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What's Your EDR Telling The Government About You?


spy vs spy

My EDR. What's that? And how does the government even know I  have one?

Well, for starters, an EDR is an event data recorder. It's a device that goes into your car. For it's intended purpose, it records key functions of your vehicle and in case of an accident, it can be accessed and details of what was going on just before, during and immediately after the event can be studied. Think of it as your car's Black Box -- like airlines use.

On the surface that sounds pretty cool. Maybe it can even be used to prove that a cop who wrote you a ticket for speeding was wrong. Of if accused of not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, you might be able to show you actually had. There's all kinds of good uses this EDR could be for all of us.

All of us? Yep. It seems they're now standard equipment on personal vehicles, cars and light trucks. The HILL

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandated that all light-duty vehicles be installed with EDRs and more than 96 percent of 2013 car models have the technology already.

This appears to be benign on the surface. But, hold on a minute. It will monitor things beyond just brake usage, speed, seatbelt engagement -- it'll also monitor location, outgoing or incoming phone calls, and our routines.

Who's going to have access to that information?

Right now, it's generally open season. A few states have initiated privacy laws about when and how that data can be retrieved and disseminated. But generally speaking, many hackers and the US government have access. This means they can be tracking you, monitoring you and even selling your information like what markets you shop at, where you drop by to grab a brewski on the way home from work, even if you're having an affair at some hotel or motel.

The senators said they were concerned because currently there are no limitations on what information can be recorded and who can use it.

But fear not:

Several states have passed EDR privacy laws, but (Senators) Klobuchar and Hoeven said all American drivers deserve the same protections. Their bill would allow the data to be used if it is requested by a court of law or an owner consents.

“While technologies like EDRs have shown tremendous promise in improving safety on our roadways, we need to make sure that technological advancements don’t outpace privacy protections,” Klobuchar said. “This bipartisan bill makes clear that the vehicle owner is also the rightful owner of any data collected by an EDR, while still ensuring law enforcement has the tools they need to protect citizens.”

With the NSA snooping into everything we do, they don't need more unauthorized spying and recording of our habits. Here's a h/t to the bi-partisan efforts of Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and John Hoeven (R-N.D.) who just announced that they’d introduce a bill aimed at protecting the privacy of drivers.


Video Overnight Thread- Supercut Of Idiotic Pedestrians


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Stop. You're Killing Me.



I'm constantly being amazed by things I come across while doing research for my blogs. Yes, everything written here requires research, verification and always a dash of snark. The motto here at The Political Carnival is you Gotta keep the material honest.

So while getting some background on CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF's Tennessee Williams, I was surprised to learn that he died from something other than alcohol. He died by chocking on an eye-dropper cap. He was holding it in his mouth while tilting his head back to give himself some eye drops, then swallowed it by accident, causing his demise.

Who'd have thought, right? That, for some strange reason reminded me of famed actress and siren, Isadora Duncan. She went out driving in her convertible, a long flowing scarf flapping in the wind until it got caught in the spokes of her vehicle and snapped her neck.

That's when I did some research about famed deaths. I was dumbfounded to find out that a number of famous people had some pretty unusual causes of death. Certainly not what you'd think, or even what history might have indicated. Now I warn you, some of these might strike you as funny -- but certainly not to the recipient. Yet, if you can't take death lightly, how can you handle life?

Oh, and if you're planning on cheating death, I wouldn't suggest you hide in your bathroom. Here's some of the famous people who have died on the privy: Elvis Presley, producer Don Simpson, British King Edmund II, Catherine the Great, comedian Lenny Bruce (who many people thought was Catherine the Great), author of Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh, and Christopher Shale a close associate of Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron.

So, to catch you up on the Death Styles of the Rich and Famous, here's a compilation from Mental Floss:


Dangers of Your Love Affair


Auto love affair

With Detroit going bankrupt, I'm reminded of what was once referred to as Motor City. It was a thriving business and a soulful sound in music. Now the banging, clanging mixed in with the Motown downbeat have grinded to an ignominious silence.

How can we turn away from the  backbone of one of our great cities?

I'm hoping that a little walk down memory lane with the major products of Detroit is appropriate at this time. So while I mourn a once great city, and pray for a speedy resolve (listen to Ed Schultz for the solution) it might be interesting to examine a few thoughts on America's love affair with the automobile. It's probably not going to end in our lifetime -- but ironically it could end our lifetime. So take a gander at these couple of questions and see what you know about our driving habits as you "See the USA in Your Chevrolet," as Dinah Shore used to sing.

1. What state are you most likely to die in a car crash?

2. What state are you least likely to know the rules of the road? (warning, trick answer)

3. What state has the worst teen drivers?

4. What state has the worst senior drivers?

5. What state has the most distracted drivers?

Get Answers1. Montana, 2. District of Columbia, 3. South Dakota, 4. Florida, 5. Tennessee

Now put that knowledge to good use.  Stay healthy, stay alive.  And help Detroit do the same.  Contact your congressperson and senator and let them know you want to see a bailout -- if we can put the cash in Wall Street, we can add some bop shoo bop and some much needed bucks for Motown. Don't let these memories die.



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