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Police Arrest Hoffman's Possible Dealers


Philip Seymour Hoffman

I'm very sad that Philip Seymour Hoffman is no longer with us. I think it's awful and the way he apparently went, via drug overdose is purely tragic. He must have been suffering great inner turmoil to turn to heroin to start with. But this tragedy was of his own making. Sad, but true.

Now comes my controversial take on this. First the facts, then the comment that's sure to rile a number of you.

Via HuffPo:

Police have made multiple arrests in connection with the investigation into the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Although information stemming from the investigation into Hoffman’s death led the police to the building where Rosenblum, Luchkiw, Vineberg and Cushman were, none of them have been charged with the sale of drugs and a firm connection to Hoffman has not been established, officials explained.

The paper [NY Times] says a tip led police to the building. TMZ reports that the tip came from a heroin user who claims to have shared a dealer with the actor.

Now here's my problem. Is this a murder investigation? No one that I've heard about forced Hoffman to abuse himself with drugs. He did this himself. I have heard of a lot of his friends who after the fact shared their concern about the actor just prior to his passing. Where were they before this tragedy? Why didn't some of them, even one of them, act before this? Those are the people who I'm shocked about. I'm not as concerned with his alleged dealers, though I am a bit surprised that it took a shared heroin user to come forward to shed some real light on this whole matter.


The NYPD made some rather quick busts. Though they've only only arrested these individuals for possession so far, the amount of the heroin they found in their apartments cast little doubt they'll shortly accuse them of "intent to sell." But are they also going to charge them with conspiracy to commit murder over the actor's death? Did they contribute more than the "friends" who knew Hoffman was back on the junk and did nothing about it? That's what I'm afraid of.

I'm not supporting these users who were arrested. Possession of this controlled substance is a crime. But there are tragic heroin deaths every day. If a random tip came in from a confessed heroin user would the police have moved so quickly to make arrests, or are they just playing on the celebrity of the late Academy Award Winner?

Pardon me for proffering such curiosity, but I stand by what I said. I'm glad to see these heroin dealers (if they get charged with that) off the street, but I'm not sure this police action wasn't for the wrong reason. Are they trying to take advantage of a tragedy to take the light off the fact that they should have been working harder to get the "sh*t" out of addicts' hands to start with?  Maybe now with 'stop and frisk' off the books, they'll have time.

But really, who's ultimately to blame for this and other drug-related losses?

I'm stuck asking, would these four arrests have happened if this was not a celebrity tragedy? Would the NYPD have followed up so quickly if this was Bill or Janet Hoffman, not Philip Seymour?


Caine Reveals Connery Has Alzheimers


Connery - Caine


Since the story broke on Mail One two days ago, Sir Micheal Caine has come forth on the British Mirror News with a statement that he was misquoted about the condition of his good friend, Sean Connery, by German Newspaper, Bild. The full explanation can be found here: MIRROR NEWS. It is with great relief that I can post this correction as it now has perhaps a happy, or certainly happier, more hopeful continuation. DG

Time marches on, the old replaces the new. Sadly Double-O Seven has become Double-O I Can't Remember.

Across the internet, news organizations are starting to report on what was previously just rumored. Now the stories and coverage seem to be more than that. What's distressing is the horrific symptoms, the diminishing faculties of one of my all-time favorite actors, Sean Connery. And the reliable source of this face-slapping sobriety is none other than an equal favorite of mine, Michael Caine. I've got to believe this is true.

Mail Online

Screen legend Michael Caine says his best friend- 007 actor Sean Connery - is 'no longer in control of his senses' and fears he is in the grip of Alzheimer's.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild am sonntag Caine said: 'One must have serious concerns for him.'

Bild said the loss of his (Connery) memory is 'noticeable' and that only a few close friends and confidantes, like Caine, had access to him.

Individually they have been in amazing films, but their start together was in an entry on my top ten list of all-time great movies, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. This classic, directed by equally mesmerizing director, John Huston, marked the first time these gentlemen appeared together in a film. It was magic. They are and always will be Peachey and Danny.

Connery - Caine 2

Sadly Alzheimer Disease strikes so many, robbing them and us of the beautiful lives they've lived. Maybe Connery's membership in that tragic club will be an inspiration to all of us to  help and motivate both the scientists and researchers to march on with their experiments to find a cure. It will come too late for many, but hopefully save so many more in the future.

Let's not take the pressure off of our Congress to continue to fund medical research. And not just Alzheimer's. Cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's, and so many more. This isn't for the James Bonds or Danny Dravots. This is for our mothers, our brothers, or even ourselves someday. No one is above life's game of chance. Let's put the time and money into finding cures now -- not kicking it down the road while Congress debates phony budgets and anti-social legislation. We must keep the pressure on. People first.

If you by some chance are too young, or missed this most classic of Rudyard Kipling tales, then please have a taste with this trailer for the film, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. We all can be a king someday -- if we give a little of ourselves every day.


What's Wrong With This Picture?


I love to watch movie trailers and target films for future viewing.   My wife and I go twice a month with three other couples to dinner and a flick.  So, needles to say, we're always on the lookout for something different and fun.  Not easy to find.  The other night, after watching Man of Steel, we were talking about upcoming titles and someone mentioned Adore.  I hadn't heard of it but found the trailer.  How could I help but have my curiosity piqued.  It was written by Christopher Hampton, Oscar winning screenwriter.  It stars two-time Oscar nominee, Naomi Watts and multi-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress, Robin Wright.  What could go wrong?  Watch this trailer and judge for yourself:

Sometimes a movie is provocative, coming from a better understanding of human nature.  Other times it deals with unusual circumstances that are often swept under the carpet or kept quiet for reasons of guilt or shame.  But generally there's an enlightenment.  What am I missing here?


Video- MIchelle Obama Presents Best Film Award at the Oscars 2013


This the best I could do since it seems A.M.P.A.S. has snagged any copies from YouTube and the White House hasn't put one out yet. Updated with a better one from Hollywood Reporter.