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Quickie- Economy gains 188,000 jobs in June



And in related news, Elkhart County, Indiana that had an 18.9 unemployment rate in 2009 (and got 2 visits from PBO) now is first in the nation for job growth!

ROSELAND, N.J., July 3 (UPI) -- Private-sector employment in the United States rose by 188,000 jobs in June, with gains made by small to large businesses, payroll processor ADP said Wednesday.

The month's gains were better than May, when 135,000 new jobs were created. It also beats April, when 113,000 private-sector jobs were added to the economy.

ADP said businesses with under 50 employees were responsible for 84,000 new jobs in June, while

medium-sized companies added 55,000 jobs in the month. The largest firms, those with over 500 employees, added 49,000 jobs in June, ADP said.


Breaking- Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) Dies



MSNBC just announced. More about his life here.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg died this morning of viral pneumonia at age 89, his office said.

The oldest member of the Senate, Lautenberg had struggled with health problems since late last year, when he missed several weeks of votes because of what he said was flu and bronchitis.

The death of Lautenberg, a Democrat who was the longest-serving senator in New Jersey history, creates a vacancy that Governor Christie, a Republican, will fill.

Lautenberg returned to Washington in February and announced he would not seek re-election in 2014, but hoped to complete a series of accomplishments before his term ended. He had a breakthrough last month on one of them, a bill to overhaul the law that regulates chemicals used in household products, when a bipartisan compromise bill was unveiled.


ADP: Private Payrolls Added 118,000 Jobs in November


That's pretty impressive after Sandy.

The private sector added 118,000 jobs in November, payroll processing firm ADP reported today. The figure is the firm's lowest estimate since August and comes in nearly 40,000 below October's 157,000, as well as slightly below consensus estimates of around 125,000. The low November figure portends that Friday's jobs report from the Labor Department will come in well below October's 171,000 mark.

Still, the jobs situation is likely not as gloomy as it might appear from this report. That's because factors outside of broader job market supply and demand pulled November's jobs figure in different directions.

"The number would have been over 200,000 if not for the impact of [Hurricane Sandy], which was evident across a wide array of industries," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, which coproduces the report with ADP, in a call with reporters Wednesday. At the same time, he says, an earlier-than-usual Thanksgiving pulled more holiday shopping into November, bumping the jobs figure slightly higher.


Quickie- ADP Jobs Estimate: Better Than Expected, But Not Great


A little good news?

The economy added 162,000 private, nonfarm jobs in September, according to payroll processing firm ADP.

The data show growth across the economy, in both the service-providing and goods-producing sectors, and across small, medium, and large firms. The figure suggests that Friday's jobs report from the Labor Department could be better than expected.

"This is indeed an encouraging kind of number today if it's borne out by the official data later in the week." said Joel Prakken, chairman of the firm Macroeconomic Advisers, during a call with reporters today.