimental drugs to try. Teams around the country are now doing their best to come up with a cure, and meanwhile

Writebol described how she fell ill with what she thought was malaria and was treated for that disease in Liberia. As a precaution, she was also tested for Ebola. When the tests showed she had the disease, she said her heart sank.

Her husband came toward her after the diagnosis “to give me a hug,” Writebol said. “I said: ‘David, it’s going to be OK, it’s really going to be OK.’

And she was right.





Biggest Gaffe Ever At MSNBC?


Lindsay Lohan

In the words of of Belle Carroca (Lanie Kazan) in the film classic, My Favorite Year, "This I did not even know."

And I'm willing to bet, MSNBC didn't know it either.

Joy Reid needed smelling salts after collapsing on stage hearing this. Reports are that she's fully recovered and won't miss any additional work at MSNBC.

MSNBC Fact checkers? Can you please clean up the mess in front of the White House lawn. Her name is Chris Jansing and she needs some schooling. Oh, and a washcloth to remove the egg from her face.

It seems the mush-headed thinking reporter, Jansing (who must have taken too much of her medication before going on air) claims she was talking about the President's father, not the President.

But if you hear her go on, she's absolutely talking about the President as she refers to his election and his expectations he'd do great things for Africa after his election sure make this reporter look awfully unprepared and quite ignorant.

The President's Kenyan father was never elected to anything as far as anyone fact checking can find. Quite a gaffe from a woman who will most certainly be the laughing stock of MSNBC for years to come. Her next assignment will probably be getting someone coffee at the news outlet, not reporting from the White House.


Africa - Along the Rift Valley 2 of 4 - BBC Travel Documentary

Africa Rift Valley

Image: BBC Travel

From YouTube

Explore - Africa - Along the Rift Valley 2 of 4 - BBC Travel Documentary, recorded 19.02.2011

Simon Reeve leads a team of journalists on a spectacular journey down east Africa's Rift Valley.

From the tiny country of Djibouti, which is the centre of America's military presence in Africa, to the wide open plains of Kenya, the team encounter awe-inspiring landscapes, rich culture and amazing wildlife.

The Rift Valley in Africa is described in detail here.


President Obama Has a Full Day of New Conferences on Africa - LIVE FEED


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The president has had at least six weeks from the depths of hell.

We've seen the Regressive Right and Fvx Nation pound President Obama, pummeling him about Gaza, Israel, the crisis at our southern borders, and the neo-con backlash that festers away, Obamacare Delusionalz, Ebola hysteria … and being facetiously sued by John Boy Boehner.

No wonder the man is growing grayer than most presidents have in only six years.

The Lipton Brigade and luminaries like Man Coulter, Rushee Limpbaugh and ole Sean Hannity have turned hate and disdain into a bloody cottage industry.

Today, President Obama will take some tough-as-nails questions and fierce follow-ups as the Summit on Africa closes for the day. Other vids here at

obama yes we did

Obama had already spoken today on the hot topics of foreign affairs rather beautifully earlier on the situations in Africa that we as a country need to hear. 

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

And he then addressed economic issues of the continent.

From John Podesta at

This week, more than 40 heads of state and government from across Africa are joining President Obama in Washington for the first-ever U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. Since 2000, the continent has seen enormous progress. Rates of extreme poverty and hunger are down. The number of new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa dropped by almost 40 percent between 2001 and 2012. Access to education and health care is on the upswing.

The actual press conference is slotted for 5 p.m. +/- VT, 2ish in California. Will get that code in when available.


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