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We can't handle a shackled guy in federal court, for Christiangodsake, don't you KNOW that, B. Hussein Obama?!


Afraid of own shadow

Remember back in 2009 how Republicans were screaming and panicking over the possibility of holding 9/11 trials in a downtown Manhattan, USA federal court? OH MY GOD! TERRISTS ON U.S. SOIL!

Right there in our USA courtrooms!

They'll all whisper propaganda into their ultra super duper Muslim Dick Tracy magic transmitters to signal all the other terrists to gather in New York, USA during the trials and spread their Al Qaedaitude all over Amurika, USA! During the trials! Right there!

Our national security machine can't handle a shackled guy in federal USA court, for Christiangodsake, don't you KNOW that, B. Hussein Obama?!


So the president scrapped the federal trials and moved everything to military tribunals. Even though we've had plenty of successful trials right here in the U.S.A. of plenty of bad guy terrorists that turned out just fine in which the bad guy terrorists were convicted, thrown in high security prisons, and were never heard from again.

No propaganda was spread, there was no retaliation, nobody was infected with Al Qaeda germs, and we all lived happily ever after under that big conservative thumb that keeps infringing on the rights of others.

The Hill:

Attorney General Eric Holder said he was right to push for trying the 9/11 defendants in federal court in New York.

Holder said Monday that if the trial for alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-conspirators had been held in federal court, rather than a military tribunal at Guantánamo Bay, the defendants would already be on death row.

To quote Holder, "I was right." He sure as hell was.

The Guantánamo trial for the five 9/11 defendants remains in pre-trial proceedings, with the trial not expected to begin for another year at least.  Defense attorneys have said the pre-trial classification fights will push the trial date back to 2016. [...]

“I think that had we gone along the path that I announced at that time, we would not have had to close down half of Manhattan, it wouldn't have cost the $200 million a year and the defendants would be on death row as we speak,” he said.

But that doesn't matter. Republican cowards got their way, again. And justice has not been properly served, again. And Americans pay the price, again.


New low: GOP Congressman compares Republicans trying to kill #Obamacare to 9/11 heroes


really bad analogies

Remember this guy?

That's Congressman John Culberson (TX-07). I posted about him here.

Today, Rep. Culberson (R-WTF) got the attention of MSNBC political reporter Benjy Sarlin:

tweet culberson benjy sarlin 1Link

tweet culberson benjy sarlin 2


Yes, you read that right. Culberson was today's winner of our increasingly frequent feature, "Really Bad Analogies." Oh but of course, trying to kill health care reform, a law that is on the books and approved by the Supreme Court, a law that will save lives and has already saved many Americans money, is exactly like fighting 9/11 terrorists.

Or to put it another way, this is GOP business as usual. The families of those who died on that day will undoubtedly appreciate Culberson's sentiments. And by appreciate I mean condemn.

Think Progress:

During a meeting of the House Republican Caucus, Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) compared the relentless Republican effort to defund Obamacare to the heroic efforts of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 who overpowered terrorists who had gained control of the plane.

Playing the September 11th card: Desperate, tasteless, low.


Video Overnight Thread- Anti-Muslim Bigot Gets Shut Down by a Uniformed Soldier


Very proud. If you don't want to watch the whole thing (I rec that you do) skip to 4:45 for the soldier bit. Via.


Video- September 11th Observance Ceremony at the Pentagon



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George W. Bush Library -- A Case Of Selected Memory


bad memory

Sometimes with age, we remember things a bit differently than when they happened. Fortunately, we, as regular people don't have cameras and reporters all around us keeping track of every move we make like say, oh, a president of the US.

With time our memories become more selective and there's no one around, generally, to correct them. So if you talk about that first date you had with your now wife, you may not remember it was the blue halter top she was wearing and tell others it was a gingham dress. Or you may remember the time you put wet glue on the teacher's chair and she sat on it -- when actually it was the kid you sat next to in Spanish class who actually did it.

Thus, it should come as little surprise that despite numerous historian, millions of dollars in research and hundreds of thousands of pictures and video, there's bound to be a gaff or two in any biographical history of a woman or a man as famous as the POTUS. That's not to say that the honored individuals seek to lie or veer away from the truth. That would be dishonest. Frankly, it would be un-American. We are who we are, warts, moles and all.

Well you would think so, wouldn't you?

George W. Bush doesn't. Nor does his legacy guardians.

Bush museum

It seems that instead of a visit to history when you tour the $250 million George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum housed on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, you're entering into a Disneyland exhibit. A trip to Fantasyland, hosted by a video from Goofy himself, GW.

Any resemblance to truth or reality in this facility is purely coincidental.

The "changes to history" (or as I call it, the 'white-wash' mystery) have been pointed out by the Democratic non-profit group, the Bridge Project. They've come up with a "fact-check" site of their own, dedicated just to the Bush Library, called The Bush Rewrite. It's really worth a visit -- before you go to the physical site in Texas, to better understand what GW himself promotes as "a place to lay out the facts."

Here's what a visit to the library will be missing:

The Bush Library is most notable for the myriad of infamous failures and powerful figures that it attempts to white wash from history. “Mission Accomplished,” the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, the proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, the politically charged U.S. Attorney firings, and the revelation of Valerie Plame’s status as a CIA agent are conspicuously absent, while Vice President Dick Cheney and political adviser Karl Rove aren’t afforded space remotely equal to their influence over the eight years that Bush occupied the Oval Office.

The Bridge Project report also indicates, as reported by HuffPo:

The Bush library has already been accused of glossing over Katrina, which killed 1,833 people and destroyed an estimated $81 billion in property. The library overlooks the Bush administration's delayed reaction and includes no pictures of the desperate crowds at the Louisiana Superdome or the New Orleans Morial Convention Center -- images that quickly spurred suggestions that race was a factor in the muted federal response.

Oh, and were you looking for any indication of how the economy did under GW? To learn that he destroyed it, taking a surplus and turning it into a record deficit? Sorry, somehow that's missing too.

Well, I guess I'll just go find another place to go to have a good time. I enjoy fiction, but why travel so far for lies, omissions and innuendos. If that's what I really wanted, I could turn on Fox News.


Video- Michele Bachmann: 9/11 and Benghazi Were God's Judgment


Just when you thought she had gone underground. Via.